Green Balance Life L2 Diet



It’s time to get real.

Do you truly feel at home in your body? Are you on track to reach your wellness and weight goals?

Have you been wishing to start living a healthier and more energized life but feel like a non-judgment zone does not exist for you to find the diet style that works best for you?

Annick is here as your personal coach and wellness navigator at this time,

We would be a great fit if you have made a decision that you are ready to evolve and explore your healthiest self with me as your nutritionist. The space created with Green Balance Life is a non-judgemental space for you to become more equipped for reaching your nutrition goals.

The 6 Week Program L1 is the ideal starter membership package.  We cover the foundations that set you up for future success. This framework that is used has been tried and successfully completed by many of my clients and myself building strong habits.

It applies to those who wish to begin practicing and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle through a system that teaches core principles of habits for you to reach your goals successfully.  When you successfully ground down the framework habits, you will find it fun to keep adding in the habits that are key for a healthy relationship with food and longterm thriving wellness.

It is the absolute first step to get you moving in the right direction and moving with a focus towards your weight goal. The L1 course can be completed over the phone or online via the Zoom conference calls and renewed as many times as necessary to build the foundations at your timing.


What do you get?

  • One 60 minute consultation.
  • Six 45 minute coaching calls.
  • Whatsapp support.
  • Resources and weekly inspiration sent to your inbox.
  • Reserved weekly booking and reminders aligned in your google calendar.
  • Personalized approach to succeeding in your nutrition goals relative to your lifestyle.


What is expected of you?

  • Show up with an open mind.
  • Track your dietary intake using a method that makes sense to you.
  • Keep a journal to make notes and to share your food and beverage intake.
  • Open up, set goals, chat openly and honestly.
  • Focus on completing the set mini tasks set together and agreed by you every week.
  • Making eating choices that we agree is aligned with your goal and you would be happy making.
  • Food shopping and meal prep will mostly be required unless you prefer to attain guidance to make the right choices for eating on the go and dining out if that is what your lifestyle requires.
  • Self-care and self-love time scheduled weekly.
  • Calendar optimization.


How does it Work?

In level one, it is all about grounding your foundations with the basics of your healthy nutrition skills and habits.

We start with a short discovery phone chat on Whatsapp calls to see if you would like to further confirm your consultation booking. After we book your consultation you will receive an email from me including the consultation forms and a brochure with package information. You can print out your forms, and send the information to me or bring it to your consultation.

Next, we can discuss any information during the consultation relative to your past and current health conditions and concerns, your current dietary patterns, an outline of your lifestyle demands. During this time, I create the best possible step by step overall long term strategy in addition to a simpler weekly outline necessary for you to successfully reach your goals.

You will notice how you quickly grasp the skills of proficient food selection and purchasing, mindfulness, clean eating practices, meal prep, ways to enjoy consuming more produce, and an introduction to plant-based flexible eating.

My personal framework used in L2 has worked not only for me but for many of my clients who have successfully completed the L2 principles which have encouraged many to eat without fear, guilt or shame.

This program is perfect for you if you have successfully completed L1,  and are ready to dive deeper into the habits that are tailored for your healthiest version of yourself, but a level up.

How does it work?

You may repeat L2 several times before you move on to another level depending on your goals and the focus for your personal plan. This 6 Week L2 nutrition course addresses themes such as:

  • Guiding principles: What, How and When to eat?
  • Eat for higher energy, manage stress and anxiety.
  • Habits for successful weight loss.
  • Healthy food relationships.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Portion practice skills.
  • Foods for fast metabolism.
  • Managing social events.
  • Self-care and radical self-love practices.
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Hormone balancing nutrition and cycle syncing.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Eating for fuel.

Depending on your goals, Your course may include:

  • Sports nutrition for improved energy and performance.
  • Nutrient-dense whole food meal planning for fat burning.
  • Food combining for improvements with indigestion, bloating and other digestive troubles.



The 6 week L2 Nutrition program is also very well suited after completing

Between your career, being a parent, or/ and running various life or charitable endeavors, whether you are launching or caught up in the day to day you feel depleted and exhausted. You know that there are better ways to get more out of your body and adjust and adjust what you are putting in it. Our goal is to adjust what you are putting into your vessel of life AKA body and edit your eating plan in a way that gives you the energy to do all that you need to without requiring a ton of extra effort or thought.

If not, I am here to help. You have got the basics down packed and feel more confident in your daily and weekly food and beverage choices. Yay, you ! you feel ready to make the jump to L2 and now I am so proud of you for making that choice.


The game-changer for you:

Breakfast is decided for you determined based on your lifestyle, time and demands of life. You may have to deal with real-world relationships and partnership dynamics where one party brings home foods like pizza or fast food either for oneself or the kids and the family which can be challenging to stay focused.

When you bring it all into balance? When you balance your blood sugar, serve your intellectual curiosity, gain access and utilize the tools that help you to say focused and productive you feel so much better and confident about the choices you are making.

This confidence has a domino effect positively impacts various aspects of your life. As my client, you will always feel empowered.


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