10 week Executive Wellness coaching


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People at the top need to be in great physical, mental and emotional health to stay there, inspire others and keep energy levels high to enjoy the ride.

This is the ultimate course to elevate you to your 5-year self through a mind, body, and lifestyle upgrade.

  • Set and achieve your goals.
  • Get accountability in our sessions and connect with life-changing resources.
  • Achieve mind, body balance.
  • Fitness and eating regime for focus and performance.
  • Enhance stress resilience.
  • Optimize energy levels.
  • Explore creativity.
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus.
  • Increase mindfulness.
  • Improve health biomarkers.
  • Breathing and meditation.
  • Design the fulfilling and exciting life you truly desire.
  • Calendar optimization including career, family, social and wellness.

You get:

  • 3 coaching sessions monthly.
  • 8 coaching sessions in total.
  • 50- 60  minutes per session.
  • Weekly resources and follow up on agreed tasks.


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