Green Balance Life L3 Diet

Hi friend,

Either you and I would have been working together for a good few months by now, or you have been in the wellness world for a while and require one final step to level up, manage a condition or boost your athletic performance.

This is the way to focus on either gaining muscle mass, or managing your hormones or another condition that requires a strict diet where you are already mentally prepared for a 3-month diet commitment to see the reset or results that you desire.

This includes Exercise prescription and dietary protocol. You can opt for PT Training or simply adhere to exercises prescribed to you weekly or monthly dependant on your case.


For the Athlete

  • You travel globally and require management of your diet for performance and body mass goals.
  • You are able to follow a meal plan.
  • Clean eating and meal-prep are required.
  • The workout prescription is monitored.
  • Recipes and resources are sent.
  • Calendar optimization.
  • Strategy for success.
  • Mindset coaching and emotional intelligence.
  • Morning and evening routine habits for success.
  • Keeping your supplements on hand and using ones recommended for your lifestyle.
  • Weekly online coaching


For the management of your health condition or final step in weight loss

  • Food diary tracking and wellness journalling.
  • Cycle syncing.
  • Seed cycling.
  • Carb cycling.
  • Meal plan.
  • Recipes.
  • Morning and evening care routine implementation
  • Online course following a strict meal plan.
  • Weekly coaching online.
  • Exercise prescription.
  • Lifestyle optimization