Green Balance Life L1 Diet

Do you truly feel at home in your body? Are you on track in reaching your wellness goals?

If not, I’m here to help. You have got the basics down packed and feel more confident in your daily and weekly food and beverage choices. Yay, you! You feel ready to make the jump to L2 now and I am so proud of you for making that choice.

When I struggled with binge eating years ago before I got my practice off the ground and prior to my nutrition studies, I feared to be home alone with food. I struggled to adhere to healthy personal food relationships and therefore was not equipped to have healthy boundaries and requirements around a healthy eating regime.

I know that I felt alone at that time and I kept all of these struggles to myself because I felt so out of control and unable to talk to anyone who truly understood about what I was going through.

Can you relate?

I know that if I had someone to guide me during that time, I would have felt more freedom with my dietary choices and experienced more confidence with regard to my nutrition and body goals so much sooner.

Because of this, I have made it my mission to help others overcome this fear using the same framework that I used, which personally helped me to build trust with myself and food which allowed me to eat without guilt or shame.


Green Balance Life six-week L1 nutrition private course addresses confusing topics such as:

  • Clean eating do’s and don’ts.
  • Self-care, love, and rituals that empower you.
  • Weight loss habits.
  • Fitness habits.
  • Food shopping.
  • Meal planning.
  • Cravings management.
  • Introduction to meal preparation.
  • Introduction to plant-based nutrition.
  • Ordering techniques for eating out.
  • Portion practice.
  • Sustainable lifestyle choices for longevity and sustainable weight loss.
  • Tackling binge eating and getting unstuck from emotional eating cycles.



Commitment to coaching for 4-6 months minimum is recommended to see any real changes and lifestyle results. I love what I do, so I am patient as we work together until your goal is achieved. I happily move at your pace and ask for your patience as you do your best each week. I am your coach! Let us have some fun!

Contact us to find out more about booking in your consultation and beginning right away. Your dream solution is right here waiting for you to take the first step.