Group Coaching

Group coaching has many benefits such as increased probability of achieving goals, enriching relationships, collective wisdom, multiple perspectives, accelerated motivation, diffusion of stress through support.
Being in a community that is more cost effective and keeps confidentiality and non judgmental space for sharing. It is lots of fun and shows great transformational results. We love the group coaching experience because it is fun being in a highly motivational focus group that helps boost results and moods.
The group coaching experience is online making it super convenient for you and we have a group support that is super fun and motivational.

We meet online once per week on zoom conference call and I teach allocated material and coach members who want guidance and goal setting. You can choose to share video or stay audio while we share goals and progresses, brainstorm solutions for challenges and enjoy a non judgemental sharing space.

Weighings and measurements will be done 3 -4 times per month, which you are responsible in taking and sending through to me for the sole purpose of keeping you accountable.

I am available for private 5-10 minute bookings for calls between specific hours if you feel that you are not clear on something, you must book in advance.


Your options for Group coaching are listed below. Some of these programs are also available for on demand purchases.

  1. Metabolic Mindset Booster
  2. Go Glow alkalising keto reset
  3. Fat Burn Flex intro to plantbased eating
  4. Luna Glow Hormone Nourishing


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