Group coaching

Make changes in your own timing from the comfort of your home, with me along for the ride in your inbox guiding you step by step.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuve

Group coaching has many benefits such as the increased probability of achieving goals, enriching relationships, collective wisdom, multiple perspectives, accelerated motivation, diffusion of stress through support.  That is where these courses have been birthed. Through the experience of working with groups, taking time to understand the needs, challenges and community necessary for weight loss success, these courses have been created with love and are available for you to take all year round.


Your options for the electronic course options are listed below. Find something you like? It can be yours right now.

  1. Executive group coaching with the Metabolic Mindset Booster MMB. Eight-week mindfulness and wellness course.
  2. Toned in thirty. Thirty-day high fat, low carb digestive and binge eating reset.
  3. Flexible plant focussed eating. The ideal intro to plant-based eating for people who enjoy caribbean and deliciously healthy meals equipped with both plant-based eating and portion-controlled whole food integration with animal foods.
  4. Luna Glow hormone nourishing and healing 3 month.
  5. General fitness weight loss meal plans on demand (coming soon).

Being in a community that is more cost-effective, keeps confidentiality and non-judgmental space for sharing is extremely liberating to take the first step to reach those weight and health goals.The group coaching experience is online making it super convenient for you and we have group support that is super fun and motivational. 

Weighings and measurements will be done 3 -4 times per month, which you are responsible for taking and sending through to me for the sole purpose of keeping you accountable.

I am available for private 5-10 minute bookings for calls between specific hours if you feel that you are not clear on something, you must book in advance.

Email with any questions or concerns.