Valentines Day love & Roasted beet salad


Hey friends,

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I hope that you are having a great week. I am aware that some of you in our tribe are women, some are men, some are single, some are married, some are divorced and some are just being, learning to love yourself in any case.

This Valentines Day, fall in love with yourself, join me <3. Scroll all the way down for my refreshing roasted beet and coconut salad.

Your relationship with your self is the one relationship in your life that you are guaranteed to ALWAYS have to deal with. You are the person you spend most of your time with.

So give it the attention it deserves. When you look in the mirror, your goal should be to love what you see, embrace your so-called flaws and send good vibes to you.

And make it the most exciting relationship in your life. You are worthy, you are enough, you are becoming, you have greatness inside of you. It is up to you to remind you, every time you worry, every time you doubt.

Schedule time with yourself with the diligence you schedule time with your most important non-you people.

This isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. It could be as simple as some reading time, chilling in nature or as luxurious as booking in a massage or vacation.

Take time to appreciate yourself.

Take time to forgive yourself.

Take time to grow.

Take time to heal and let go of all that no longer serves you.

Choose you.


Some ideas for self love and care this weekend include:

Have an essential oil hot tub, light some candles and put on your favorite music or comedy show. Life is too short not to laugh more!

Put on some dance videos or a dancing game and dance away, you will burn calories as a bonus of having fun and loving you. This is a personal favorite!

Pick some flowers for your house.

Buy yourself some flowers, buy some for your mom or bestie too!

Make a meal together with some of your favorite gal/ guy pals or your SO.

When dining out, share some plates and enjoy some yummy chocolate.

Book in a workout or yoga class to show up for yourself, it adds a great confidence boost too!

Put on your favorite movie, pick up some Green Balance Life approved snacks, make some tea or hot chocolate.

Write your gratitude out and embrace all the feels that come with this practice.

Consider doing the love language test with yourself and your partner to learn more about how you like to show and receive love.

Only when you are in a positive, epic relationship with yourself are you able to be in positive, epic relationships with others.

May you be your own most epic Valentine every single day. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day message that Green Balance Life has for you today.

And that absolutely means go buy yourself some chocolate. Even better to choose the dairy-free and naturally sweetened versions too!

There is Valentine’s Day discount special for you to join toned in thirty which starts on February 26th!

Click here to sign up and here to learn more. This is an exclusive offer only for subscribers here.

Happy Valentines Day and go get your sexy on!

Additionally, see here for updates on ways that we can get you closer to reaching your wellness goals today.

Here is a delicious salad recipe to try out this weekend.

Refreshing roasted beet and coconut salad.



2.5 cups chopped red leaf lettuce

3 tbsp. Vegan parmesan cheese grated or goat cheese

1.5 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

3 oz. chicken breast stripped

¼ cup chopped cherry tomatoes

¼ cup cucumber

½ of a radish sliced

4 mini beets sliced in quarters

1 handful coconut chips

Avocado oil vinaigrette

1 tbsp. Dijon

1 tbsp. Apple cider

1 tsp sweetener of choice

1 tbsp. Balsamic

4 tbsp. Avocado oil

1 pinch Italian herb seasoning

1 Pinch Pink salt

Sprinkle Black pepper

1 Pinch Caribbean seasoning


Preheat oven to broil, wash your beets, slice them in quarters and lay out on a baking tray. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper and put in the oven to broil. After 10 -15 minutes take them out and allow to cool down.

To make the vinaigrette add all ingredients into a little jug and whisk with a fork or add to a small blender and blend to combine.

After washing all salad greens and chopping them up finely. Sprinkle on all of your toppings in a bowl add avocado oil vinaigrette to bowl with all salad ingredients.


Message me for details and bookings while spots are available.

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2019 Reflections, 2020 predictions


Hi friend,

With the end of 2019 approaching and the last full moon of the year which has just passed, I have been called to write and share this piece with you which touches on topics of growth, achievement, failures and some trends which are likely to come for the upcoming 10 years in wellness.

I am reminded today that six years ago I moved to Trinidad from Oxford with so much passion and drive to make a difference in the islands. For the first year, there were two people who understood my vision and we created an online meal delivery service together and it was going well. At the time I had no business experience and eventually, I quit the venture and went to explore options on my own. While I learned a lot and was able to use my creative skills well and see visions come to life, there were other plans that life had for me at the time. There were many business owners that I’d chatted within 2014-2016 in Trinidad and Tobago about the fact that wellness was on the way up and would continue to rise and many of them laughed at me and doubted that there would be market trends. Market trends that would begin to favor healthy eating choices in fact and while the Carribean does go slower than the higher economic countries in the world, the shifts are becoming increasingly noticeable.


Well at least now you can come to terms with the next ten years, it is only going to continue because with the rise of lifestyle disease and the connection between what we eat, drink, think, how we sleep and move. If you don’t believe me yet, remember where you heard it first and also that as a pioneer in the wellness field I would still be happy to be on your team for the next ten years. Together we can make a stronger impact and save lives but also make them more fulfilling and thriving.

Today I am ending the year smiling, acknowledging that the trends I predicted six years ago that we have experienced this 2019, has finally reached the Caribbean and people are finally ready to realize that you can feel better, more energized, lose weight, have a profitable healthy business.

Thank you for the businesses who understood the vision in hiring me for consulting opportunities in your businesses, wellness product purchasing, speaking engagements, school speeches, menu design for meals to go, recipe creations for specialty menus, thank you for investing in me and have been able to join me in pioneering in the wellness space, making a contribution to the health crisis in our nation and confidently doing so along the way.


Here are some of the trends I mentioned to you six years ago.

  • Online ordering
  • From fast food to fast casual
  • Shift to health and wellness
  • Vegetarian, plant based dining
  • Unique and global flavours
  • Glutenfree living
  • Sugar-free and dairy-free alternatives

Diets to stay for the upcoming few years, yes some stability.

  • Glutenfree
  • Vegan
  • Medditterean
  • Keto
  • Ketotarian

Next to be expected

  • The sober curious movement
  • Less processed sugars
  • Plant based meals
  • Regenerative agriculture

This is a time of year that I like to reflect on what I’ve done, how I’ve grown and how much closer I am to becoming the woman of my dreams and best contributing my gifts to the world.

I am grateful to have been able so far to meet people who have left a mark in my mind, heart, and journey.

I am grateful for the trust that I’ve built with my clients and the people and the incredible transformations I have witnessed with my own eyes, and whose lives I’ve been able to positively contribute value to.

I paid off my online business and marketing school and completed school while building my business, coaching, and prioritizing my wellness.

Moving twice in one year was tricky but good.

Taking care of Lucci, my 20 llb Siberian forest cat.


Paying off my car loan.

Built the best course I’ve created yet Toned in thirty and updated the Flexitarian Fat burn which is the best introduction to plant-based eating online eating and weight loss course in the Caribbean.

I’ve learned how to efficiently handle my schedule and maximize wellness and productivity.

I have had some wild experiences that have reminded me to work hard and also play hard.


I’ve failed several of my personal goals, and cried over them but learned from each one.

I put myself through months of private coaching to elevate my belief system and focus on what is really important to me.

I’ve been grateful to live in a place that I’ve always dreamed of living in as a start.

I left a relationship that I was in love with the person but made the difficult choice after realizing that we were going apart. It was one of the toughest choices I have made in my life and most challenging to build myself back up from but you supported me, your messages were comforting.

I made some messy life choices but gained clarity and self-care practices which have taught me more about my worth, my strengths and clarity about who I want to show up in the world to be every day and what choices I would like to make less of.

Grateful to have survived a car accident.

Mended a broken heart and fell in love with me.

Healed my hormonal issues.

Elevated my emotional intelligence.

Successfully moved my wellness business online.

I moved into an office that I have always dreamed of doing.


I created a wellness routine that works for me on the go and to enjoy my leanest and most comfortable body yet.

I’ve gained more clarity on the ways that I can and love to contribute to the space that we share and make my difference.

Improved relationships with my parents and strengthened meaningful family bonds.

Living on my own fully for the first time in my life and understanding what life is like standing one hundred percent on my own two feet.

Sometimes I am working silently and many people think they know me but life elves as do we and it is nice to remind people whether your friends, family, and co-workers that you are allowed to grow, elevate and change and you will be loved along the way by the people who get it.

Life will support you if you let it and sometimes the plan God has for us is greater than anything we could imagine personally and lean into that takes faith, courage and letting go of lots but at the end, if you ask yourself if it would be worth it, and the answer is yes then do it!

Healthy Christmas menu ideas that I am loving this year that I want to share with you because if you are like me, you will want some yummy choices that are without the extra bloaty ingredients.

  • Vegan Cesar salad
  • Vegan green bean casserole
  • Ham or turkey as normal
  • Quinoa stuffing
  • Broccoli salad
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Creamy vegan cauliflower pie
  • Roasted squash with pesto


I would be pleased to continue serving you in the next year. Keep posted as we launch Toned in thirty to kickstart your 2020 with your favorite community Green Balance Life.

Red Gym and Fitness Instagram Post


Ten tips to have a healthy relationship with food today.


Hi friend,

Let us chat about your relationship with food today. So many men and women have been in a battle with food, including extreme restrictive eating, binge eating habits and buying purging supplements, trying restrictive diets that lead to bingeing. You are left feeling defeated at the end of the day and out of control. Food on a whole makes you feel anxious and confused and eating almost feels like the enemy laden with guilt, stress and self-criticisms especially after a long day of work.

giphy (1)

My questions for you to think about:

How is your relationship with food? What experiences with food did you have growing up? Was food your friend or your enemy?  Would you like to feel free from food once and for all?

giphy (5).gif

So many of us have gone through, or have seen someone go through these battles with food at some point of time in life, and possibly wondered how can this be overcome.

Ditching the diet culture mindset so that you can eat with confidence and not stress about the foods you are choosing really is so empowering and that is something I wish for you to enjoy feeling as my friend and client.

I want you to know that there are some safe places like with me as your coach, that you can explore these emotions, habits, and behaviors in a non-judgmental space. Don’t believe what I say though, ask my clients or read these success stories here.


Here are my top 10 tips for enjoying a healthy relationship with food:

  1. Eat mindfully.
  2. Eat foods in moderation.
  3. Eat when physically hungry.
  4. Stop eating when you are comfortably full.
  5. Eat breakfast even if it is late.
  6. Keep your home as your safe haven and keep junk food out the house.
  7. Avoid sitting down with a whole pack of a snack.
  8. Know the difference between a snack and a treat.
  9. Don’t be afraid of feeling hungry.
  10. Give yourself permission to enjoy eating at the table.

What are some healthy ways you can practice to relax this week?

There is not really the perfectly right time to start coaching, but if you want to have a better relationship with food and finally feel free, reach out and I would love to chat with you about it. Prioritizing weight-loss above healing your relationship with food is probably the reverse order you can choose when considering food freedom and may not be as sustainable as you think.

Take your power back, trust your body and transform your mindset.

Let’s chat about how we can work together online or in Barbados today 😀

  1. Six weeks L1 & L2 coaching for healthy food relationship, weight loss, hormone balance.
  2. Executive wellness coaching. Transform your life, business and wellness.


Photo by Elle Hughes


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Egg muffin frittatas and getting on the wellness track before 2020

15f1113b-9a11-4b35-bb84-eae6edb00d28Hey friends,

You have been struggling with your wellness focus, socializing a lot more than usual, possibly too many desserts and cocktails and can’t seem to figure out just how to get on focus and your environment and people around you, aren’t really helping either. I totally get it. Hiring a coach and committing to a program even if you can commit 90 percent of the time makes a huge difference in succeeding in your goal. I have added a bonus recipe for you at the end of this email so that you can get motivated to get your prep on this week.

I am here to help, it is my ultimate passion to help others reach their goal similarly to how I was able to overcome many of the same struggles you are facing today by deciding once and for all, that I was in this to get the results I knew I deserved.

I struggled for years, with emotional and stress eating, binges, low self-worth, addictive cravings, lack of preparation, starve then overeat cycles, in the ability to choose my wellness in social settings and give in to junk food too frequently. I suffered mentally, physically, energetically and much more. I know what it is like and I know what the journey is like with the triumphs, failures, struggles, and transformations that take place and that’s why I want to be your coach. Join me for an epic thirty days to kick start your fitness this August because if not now, when?

I have really enjoyed toned in thirty in July and we all leaned down really well and the team had incredible transformations. I cannot wait to start again next week and I am inviting you to consider joining before the hustle of the last quarter swoops in on us. Get prepared ahead of time so that you can soar through the last quarter, get a headstart on your fitness and wellness goals before the end of 2019. Don’t wait until the end of the year to think about starting again, start now and join to start burning fat and feeling better.

However, toned in thirty is back to get you on track before the school trips and traffic kick back in. Now is the perfect time to allocate to healthy habits to get you ready and on fire before the school term starts back.

Sign up here today to choose your package and get started. Registration closes Saturday. Learn the skills that help you take massive action, build momentum, boost your digestion, clear your skin, burn fat off your body and lots more!


FYI Updates

So much is going on. I am working on a few meal plans for marathons, moms with digestive stress as well as coaching for weight loss and wellness. I have opened up my practice to coach on the West Coast in Sunset Crest, on the south coast, moving to Culloden road this September and online coaching. All of this growth is so exciting and these moves are being made to be easier for you access coaching to reach your goals matter where you are located.

Executive private coaching is my new 12-week coaching course which has been launched but more details to come in September on how to sign up. It is for corporate professionals who are ready to boost cognition at work, increase levels of motivation for elevation, reach higher levels of empathy, increase leadership skills and emotional intelligence necessary to reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment in your career, life, and business.


Recipe of the week

Egg muffin frittatas


Makes 6-8 servings

8 large Free Range Eggs
6 Cherry tomatoes (optional) 2 spring onions
1⁄4 cup chopped baby spinach
1/3 cup fresh parsley chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms pinch pink salt and cracked pepper
2-3 slices organic ham (optional)
1 tbsp. goat cheese (optional)
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. In a mixing bowl whisk eggs and stir through remaining ingredients. Pour mixture into a greased mini muffin tray and bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden and cooked through. Add your favorite fresh or dried herbs and spices to the mixture if they are calling out to you. If you are feeling for a sprinkle of curry powder, after pouring half the mix into a muffin tin, sprinkle the powder, mix and pour the rest of the mixture into the remaining spaces in the muffin tray.




How to get motivated to stop skipping your workouts.

Hi friend,

If you have been skipping your workouts, this chat may help you feel more motivated on how to get started today.

AD09A6FE-4FBA-4294-BA4E-ED9E854378A7 2

So I have been thinking…. thinking about sharing more details from my experience of doing thirty-day challenges. This was the fourth thirty-day challenge that I have opted-in for. I have not completed movement every day and have indeed missed a day or two. The truth is that it is not all about perfection but indeed about making progress.

The progress that is made is useful for reaching my goals of establishing great habits. Healthy habits are what make it easier to stick to our wellness goals. It takes time to develop habits and to establish a weekly wellness routine and practicing just one thing for 30 days has a massive potential to help with getting your workouts in on a weekly basis.

Photo by Elle Hughes

It’s like your body is in the gym by doing intentional movements for 30 days, but the real transformations happen in the brain through neurological the reprogramming which happens by developing the new daily habits within that time frame.

Daily movement and practice of new habits ignite neurotransmitters for serotonin to regularly release into your body which makes you feel amazing.

  • What is a 30-day challenge good for?

Habits habit habits, its all about those habits for a successful goal achieved. Getting stronger mentally with any challenges that we face ranging from daily sugar addictions, late wake-ups, to missing workouts too regularly really is a top reason for booking in personal 30 day challenges for new skills you would like to be part of your life.

  • What my transformation has looked like?

6 lbs lost, 5 percent body fat percent reduction, glowing skin, leanest body yet, no cravings, great digestion, thriving energy and I feel happy with the results so far.

  • Things I have learned along the way.

Calling a friend is great and helps, it is more fun but staying committed with or without friends is important too.

Will I keep it up?

I like tracking my exercise and nutrition, I will be moving to track my time in general next to increase my productivity.  I want to exercise daily but I am happy to sustain 5-6 days per week of any movement because I really did feel amazing keeping my commitment.

60B80D6F-6BDA-467A-9F80-FBD28834F7FA 2

Fun activities that I completed during the 30-day movement challenge.

  1. 10 K obstacle race and made it into the qualifying round.
  2. Yoga Yin and Yang through experiences that I resisted for some time.
  3. Walks with friends and dogs were a great one that got me out of the house and to catch awesome sunsets.
  4. Swimming laps across the beautiful bays got me into the water which I sometimes resisted.
  5. Snorkeling
  6. Beach clean up free diving in the ocean.
  7. Running
  8. Teaching classes for core and booty.
  9. Fun movement.


Resistance is a thing and it can be tricky to break out of. I battled with how and if to exercise a few of the days during this challenge, that is true. One day I slept instead of working out and just did not exercise so I completed 29/30 days officially.

Tips for overcoming the resistance relative to working out what worked for me include:

1. Check into youtube to find a video that inspires you, for example, workouts, meal prep, motivation mindset, etc.

2.  Putting music on and exercise clothes and just getting started with something small.

3. Grab your mat, procrastinate on it for a few minutes and then get to it.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me! We had so much fun together. I loved showing up for you every day to move with you and remind you to get active. I am so grateful for your support every step of the way. I am so happy that we decided to do this.

Your healthy friend,



New Toned in thirty nutrition coaching course starts this August 12. Sign up today.

Click here to sign up now



Foods to eat for weight loss this Summer

Hi friend,

Have you been struggling with junk food binges this summer? I was thinking about you and ways that I could help you,  and so, therefore, I had to remind you today about the simple step of eating more vegetables like the ones below to continue boosting weight loss and reducing cravings. I just learned that it really is all about

You have been working your butt off and it may feel even harder with this heatwave that is happening in many countries. I know that sometimes you feel as though you are too busy to make healthy choices and workout. I get it.

You feel overwhelmed, and you end up skipping meals hoping that it would help you just lose the weight finally, but then starvation and binges follow soon after leaving you feeling defeated and not able to make progress.

Having a coach like me, allows you to find the time and energy to be committed to your wellness goals, set up healthy habits that help you to avoid the binges and encourage you to feel empowered with all food choices.

I pay attention to the demands of your career, lifestyle, family life, and travel and I have studied ways to find solutions and breakthroughs for you.

Here are some foods that you can add to your week to trim down this week in the midst of your packed work weeks, and afternoons with kids home from school too.


  1. Leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula)
  2. Broccoli and cauliflower
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Carrots
  5. Cabbage
  6. Brussel sprouts

These foods are low in calories, high in water and are great for weight loss around the belly and the thighs.

The cruciferous vegetables are awesome for the estrogen dominant women who struggle to lose around the hips and the leafy greens are perfect to really maximize a lean waist. I know you don’t love veggies and may think they are boring but the truth is that they could taste so delicious that you actually really love them one day! Get creative my friend. These veggies are filling, and delicious when cooked with fresh herbs and spices.

I just wanted to share this quick tip with you because I figured you may be in the same spot.

Eating veggies for breakfast is a great way to start incorporating more servings of veggies every day. Here is a quick, yummy way to increase your daily intake of veggies using this recipe. I have a got lots more recipes where this came from in Toned in thirty waiting for you this August.

Lean and Green Omelet

1 egg & 1 egg whites
1 cup nonstarchy vegetables (I love peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, leafy greens, zucchini)
1-2 tbs olive oil

Chop up veggies and add to the pan to saute for about 5 minutes. Cook eggs either separately and add veggies inside plain omelet to fill it or cook it all together by mixing scrambled eggs into veggies.

Allow to settle and cook for 5-8minutes and then flip it like a normal omelet. Garnish with some fresh herbs and enjoy!

Now friends, Toned in thirty is an online rapid weight loss coaching course that I have created especially for you. The results have been incredible so far with amazing transformations as we are currently running a group and in week 3/4 with weight loss of 6 plus pounds gone, higher energy, reduced body fat percentage and more.

You can get started on your transformation this August too since we are launching again on the 12th of August. Here are some details, think about whether this is for you. It works amazingly and the recipes are super delicious.  Sign-ups close August 8th, so take your time to think, but you don’t have too long to decide.

In fact, if you sign up this week, and join with a friend you can get 10 % off the initial offer price. Offers last this week only.

Message me for tips on how to sign up and maximize these offerings. Click here for the sign up details.


Message me for tips on how to sign up and maximize these offerings. Click here for the sign up details.




I don’t have it all figured out

Hey friends,

I wanted to update you on my personal life and current challenges, that I am overcoming because to be honest it is awesome to share all the highlights but today I want to connect with you.

Over the past five months, I have put myself through an online business school. Yep! It is called Bschool and teaches a lot about tech, online businesses, marketing and finding your niche. Many days I felt pretty defeated by the depth of work necessary to grow and learn these new skills, but other days I felt so excited and proud of my work and progress. These are normal when developing any new skill, to experience for most people.