Go Glow Alkalising Cleanse

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Two week alkalising cleanse nourish guide.

For these two weeks we will focus on mostly consuming alkalising whole food ingredients that will increase our energy and cleanse our bodies natural systems. This eating guide and workbook will help you stay focussed and find ease with staying prepared before and during the cleanse.

Our bodies consistently are metabolising and breaking down food and drink. Cleanses switch our bodies function from constantly process and digest to repair and rejuvenate.

We spend years of our lives consuming junk, skimping on sleep, lacking proper hydration and trashing our bodies with processed, fried and junk foods more often than we would like to believe. Yes that means the doubles, fried bake, fried chickens, soft drinks, ice-creams etc. have a toll on our bodies and inhibit our bodies’ natural detoxification system.  For the next two weeks we are focussing on alkalising and bringing in some healing to our bodies and digestive systems.

Your body wants to be able to rid itself of the unhealthy stuff but if you keep eating more junk ,you are not going to be able to get the other junk out. It is like clogging a drain that will otherwise overflow and make a mess without proper cleaning. Your liver and kidneys go through pressure trying to keep up and that’s when cleansing comes in.

Cleansing strips down your diet to the essentials so that you give your liver and kidneys a chance to do their job more efficiently. While you’ll probably shed a few pounds in the process, the real goal of the Go Glow Cleanse is to reshape the way you think about nutrition and wellness.

You will receive your booklet, shopping list, recipes, workbook and regular email check ins from me to inspire you to stay focussed with your glow journey.

You can opt to join for 4 weeks if you’d prefer to cleanse for longer.

Starts Jan 7th. 2019. Sign ups open Dec 10 – 23.

Reserve your spot here. Food and Drink not provided.


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