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On Working With Green Balance Life –  6 Week Nutrition Coaching: Level One

I’ve been underweight for pretty much my whole life and recently, I decided to do the 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Program – Level 1 with Annick to not only gain weight in a healthy way, but learn more about my nourishing my body the right way. “Anxious” doesn’t even begin to cover it when I think back on how I felt walking into my first consultation with Annick. I was so nervous to get vulnerable and share what was really going on – as you can imagine, people generally roll their eyes when you say you’re complaining about wanting to add a few lbs. Annick invited me in and my fear instantly melted; I felt so welcomed and knew that this was a safe space for me to share, learn and grow.

Over the next 6 weeks, Annick was there every step of the way of my journey, whether it was a few motivational or kind words, just to check in or sharing great workout tips and recipes. Her constant support and care for me as a client, yet still holding me accountable for my own actions (or lack thereof) really made this time transformational for me. Through this incredible working relationship and friendship, Annick also helped with stress management which was integral for personal growth.

I would highly recommend not only working with Annick, but doing the Level 1 course. It’s a great place to start if you’re struggling with trying to find a good balance in all the areas of your life, especially nutrition. Not only is this course is filled with interesting knowledge on the topic, but also with useful tools, guidance and support on how to really implement that knowledge and create new habits and change your lifestyle.


Toned in thirty

I need to take a moment and thank this girl for getting my body EXACTLY where I wanted to be! I used to be so conservative about my stomach, and the thing my arms looked fat, this girl within one month has toned my body! I am 100% satisfied with this girl’s diet plan! I did not crave sugar like I usually would.. her recipes are delicious! She has a healthy recipe for everything you want! Annick, you are amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!! I definitely will recommend the 30-day tone up plan!!!

Symone 20 llbs lost

6 week L1 Nutrition & 2 Week Go Glow ONLINE

I have just finished Green Balance 6 week L1 nutrition program and WOW!

I am 29 years old and have always struggled with my diet. Annick has made it so easy for me to make better decisions. She helped me to plan my meals around my worst days and how to make it work for me. She was there with me when I was in the grocery store trying to figure out what exactly what to get, she was there with me throughout my travels, she even helped me with my indigestion and gut health!

Go glow has helped with my digestion even further!


Go Glow

Hi it was a wonderful 2 weeks, I was very focussed in the first week with meal prep and following the guide as close as possible. Lost 3 llbs total as I found some challenges come up. I feel the energy to start back exercising regularly since Christmas. Recipes were tasty and I was always excited to meal prep. Sharing in the group was real good and thanks as it helps to keep on track along the way.


Go Glow

It really was amazing! The recipes and support was top notch as well! Xoxo


Go Glow

Loved everything about Go Glow- the recipes and community. I really enjoyed it 🙂


Go Glow

The loose fitting clothes around the waist feels much more comfortable. I will definitely make time to measure and weigh as I have bought the ingredients to continue.


Go Glow

Totally enjoyed it. Loved the recipes which I will definitely include moving forward. The support definitely helped and I felt so much better. Perfect way to start the year. The one thing I have taken away is how much hydration is key. Most times when we think we are hungry we really just need to focus on keeping hydrated. Sleeping better, feeling better and more energized.


Go Glow

I am not so tired this week and i’m also coping better with intermittent fasting. I am not feeling as hungry like last week. I am able to go 14 hours fasting. Yay! These past 2 weeks have been such an enlightening food experience and to top it off I lost 4 llbs and my waistline feels slimmer. Definitely feeling the difference.


Go Glow

Loved the cleanse, lost 5 llbs and back on it as of yesterday for another two weeks.


6 week L1 & 2 Week Go glow

Hey I have been busy but doing good. Really proud of myself for keeping up last week. My skin has cleared up and my clothes are feeling loose. I also have not been feeling as tired as I used to. Looking forward to this week. Meal prep has been challenging but Ive been getting it in earlier. I have been doing prep to cover at least 2 days and have been freezing extra. Soups have been a great go to and I tried the zucchini noodles and loved them. Looking forward to this week. Lost 14 llbs which is 2 llbs more than my goal weight!


Go Glow

I will definitely say something, even under an extremely stressful work week, my skin has really cleared up this week.


8 Weeks Fat Burn Group coaching

Goal attained!! 11 llbs gone!!

Luna Glow

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Giselle 2018

4week Fat Burn

Hello Everyone! My name Is Toni-Marie Mansoor and I am happy to say I was part of Annick’s Green Team for two months, July & August. Being part of the green team was a great way to help me stay focused and accomplish my goals. Every week had a new set of challenges along with it, but it was overcoming those challenges and staying on track that made this experience so amazing.
I decided to start a program with Annick because I was tired of hating my own body and it was time to take charge! I joined a crossfit box called Igonefitnesstt which I went to everyday alongside with Annick’s awesome meals and the combination had me feeling so good by week 3 that I decided to try it out for another month. The great thing was that even if you don’t go to the gym, Annick has an exercise plan worked into the meal plan. After two months I had lost almost 20Ibs and a few inches around my waist, chest, arms and thighs.
The first week I felt very motivated and got all my meal prep done and enjoyed everything I ate. I never once felt unsatisfied or hungry. The weekly meetings with the green team really helps you to stay on track because everyone is able to talk about where they were struggling and tips where given by Annick or the team members to help stay focused . I was mostly grateful for how much I could depend on Annick when I was caught in a jam and didn’t have any meals ready for the day. I could have just sent her a WhatsApp and she would immediately respond to me with ideas of where I can go out to buy something to refrain from indulging in an unhealthy meal.
All in all the experience was an amazing one and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to loose weight, eat healthy or for someone who is just willing to try something new!

4week Fat Burn

Hey everyone, I’m Britt 🤗 I did the GB Summer fat burn for July & August and lost about 20 pounds in those two months! Joining GB was great for me because it gave me a flexible, workable everyday diet that was easy to stick to! I had decided to do it because I was tired of the person I saw in the mirror everyday. I had thought I tried everything, and that nothing worked- but my friend convinced me to try out the GB burn, and, well, here I am! Her wedding was in early September, and I got endless remarks about the weight I had lost and how great I looked- it was a fantastic morale booster 🙌🏼 I am now living in London and going to school, and have joined the November burn to get back on track. I love food, and London has wayyyy too many amazing options for me. Thankfully, it also has great healthy options too!
I’ve tried a lot of different ‘fad’ diets- the one where you lose weight fast, but I would always put back on the weight afterward because I would never lose the weight in a wholesome way. With the tools, I learned when on the summer burn, I not only lost the pounds, but have even managed to keep (most of) it off even after moving to a whole new city, with temptations on every corner!
The most important thing that I learned was that the key is changing your habits; I have a gigantic sweet tooth, so my first choice for a snack would always be something sweet, and would overlook the healthier choices. Now I find myself reaching for vegetable or protein-based snacks before the unhealthier things (like those pain au chocolat the cafes here always have!)
When I did the program over the summer, I was also working with a personal trainer three times a week, and my goal during that time was to try to go to a yoga class at least once a week. The first few weeks I did the program with a friend, and we prepped meals together, but I continued it for a second month while she did not. I thought the first couple weeks the hardest because that’s when I was breaking all my bad habits. Once I began building new and better-eating habits, and when I began to figure out which aspects worked for me, that’s when I really started to see results! Annick has so many amazing options for meals that have me feeling full and satisfied, and I never really feel I’m on a ‘diet’ at all! After all- a diet should be a part of your lifestyle, and you have to make it work for you. And whenever I felt like I was stuck, or unsure, Annick and the team were there to support me or give me tips when I needed it!
I have seen the best results with this program, and definitely would suggest it to anyone who was, like me, stuck with weight loss and needed a change 💜

8 week nutrition

I started this journey feeling miserable about myself, the way I looked and felt. After battling with my fluctuating weight and self-esteem I knew I had to do something. The first step was recognizing that I needed help and that nothing was wrong with that. I previously was in the best shape of my life by following my own diet plan and training myself in the gym. I was disciplined and committed. I always found a way of prioritizing my health above everything else. In a sense, I was obsessed with an image that I had of how I wanted to look.

But eventually, life happened, I went through a break up that took a blow on my self-esteem and shortly after the weight started packing on. I tried for months which eventually turned into a year or two, to try to fix this by myself but each time I failed and went into a cycle of bad decisions and poor eating habits. I let my emotions control my eating choices. I finally hit rock bottom when I weighed the heaviest that I ever was. I felt awful about myself but I was fed up. I needed to take action, get my body back, get my life back! I emailed Annick and she responded right away. I felt a sense of relief knowing that I was finally getting help. My weekly meetings with Annick always left me feeling 100% better about myself even when I had a bad week and made some poor choices, she always seemed to find a way to lift my spirits and steer me in the right direction.

I broke away from the habit where just because I slipped up once meant I was free to indulge fully. No. Annick taught me the importance of balance. So what if I had a cookie? That didn’t mean that every other choice after that had to be bad. It also did not mean that I was free to make unhealthy choices regularly. She changed my approach to food. Going in I had some knowledge of nutrition and physical training but Annick added to that and helped me to apply it all in real life where it mattered most.
I lost 11 pounds working with her! 11 pounds that I could not have lost without her guidance. 11 pounds that signified that her program and her approach worked.

If it worked for me it definitely can and will work for you.
People believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness but the truth is quite contrary. A true sign of strength is when you are able to recognize that you need help and then go out and get it!

Cheerian 23 (2017)

4 Week Fat Burn
I enjoyed the program greatly because there were so many different recipes and different meals to try that it never got boring when it came to meals.
I lost 7 lbs and I loved the meal prep tips & also that drinking a lot of water helped greatly my favorite recipe had to be the sweet potato pasta with the mushrooms and I
I definitely would recommend it to friends.
On a scale of 1-10, I’d say an 8 was the success rate from the burn to my expectation. It was successful due to the fact that I cut down on my portion sizes significantly and also watched exactly what I put into my body.


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4 Week Fat Burn

My experience so far with your support group with green balance was something I never taught that I could do.  At first, I was very apprehensive about joining because nothing I tried previously I could of stick to it, nor did it work.  I did diet pills a couple years back, I did shakes only for 1 week that was the worst no food.  I am a person who was brought up on rice and roti which includes having roti once or twice a day and take out sometimes in the afternoon which would be Chinese, KFC, the royal castle and the list goes on.  I use to eat 4 solid meals in a day plus snacking in between with cakes and chocolates off course with coke and solo.

My daughter who is a health-conscious freak and vegan introduced me to Annick and even when I spoke to her I still was not sure but I decided to give it a try for the sake of my daughter.  Little did I know that this is one of the best things that I could have done for myself, my life and my health.  I was 165 lbs and is now 150 lbs after 3 months.  I feel light, I can actually squat and go right down to the floor.  I have lost weight in my tummy, buttocks, boobs and all around.  I have started using a size 10 from a size 12.  My weight loss has been very noticeable to all of my friends and family so I am encouraging them to join this group where you do eat but healthy and on time and in portions.

It takes a lot of mindset and determination to actually tell yourself that you need a change in life, as time goes by all we see now is diseases associated with our lifestyle.  Time has reached now where we have to eat to survive and not live to eat.  At first, it was very difficult with headaches and tiredness because of the change of food but after 1 week i started settling.  The nice thing about this program once you follow it to the T there is no time for hunger because you are always full.

I have learned to eat in portions and which food can go with the other instead of having too much in one.  I have learned to cook in variety now my plate looks very colorful.  I know that healthy meals take less time to prepare.  When I go to the grocery my trolly is basically with green items and that was the most challenging aspect of this because now I pass the snack lane straight and improvise for what I need to eat.  This has given the motivation to go on youtube and look for low carb meals but high in protein.

Thank you, Annick



I have always been an extremely active individual.  I cycled twice a week, did three cardio sessions which included lots of hill sprinting and steps and I worked out in the gym three times a week.  Yet I still managed to be 23lbs overweight.

Over the years my weight was more or less well managed, mostly via crash diets or mindlessly counting calories, which of course always worked until the next time.  But then I turned 41 and with every passing year, I gained a solid 10lbs, losing the desire to put in the work to ever see 140lbs on my scale ever again.

I didn’t have to be a Rock Scientist to recognize my diet was in dire straits. In entering Annick’s office.  At our first session together, the only things I was very clear about included, I wanted to chew not sip my meals, did not want to count calories one more day in my life and of course, the ultimate goal, lose 23lbs and get off this roller coaster once and for all!

Annick made the entire process so very simple and foolproof.  She tailored the program to meet my training nutritional needs as well as my somewhat social lifestyle.  As the weeks went by we noted all the fluctuations on the scale and each week she made adjustments explaining the reasons for these adjustments.

Using her own self as an example, it became so clear to me the level of discipline and consciousness that would be required.

For me, this was the point in the program that made this entire process believable.

To have a young woman like Annick, demonstrate in no uncertain terms that the way she looked did not happen by pure luck or great genes or youth, but rather through daily discipline, preparation and the conscious choice was extremely profound (maybe she did not even realize she was doing this).  She inspired me to fully grasp the need to be responsible for my choices.

Literally, I started this program with the goal of changing my BODY, but ended up changing my MIND about food and drink instead.

I consider myself very blessed for the journey over the last 8 weeks and having Annick as my Coach.

Oh…one more thing….dropping 13 of those 23lbs in 8 weeks was a big extra bonus

Hayley 35 (2017)

(Private 8 week Nutrition)

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimony because I had a life-changing experience working with Annick. At first, my goal was to lose some weight because during my time at university I gained a lot of weight due to poor eating habits and my inability to cook.

Before doing the GB programs I suffered from headaches, severe menstrual cramps, acid reflux, brain fog, lethargy and I got the flu quite often. Now I can happily say that I no longer suffer from these things anymore!

Whilst working with Annick she gave me a few weekly goals to accomplish so it was not burdensome and she really assisted and motivated me to accomplish these goals. She also gave me some recipes to try and that really helped me to learn how to cook rather than going out and buying fast food. I learned many tasty plant-based dishes from her!

I continued improving after I completed the 3 programs because my body enjoys my new eating habits. I no longer have fast-food cravings. Whenever I do eat unhealthily which is very rare, I feel exhausted and bloated.

Annick has also taught me how to make the right decisions when eating out and that has definitely helped me with my continuous success because I socialize often and I don’t feel deprived. Thank you so much, Annick for helping me to shed those pounds and being healthier than ever. I have lost 60 lbs and continue to keep it off.

Ariana 23 (2016-2017)

Dear Annick,

I don’t know how to start to thank you and the entire Green Team for one of the best experiences over the last 6 weeks.
I have tried so many times to lose weight and inches without success….and with these programs, your support and encouragement it has finally happened!
I still haven’t touched coffee and don’t miss it, I never stopped having my green juice daily  (most of the time) it is a habit I will continue…. I feel confident with my new body hehe…my love handles are almost completely gone yhaaa! People, family members say you look so pretty and I know its the weight loss off my face. I know how to eat now thanks to you. Thank you soooo much. We will be your best marketing tools…I saw your mom and here I am today only 6 weeks later I am so happy.
Warmest regards,
Carnival Burn 2017

I’ve been working with Annick on and off for some time. The education about the food and motivational strategies she has provided has been amazing. As a mom with a full-time job, I don’t have as much free time to exercise and eat well all the time as I would like, but Annick has worked with me to find ways around that barrier.

I now know how to eat healthily while buying lunch or dinner, how to manage hunger and cravings. I have learned to manage my weight, and even lose when I am being very disciplined!

There has been weight loss, but really the best part is that my energy levels and mood are better than they have ever been in my life. I now understand and can recognize how certain foods impact my body. I have gone from getting every cold that was going around, regular migraines, yeast infections, hemorrhoids, daily heartburn, constant low energy, and sinus problems, to having lots of energy, rarely getting sick and literally being cured of ALL these conditions that I had suffered with since my teens.

When I started with her weight loss was my primary motivation, but at this point on my journey (and admittedly it is an ongoing journey!), I can say that some of the foods I used to regularly enjoy, I don’t even have any desire to have anymore. It may be cliche, but Annick’s programs have literally been life-changing for me.

Thanks Annick!

Motivational Strategies

My hair has stopped dropping out, my skin is finally clearing up, my rosacea has lightened up.

I felt more focussed, my mind was clearer and 3 weeks was an eye-opening experience. I am amazed that I was able to cut out sugar for 3 weeks. – A previous sugar & coca-cola addict.

This was a great experience- although I had a fairly good understanding of what was good and bad to eat, I didn’t realize how much impact on my mood, sleep and focus at work was a huge eye-opener. –Lost 10 lbs

I would say that I spent about $2000 on products and food. But to be fair I didn’t really bargain hunt and could have chosen cheaper products. I was also buying food for two since I live with my boyfriend. Overall well worth it. Feel the most confidence I have literally in years and that is PRICELESS.

Nutrition Purification

Changing bad habits is not always an easy thing; especially in terms of someone’s perspective on what is a bad habit. Not always do people agree on foods that are unhealthy, some are extremely disciplined, some are balanced and some are uneducated.

During my three week detox with green balance, I learned that making healthier choices isn’t difficult. You could make food without dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten taste good; sometimes even better than greasy food. The one problem I found in being disciplined is the people around you who eat badly make it hard sometimes to make the right choices. I have always had a little punch at the bottom of my stomach. I would go to the gym, train for hours a week and nothing seemed to make it disappear quicker than this detox.

My energy levels on this detox were so high that I never felt tired after I ate I was always satisfied and never got the sick bloated feeling. Within only three days my stomach was flat the best results I have ever had. It made me realize that I need to make healthier choices in my life.

Now that the detox is over I still eat healthily and exercise. On weekends I take the occasional drink sometimes I overdo it but I always try and maintain a good diet and gym routine during the week. To be fit and achieve my goals I had to integrate all that I learned in my detox to my real life and I’ve never turned back since. I would like to thank Annick Lewis as well as the other who did the detox course for constant motivation and the extra push I needed to be a healthier individual.



I have learned!!!!!! Quite a bit about nutrition and plant-based at that, along with the importance of hydration and being mindful or living mindfully as you’ve said to me. That sums it up, in a nutshell, I would say and I am forever grateful.

What I loved about you is how real you are. You were easy to speak to and very encouraging even on days when it was tough for me….you made me see it was okay….okay to rest or just be! Thank you. As a single mother with a demanding career and studies, some days are not only long but tough in so many ways! Coming to you made me accountable for my actions which I needed and I received the necessary coaching and support from you. Invaluable, I thought. Thanks again.

You listen well I detected and you were able to allow me to think of creative or even better ways to make small changes without being so overwhelming. I continue to use your teachings daily and have never gone back to coffee creamer!! Yay!! I love me lots of lentils, peas, broccoli, channa, salmon and the greens!!! J

Do I have days when I slip? Yes I do, but I always remember you saying don’t feel bad about it…don’t let that negativity pervade you…accept it and move on. It works. I have since lost more weight than the 8lbs with you …maybe about 4 or 5 more…..and I hope for another 5-8lbs going forward.

Working with you is not only changing my lifestyle but serves as a foundation for greater encouragement for my two girls as well, who have embraced some of the new healthier ways of eating. I cannot thank you enough. I cook more often now and the key for me is preparation, as with all things in life I suppose. Christmas was fine for me…. I hardly drank anything but when I did, I had a small glass of gin or a tiny glass of tequila and was happy.


6 week Nutrition 



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