L1 6 Week Nutrition Program


The 6 Week Program is the ideal weight loss Beginner’s program. It applies to those who wish to begin practicing a healthy and balanced lifestyle through a systems that teaches core principles of nutrition and healthy eating. The 6 Week Program can be done over the phone or on Skype.

How does it Work?

In Level one we start with the basics of building nutrition skills and habits from the ground up.

You quickly grasp the concepts of efficient food purchasing skills, mindful, eating practices, meal prep skills, ways to enjoy consuming more produce, plant based introduction

The 6 week Nutrition Program addresses confusing topics such as:

  • Clean eating
  • Food shopping
  • Meal planning
  • Cravings management
  • Introduction to meal preparation
  • Introduction to plant based nutrition
  • Ordering techniques for eating out a
  • Sustainable lifestyle choices for longevity and sustainable weight loss.


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