Executive wellness coaching

Let us talk about high performance, elevated energy, epic leadership and being in the best shape of your life.





Set and accomplish goals that empower you.

Release limiting beliefs holding you back.

Enhance stress resilience.

Optimize energy levels.

Explore your creativity in wellness.

Lose weight while enjoying making better eating choices.

Create the fitness routine you’ve always craved with even better body composition and performance results.

Enhance the clarity and focus at work.

Boost leadership skills and dive into emotional intelligence.

Increase mindfulness.

Design the life you truly want.

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30-day Food and energy focus

4 sessions per month

Sessions are 50 minutes


10-week peak performance

8 sessions in total

Sessions are 50 minutes


6-month Mind-body- lifestyle transformation

12 sessions in total

2 monthly 50-minute sessions


Bookings organnick@greenbalance.co

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