Coaching and Courses

Hey friend, have you ever wondered why would someone like you come to someone like me for coaching?
Between being a parent, running various life, community projects, whether you are launching a new business or running your home and family you are left feeling out of control, exhausted and depleted wondering why you feel so overwhelmed by the day to day logistics.
Your health is suffering and you know that there are better ways to get more out of your body and adjust what you are putting into it, no matter your budget.
Our goal when working together would be to edit your eating plan in a way that gives you energy, grounding, clarity to do all that you need to without requiring a ton of extra effort or thought.
I am here to help, once you have got the basics down, you will see how your confidence in your daily and weekly food & beverage choices empower and lean your waist you rather than deplete you and send you whirling off into junk food binges.
Having me as your coach at this uncertain time is the GAME CHANGER you NEED in your life today.
Here are some examples of ways that I can help you get focussed, grounded and on track today.

Private coaching

  1. Nutrition
  2. Training
  3. Executive Wellness


Online courses and ebooks

  1. The 3 P world The Plant powered introduction (Fat Burn).
  2. Toned in thirty ( Digestion restoration and sugar reset).
  3. Luna Glow (Hormone balancing for your cosmic female body).

Group Coaching

  1. The 3 P world The Plant powered introduction (Fat Burn).
  2. Toned in thirty ( Digestion restoration and sugar reset).
  3. Luna Glow (Hormone balancing for your cosmic female body).
  4. Corporate coaching for your company.


My role as a nutritionist, trainer, and wellness coach is to journey with you through using my expertise to navigate your experience toward grounding in your healthy lifestyle strategies resulting in the fittest version of yourself.

We work on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through building healthy food relationships, setting and achieving fitness goals and practicing healthy stress management techniques.

Green Balance Life teaches easy to implement strategies working with small, achievable weekly goals. This practice aims to improve the relationships we have with food, therefore instilling deeper love and respect for the body.

The strategies taught work by dietary analysis used through your food diaries and small habit changes that successfully target fat loss and healthy digestion. The 5 pillars of health listed below are used as a foundation for building on healthy habits thus allowing better management of stress eating patterns.

  • Hydration
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Spiritual wellbeing

This strategy allows you to open your mind to create solutions to your current barriers and encourage you to safely improve your lifestyle using the 5 pillars of health as your checkpoints along the way.


After confirming your consultation, simply send me your forms filled out, blood tests, allergy reports, and any information you would like to share with me.


What is it like having a consultation with Green Balance Life?

This time is allocated for us to see if we are the right match and me to get to know you and your nutritional concerns. Decisions can then be made toward which program(s) will be best suited for you relative to your goals and time around your busy lifestyle.

Your consultation includes body composition analysis, dietary & lifestyle analysis, medical history review, goal setting, and strategy implementation. This program is confidential, personal for you and maintains a non-judgemental policy and feel free to give hugs!

See Testimonials for detailed stories