Changing bad habits is not always an easy thing; especially in terms of someone’s perspective on what is a bad habit. Not always do people agree on foods that are unhealthy, some are extremely disciplined, some are balanced and some are uneducated.

During my three week detox with green balance I learned that making healthier choices isn’t difficult. You could make food without dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten taste good; sometimes even better than greasy food. The one problem I found in being disciplined is the people around you who eat badly make it hard sometimes to make the right choices. I have always had a little punch at the bottom of my stomach. I would go to the gym, train for hours a week and nothing seemed to make it disappear quicker than a this detox.

My energy levels on this detox was so high that I never felt tired, after I ate I was always satisfied and never got the sick bloated feeling. Within only three days my stomachs was flat the best results I have ever had. It made me realize that I need to make healthier choices in my life.

Now that the detox is over I still eat healthy and exercise. On weekends I take the occasional drink sometimes I over do it but I always try and maintain a good diet and gym routine during the week. To be fit and achieve my goals I had to integrate all that I learned in my detox to my real life and I’ve never turned back since. I would like to thank Annick Lewis as well as the other who did the detox course for constant motivation and the extra push I needed to be a healthier individual.

Changing bad habits