Toned in Thirty

Low carb living 

Restorative course to kick your sugar habit, lose body fat and tone up your body with Annick Lewis. Your Caribbean’s healthy lifestyle Queen.

Nutritionist, Personal trainer, Executive coach, healthy habit junkie, and owner of abs and body of my dreams through a healthy diet and lifestyle design. You can have your dream body too. Let me teach you how.

Toned in thirty is a six-week online group coaching course by Green Balance Life. It is plant focussed on rapid weight loss and toning coaching course. The perfect kickstart to your weight loss program and long term goals.


Comes with:

  • Menu plan
  • 6 x online group coaching sessions
  • Weekly motivation
  • Resources sent to your inbox
  • Fun
  • Motivational whatsapp community
  • Facebook group access with workout videos and resources.

Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in your day to make healthy choices?

Do you feel like you are so confused because once you were told low fat is the way and then each year is a new diet trend that leaves you feeling helpless?

Do you feel anxiety when it comes to choosing what to eat when you eat out or buy food in the supermarket?

Do you feel doomed when you look at your body in the mirror, like your dreams won’t ever come true?

Do you feel guilty for wanting to get leaner and healthier?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to people in magazines and end up feeling overwhelmed with the dissatisfaction with your body?

Do you feel yourself going through binge eating cycles that start with avoiding food for hours and then scarfing down everything in sight, leaving you in a confused slump while weight keeps coming on?

Me too.
Well at least I used to.

At one point of time, many of the above were very, very true for me.


I lived in a cycle confused as to what to eat, anxiety when choosing foods and eating out in public. I have gone off on major sugar binges and drive through splurges, eating more than I should. I have spent countless times trying to figure out how to hack the food system to be lean and free from food forever.

It was one day, after I binged out on a bunch of cupcakes and cookies (even though glutenfree), that I declared I was tired of this cycle and I was ready to be lean for life and free from food.

I asked for divine guidance and I declared that I was willing to see things differently. I was ready, and I promised that if I figured out how to be free from food cravings, addictions, binges and eating habits that were not serving me and got the body I desired, that I would help people everywhere to do the same.

Green Balance Life, inclusive of the courses and coaching programs created here is helping me to keep my promise.

I wasn’t just doing this for me. I was doing this for all of us. After I said that prayer, I was led to clean up my diet and mentality around food and eating.

When you change your mentality, relationship with food, you change your experience of having the healthy body of your dreams and moving consistently towards that version of you with success.

You will be required to track food intake and send to me weekly for us to chat about 🙂

Toned in 30 is for you if:
You workout and you don’t see results that you want with lean muscle and toning.

You want to commit to a no sugar challenge.

You want to kickstart your weight loss and lose body fat percent.

You work long hours and would benefit from coaching through meal planning, prep motivation and an eating regime to add alongside your workouts.

You want to eat healthier but you are confused as to where to start.

You want to implement a regular training routine in your life that supports your weight loss and toning of your body.

You are at least 80 percent committed to 6 weeks of following this course and showing up for coaching.

You want to get lean quickly, improve your digestion and boost your immune health.

You have hormones out of wack that you want to improve inflammation.

You want to see increases in your focus, productivity, and mental clarity, mood.

You want to elevate your wellness habits, ditch unhealthy habits and love yourself more.



Why should you join today?

You are going nowhere fast.

See the problem is, you are just trying out the latest fads hoping that they will work. You set your mind to all or nothing and either try not to eat for the day then binge, or stay good for a few days then head towards the junk foods.

There is no system, structure or strategy behind what you are doing, and I if there is- it feels all over the place. It’s getting you nowhere fast and it leaves you lacking confidence you deserve. You are overworked, burnt out and you are ready for your efforts to finally show you some visible and numerical results.


You have an event like a wedding, or swimsuit, festival occasion coming up and are ready to commit to what it takes.

You want to have a weight loss breakthrough.

You are happy to make some small sacrifices with your food for six weeks (much less sugar, processed foods, starchy carbs).

You will allocate time for prep or order food accordingly.

You will practice eating out in a way that is aligned with the Toned in Thirty courses.

You are ready to give it your best shot to stay on the plan until you reach your goal.

You tried to lose weight on your own without much success and you are ready for epic results with this program.

You are looking for a weight loss breakthrough.

Every day is a food battle for you and you just want to see the results and have peace of mind.

You are ready to give it an 80 percent effort and feel that with the group support you can commit and stay focussed.

Rapid results excite and motivate you.

There is no system, structure or strategy behind what you are doing with your wellness habits, and therefore you feel a bit all over the place.

You are getting nowhere fast on your own and it leaves you lacking confidence that you deserve.

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How does it all work?

  • This course is 100 percent online
  • Private Facebook group community
  • Weekly office hours Q & A
  • Unlimited replays of videos

Here is what to expect when you join today

  • All-access to recipes, menus
  • Weekly PDFS worksheets
  • Shopping Lists
  • Plus these freebies
  • Meal prep challenge
  • Fitness challenge
  • Live video calls online
  • Meditation challenge


How much time honestly will I need to allocate for success weekly?

3 hours for prep

4 hours for Exercise

3 hours for mindset homework (can be completed during traffic, workouts, and other tasks)

1 hour for purchasing and sourcing ingredients

Total: 11 hours of 168 hours in a week (6.5%)