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As the trend toward healthy eating continues to increase, the combination of delicious and nutritious foods can give a much needed competitive advantage in the food industry. Most people want to eat the foods they enjoy but remain healthy. I know that there are incredible substitutions that many people have never really considered and that is why it becomes easier for the general public to make changes that they would have once thought impossible and actually enjoy the substitution.

There is an increasing global awareness of the benefits that specialty diets play in disease prevention and amelioration. Some specialty diets include gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and diets that take into consideration those with food allergies. My role is to aid in the creation of menus, clean and delicious recipes that are nutritious.

My services help revolutionize your foodservice inclusive of working with your chefs for recipe development, nutritional analysis of menus, develop nutrition guides and facts for staff and customers, provide advice on nutrition information for food labels and provide staff training.

My childhood consisted of many food allergies and illnesses. The skills that the conditions have taught include a deep an understanding of catering to the increasingly popular health food demands.  I understand that healthy food has to be enjoyable and delicious. I understand may working professionals and people, in general, are busy. Their lifestyles do not give much time for cooking and food preparation which makes their food purchasing habits particularly critical when aiming for optimal health and performance.

Working for Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts in foodservice in the UK and waitressing at five-star hotels in Oxford England has taught me skills that I still walk with today. I respect the high standards necessary for exceptional menus and service and look forward to applying these skills to leverage your business.

I have invested thousands of hours of practice towards the creating of specialty diets and food styling.  Additionally, alongside the thousands of hours spent in market research, menu research while dining out, these experiences have allowed me to increase my database of cuisines and tastes around the world.

The FSA is currently putting pressure on food chains and take away outlets to display better food labeling and nutrition information alongside the food they sell so that consumers can make healthier choices.  These practices ought to be of higher significance in regard to the health and nutritional status within the Caribbean.

I offer a hands-on approach that can be easily understood applied by staff to ensure consistent and delicious healthy food service. Fuelled with sufficient education and newly acquired skills your chefs can be more excited to cook, create and serve with excellence.