Gluten-free and Dairy-Free Barbados

Hi ya! I have been super excited and productive working on brining you my best work. While I am settling in my new home which is an island I am discovering all these exciting places that have gluten-free options for this healthy foodie! These foods are too good not to share.

Whether you are vacationing in Barbados, born and raised Bajan or have recently made the move I believe you will find value here. If you are totally gluten-free like me or are wanting to try a few new foods you will enjoy these awesome recommendations! These are some of my favourite spots and I believe you will love them also.

While many restaurants for dining have gluten free options on the menu, it can be a bit more tricky when you are on the go during your hectic days. I hope you feel more confident about nourishing when on the go or looking out to go out with the family for brunch that you will be well catered for!

South Coast

  1. Art Splash – Smoothie bowl, cooked breakfast, waffles, Market veggies


2. Bliss Cafe – Dairy-free hot chocolates, Gluten Free flat breads, waffles <3

3. Coffee Barbados – egg wraps


4. Raw juice – Cold press juice, raw acai bowls, smoothies. This bright pink is dragonfruit!


5. Punchline Barbados – Vegan burgers (ask for bunless) & Dairy free ice-cream

6. Oistens Fish Market– Grilled fish, fried plantain, veggies

7. Urban Kitchen – Glutenfree pizza you can also ask for dairy free option


8. Mama Mia – Gluten Free Pizzas

9. Copa Cabana –  sweet potato fries

10. Good life Cafe – Vegan food and soba noodles with tofu

Warrens/ Central

11. Open kitchen – Glutenfree pasta


12. The Mills – Falafel bowls, sweet potato fries, Mushroom Burger


13. Lions share cafe – ITAL Lentil enchiladas


West Coast

14. Lime grove Lifestyle centre Lemon Grass – Rice noodles soups, sushi

15. Lime Grove Lifestyle centre Green Monkey – Macaroons for the sweet tooth

16. Yelluh meats breadfruit bowls – So many options for toppings & you can order online to reduce your waiting time ! It is only open Wednesday 9-230 Friday 5-10 and Saturday 11-5.


17. Massy West Coast – has a salad bar and great choices to stock up the house like frozen gluten free breads and a selection of specialty diet choices.

Image 09-04-2018 at 8.41 PM

18. Mullins Beach Bar – Breadfruit chips, grilled fish

19. Nikki Beach – Brunch


North East Coast

20. Animal Flower Cave – Grilled fish , sweet potato mash

There are my top 20 places for gluten-free and dairy free / vegan eats! Enjoy and keep me posted on your journey of trying out these yummy options!

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Stay tuned with updates on my upcoming Luna Glow Ebook!

Annick G. Lewis

Are you hydrating all wrong?

It is true that while 70 % of our bodies are water; many of us do not hydrate for functional health. Although we may consume many beverages throughout the day we may not be getting the proper hydration or benefit from what we drink. For those of you who do not hydrate at all you will find this article super encouraging to start sipping. Water is one of the seven essential nutrients. Essential meaning that our human bodies need to obtain the nutrients from external sources for optimal health since we do not produce them. Drink up!



It all comes down to our daily drinking habits to optimize our health and did you know that our water drinking habits can even promote weight loss?? Let us explore some benefits of healthy hydration habits for improved digestion, increased metabolism and check out my top tips to keep optimally hydrated daily, especially as we lead up to the hotter, drier months of the year. You will be surprised to find some of my favourite food and drink ideas while reading and key tips on how to be more mindful about keeping a balanced when hydrating through the day.

Drinking water with meals is not the best for our digestion! Drink right with these tips.

Our elders were right. This is because the nutrient water in ancient meal combining practices spends only 15 minutes in the stomach, whilst other foods spend 1-6 hours depending on the food before moving through the rest of the digestive system. Water maintains spinal and cognitive health while also improving our circulation according to Ayurveda teachings.

While optimal digestion works when choosing nutrients in alliance with their digestive time it is important to note also that with waters pH, usually being 7 or in the case of alkaline water 8-9, drinking water with meals is likely to skew the ph levels in the stomach which best function at more acidic ph levels, especially when consuming animal proteins and fats. Therefore consuming water with meals leaves room for undigested foods to leak down into your system which can promote leaky gut or inflammation. Having a sip or two of room temperature water during meals is not going to have drastic effects, as consuming a glass or two while eating a meal will, but to be safe it’s best to hydrate first thing in the morning and between meals.


Not only does it help stimulate the digestive tract first thing in the morning for a healthier digestive system, but it helps to reduce many ailments! In the era of gut health we are well aware that a happy gut is a happy mind and body. This habit helps to create new blood cells as well as muscle cells that aid in weight loss. Hydrating first thing on an empty stomach fills our tummies which may help us to make more conscious choices at breakfast when trying to make healthier choices whilst also recharging our bodies with fresh oxygenated blood.  This helps to take care of the functionality in our bodies and gives the colon a chance to absorb nutrients with more efficiency.


Boost your metabolism by drinking water when you rise on an empty stomach

After a night’s rest our body’s are dehydrated. Waking up and hydrating in the morning encourages our bodies to eliminate stagnant waste in our digestive tracts. Adding water to your morning ritual is one of the top habits to keep for optimal human functionality. Early morning hydration also supports the health of our DNA and mitochondria which provides our youngevity and energy. Water is life and Medical Daily confirms that an increase in our metabolic rate allows the body to burn more calories and can help the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract function better. Research shows that 16 oz cold or hot water in the morning on an empty stomach can help boost the metabolism by up to 24 %. Cheers to that !


There you have it, one small tweak to your morning routine can have you burning more fat.

Let’s go over the “to-do’s” of hydrating

When should you drink?

  • Shawn Stevenson fitness expert, author and podcast host suggests that drinking water is like giving our bodies an inner bath and I love this analogy because who doesn’t feel awesome after a refreshing bath. The best time to drink is first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and preferably 35-45 minutes away from eating. While this is not always applicable given our busy everyday lives, because we are aware that water takes 15-20 minutes to leave the stomach, that would be the minimum recommended time between eating.

How much should you drink?

  • 0.5 oz / lb of body weight
  • Drink when you are thirsty and especially when perspiring and living in warmer climates.


Would you rather eat or drink your hydration?

What should you be drinking to stay hydrated?

  • Green Juices
  • Homemade low sugar iced tea
  • Grass fed natural soup and broths
  • Coconut water
  • Pure Water
  • Alkaline water
  • Lemon water with pink Himalayan salts
  • Add cucumbers to water for that spa feel
  • Herbal decaf teas

Hydration is not only what you drink. It’s also what you eat!

Hydrating foods include watermelons and strawberries which contain over 90 percent water. Grapefruits and cantaloupe are great choices!

Below is a list of my favourite hydrating foods:


  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce
  • Zucchini
  • squash
  • Cauliflower
  • Radishes
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage

How should you drink for functional health?

  • Warmer temperatures according to Ayurveda are great for digestive processes and colder temperatures are great for metabolic increases, while hotter water like teas can also be great for the metabolic effect.
  • Sitting down to drink has been shown to be the best for the joints. Older practitioners suggest that drinking water while standing encourages us to drink too quickly by which they recommend that this isn’t great because no food or nutrient should be consumed too quickly. Also in regards to arthritis drinking water standing may disturb the balance of body fluids and causes excessive fluid in the joints leading to arthritis. Ayurveda suggest we ought to be in rest and digest mode to consume nutrients instead of fight or flight response which drinking water standing promotes.

What types of water are best?

  • Alkaline water
    • When scientists have tested alkaline water on mice, results modestly slowed ageing. This research suggests that the trace elements found in these alkalising waters may be an important factor for health and longevity.
  • Filtered water
    • According to a study in China high quality drinking water is an important factor for longevity. Filtered with neutral ph helps to verify that we are getting quality nutrition from our water enriched with minerals for the most part.
  • Mineral Water
    • Some places in the world have mineral water naturally occurring from springs which is a great source and if there is tap water without the fluoride and chemicals these would be smart options.


In conclusion

The golden hours are known as the early morning hours in the day to squeeze in healthy habits. It’s a great way to start start the day by putting water into our body to get our systems cleansing and moving lucid.

Keep a strong digestive system by drinking water on an empty stomach . Preserve the body from oxidative stress with high quality waters and stay hydrated with hydrating food and drink choices this summer.  

Keep your weight in check by choosing water and recommended beverages as the researchers from Harvard Health recommends Drinking water is the King of beverages and found that the participants who drank the most plain water in their daily diet consumed fewer total calories, drank fewer sweetened beverages, and took in less total fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol! 

We can eat and drink our hydration which is pretty a fun concept and let us remember to be smart about the sources we choose. Jazz up your water with fruits and herbs. Remember that drinking slowly is a good idea and aim to stay within daily allowance for the average person since there is such a thing as drinking too much. Oh and for sustainability purposes having extra water lying around is better off in the plants than down the sink!

Go get your hydration all right today !


Let me know how much you loved this article by sending a message and leaving a comment! 

Share this read with your friends, like and subscribe. Stay hydrated this Summer 2018!


Big Love,

Annick Lewis

Nutritionist (BSc), Health Coach & Personal Trainer  

CEO & Founder Green Balance TT


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The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. NDTV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. All information is provided on an as-is basis. 

Energy Boosting Exam Elixirs and Snacks

For the Students

When you are going through exams, working your 12-13 hour days in the library , I’ve got your back with these healthy energising munchies and drinks to help beat the sleep and power your brain!

Often we health enthusiasts get strayed off track when under pressure and resort to what is around our parent’s homes, give in to the smart advertising of junk food or completely lose the plot when it comes to our eating habits, and this it can get a bit taxing on our minds and bodies.


We push to stay focused to finish the work, get the exam material covered and get through with top performance results. We sometimes get sucked into the stress eating vortex, and it can be hard to even make one healthy meal or find time to think about eating until starvation hits. It is hard to stay inspired, too!

Does this sound familiar, “ I feel addicted to coca cola, chocolate and baked goods, why can’t I stop eating them?

There is one simple, key component when it comes to staying energized, breaking the cravings, and given our brains the nutrients they need for studying, and it is to feed our body with good nutrition snacks that will help us get out of this emotional eating vortex that happens during exams.

This article features Organnick’s top 13 energising exam munchie ideas with time saving considerations that will inspire you.

So to help you break out of your typical stress eating cycle of sugar- ladened, energy-dense food binges, and learn something new to boost your performance for exams, I’ve compiled my top 13 drink and munchie ideas. You’ll learn quick tips and be excited to try them.

And if your itching to get started and try these ideas you can sign up to receive my top 5 energising elixirs and snack recipes.

This is what students consume during long study sessions

    1. Chocolate
    2. Sweetened soft drinks
    3. Cigarettes
    4. Salty snacks
    5. Fizzy energy drinks
    6. Sweetened Coffee
    7. Sweets
    8. Cake
    9. Cookies
    10. Muffins and pastries


Top 13 Energising Exam Munchie Ideas


  1. Matcha unsweetened almond milk lattes (Want that sweet, what about a bit of monk fruit extract or stevia for less calories?) Add cinnamon for some extra goodness !
  2. Green tea with lemon or mint
  3. Green Juice is a choice
  4. Organnick’s DF Hot Chocolate 
  5. Kefirs & Kombuchas


  1. Oven roasted chickpeas
  2. Small bowl of popcorn with salt, black pepper and nutritional yeast. Air pop it for less fat, but I do love a little olive oil stove top cooked with mine.
  3. Kale chips
  4. Apple sandwich with nut butter and granola
  5. Gluten free black bean brownie
  6. Flaxseed crackers & hummus 
  7. Plantain chips and guacamole
  8. Veggie sticks & tuna

Why bother choose these healthier snacks? These are the benefits of including natural energising and healthy munchies.


  1. High Fibre

Choose snacks with high fiber so that even if they are lightly sweetened, the fibre will slow down the absorption of the sugars, thus keeping blood sugar in check and not encouraging belly fat storage within a healthy energetic daily intake. Do you want to embrace the fresher 15 or avoid it?

Refined sugars in cakes, candies and soft drinks in excess can only mean one thing, that you want to embrace the fresher 15.  Okay, there is more to it than that of course! The ingredients margarine and hydrolyzed vegetable oil found in baked goods (pastries, pies, cakes)  are linked with arterial plaque build up which is the starting factor for stroke, hypertension and coronary artery disease. Additionally high fructose corn syrup, sugar sweetened beverage consumption has continued to increase and may play a role in the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, whereas reducing intake of soft drinks is associated with less weight gain and metabolic improvement. (40)

Fibre feeds the good bugs in your gut microbiota which means that your immune system will be thriving! Yay!

  1. Get the antioxidants without the belly busters

I love you a Choco lot!- contrary to popular beliefs about chocolate being fattening, cocoa powder itself is a great ingredient, not only because of its artery dilating potential which improves circulation and reduces blood pressure, but because of the rich antioxidant flavonoids contained inside. Too much chocolate added to the diet without taking out anything is fattening though!

giphy (1).gif

Italian researchers Studied the effects of regular  intake of cocoa in adults as they aged. After eight weeks, people who consumed medium and high amounts of cocoa flavanols every day made significant improvements on tests that measured attention, executive function, and memory. The findings were published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Make vegan hot chocolate, black bean brownies, chocolate oatmeal to indulge in your choco cravings without the extra fat calories from commercial chocolate products.

  1. Keep your immune system in check with healthy swaps but also remember to take your supplements


  • Ginseng
  • Multivitamin with B vitamins
  • Zinc and Echinacea to support your immune system
  • Omega 3

Online or foreign whole food products that I enjoy ( Innovative tips coming to you from 2018 Expo)

  1. Energy drinks yin and yang energy (Y & Y)
  2. Brain Juice
  3. Now Cow vegan protein cookies are yum!
  4. Lakanto Matcha latte with monk fruit extract mix
  5. Healthy Crunch Kale chips
  6. Tea sprinkles
  7. Orgain protein shake
  8. 22 days protein bar

Green tea and ginseng are high in germanium which appears to enhance the immune system by activating macrophages and increasing the production of natural killer cells. Green tea and ginseng supply more oxygen to cells and thus may act against free radicals while the oxygen will keep you energized and focused.

Get through your exams with these free energising recipes!


Personally I was able to get out of the junk food slum by mid 2nd year, (you can read more about my personal story here)  but I also was studying health and nutrition; Thank God! I have been there and I understand what you are going through. Munchies kick in, stress is high not only with exams but with deadlines pressing for research papers. Remember I was pretty sick for most of my teens and up to my 2nd year at university but healthy snacks picked me up and helped me get through. 

Socrates said that “The foods we eat can either be our medicine or our poison.”


There you have it team! I wish you the best of luck for your exams, I hope that you find these energy boosting elixir and snack ideas useful for long hours of studying and work flows.


P.S. When your family wants to bake for you, bring you food or a drink can you request some of these options instead so it’s a win win for everyone! Their love for you is shown by still making something for you, or bringing you something and your love for you is shown by deciding to put pure nourishment into your body to help fuel your studies instead of deplete your systems.

For my clients, Thank you for inspiring me to write this!

For you Sarah R, Noella, Cheerian, Amira A and Oliver G!

Get in contact today!

With Love,



Throw back from graduation 2013 <3


Think outside the box this Easter

Its bigger than Hip. Hop. Hip. Hop. Hop hop hop like the Easter Bunny! 🙂


Easter time is here! Another busy time for family, friends, feasts, gatherings and entertainment. Around the world there are various traditional foods that signify the reminder of the death of Christ for Thursday before celebrating his rising.  Most of them are sugar sweet including hot crossed buns from the UK, bread pudding from Mexico, special beer in Denmark, donuts in Spain and other types of cakes, for the most part, around the world. Interestingly enough though Germany does a chervil soup!

Many people fast over this time and include abstaining from sugars, meats and alcohols. By now if you or anyone you know have fasted, it would be safe to say excitement for Easter is approaching!  Let’s brainstorm some alternatives for your Easter, especially if you are enjoying the effects of great results and thus you are looking for balance.

Here are my top 3 tips to enjoy easter with balance!

  1. Fun sharer recipe idea! crispy oven roasted cassava fries with white bean dip.

Cassava Chips

One pack of cassava for 25- 30 minutes

4 cloves chopped garlic

½ cup chopped parsley

¼ tsp salt

Pinch black pepper

3 tbs Olive oil

Preheat oven to broil on low. Slice boiled cassava logs into 4 thin pieces each. In pot add olive oil, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.Grease baking tray. Broil on low heat for 10 minutes. Broil on high heat for 12 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining parsley. Add salt to taste.


Fun spread of Falafels, Salad, Cassava chips, white bean dip & garlic sauce


White Bean Dip

1 handful parsley

2 cups butter beans ( I used from a can )

1 tbs tahini

2 tbs olive oil

4 cloves roasted garlic

1 lemon squeezed

salt to taste

paprika to garnish

3 tbs water

In your blender add the garlic and parsley first with olive oil. Next add beans and all ingredients. Add water to help blending. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with cassava chips!


  1. Let them know! When your family is ‘bennin’ up their face at your eating choices, tell them, “Why you trippin’ and looking at me and my plate like that??”  It is a fact that when we are trying to make healthier choices, someone somewhere is out to investigate or interrogate about why you are making different choices.

Let them know by saying, “My choices reflect my goals and how I like to feel in my own body. I am happy eating these foods and if you would like to learn more about this style of eating I would be happy to share some more information with you. Many in the world are actually heading in the direction of healthier eating, and studies show how great nutrition significantly improves our health status. I would like to age well thank you and avoid the hospitals, now who wants to say grace?”  Big smile on the face 🙂


That ought to be a fun conversation starter!

  1. Indulge the smart way! Some Organnick acceptable treats on the gluten free spectrum would be macaroons, vegan nice-cream (made with frozen banana), smoothie, smoothie bowl, fresh fruits, local artisanal dark chocolate, local, homemade cocoa vegan hot chocolate, 1/2 gluten-free hot crossed bun, black bean brownies and raw vegan desserts.

Can you tell I like my treats also? 😉

P.S. Avoid anything with vegetable fats, GMOs, artificial flavours and colours (which are pure chemicals), high fructose corn syrup, regular milk chocolate and refined flour baked goods. In this generation we don’t have time for products with these ingredients.


How I feel about junk food items


Remember that you can have it all, but just not all at once!!

Green Team Updates

Soon to launch 6 week Fat Burn Flex! Stay tuned for details. Woohoo! Fitness Focus!

This week we are finishing up all 3 online programs that started this year and here are some of the results and updates!

Eighteen people joined the 5 week Fat Burn Green Team in 2018.
Some members joined in January and some joined in February and on average we lost 9.8 llbs each 5 week rounds. Those who were on the team since January lost about 20 llbs. Now isnt that exciting! Those who joined us in February lost between 7-14 llbs. Yayy Go Team!

This March cycle completes my first online programs and I am so excited that I have been able to make this transition with your love and support.

Nine people joined the Nutrition Purification and they reported feeling improvements in energy, dietary habits and experienced improvements in psoriasis, acne, digestion, caffeine and sugar addiction. Inches were lost but that was not the goal.


10 week online small group average weight loss was 10 llbs. A reformed relationship to foods and sugars were part of the results. We had many laughs and some awesome transitions and transformations. Many unhealthy habits were broken while beautiful foodie and exercise relationships flourished <3

How do you sign up for the next GB group sessions?? 

Nutrition Purification

Starting date: Sat 21st April

Sign up by reserving your space, booking a call and paying your down payment! Ask about discounts if you register before April 6th! Find out if this program is for you!  Nutrition Purification

What are some of the team members saying about Nutrition Purification?

Experiencing improvements in acne, skin, psoriasis, energy, gut stress, bloating, fatigue, constipation and overall feeling much healthier.

giphy (1)

Here’s what you can expect on this 23 day journey together:
NP comes fully equipped with recipes, workbook booklet, daily motivation, reminders, inspiration, tips and exercises.
Improve your gut integrity, reduce inflammation, allergies and get your life back on track with the kickstart that that your mind, body and soul will thank you for.

5 Week Fat Burn

Starting date: Wednesday April 18th

You will get materials the weekend prior on the 13th
Click here to find out what it is about and if it is the right program for you and contact me about how to sign up!

Fat Burn details here


Falafel & Salad loving

I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your patience and support! It means the world to me.

Send me a message with your goals and let me know if you’d like to book in a consultation to decide which journey is best suited for you and start getting healthier, fitter and having more fun doing it today!

What are you waiting for?!

I am happy to work with anyone who is committed, online with lifestyle transformation strategies to reach their health and fitness goals. Get in contact to reserve your space for the next launch!

Message me   NOW to Sign up and reserve your space and if you have questions, I would love to hear from you!

I am excited to say that I will be launching The 6 week Fat Burn Flex within the next two months and details are to come soon! It will be a Group online coaching program.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday,
Big Love

Annick Lewis
Nutritionist (BSc) & Qualified Personal Trainer
CEO & Founder Green Balance TT
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On the go with Green Juice & Avo Toast

Hey Green Team!

Avocado toast and green juice on the go, keepin it gluten free ya already know. Yoga challenge staying focused on the dream and practicing the art of letting go!

I am loving the fast paced energy of March! I do recognise how my body needs to slow down and have time to recharge after moving about so much!

Last time you heard from me I told you about my 30 days nutrition and yoga challenge themed around self-love, healing, clear thinking and having a focused mind-set.

I have been getting questions from you, my team and I wanted to take the time today to answer them and update you!

But first I have questions for you!

IMG_6893 3
Are you in Barbados? Or do you have friends or family living in Barbados who are into wellness like us? Let me know!

and now….

Your questions for Organnick!

Did you fall off the map? Where did you go? Where did your blogs go?IMG_6492 2

You may or may not have known but I recently moved island! You haven’t heard from me recently because I have been packing up to move country as well as I went on a trip to learn the latest trends and products in LA at the natural and organics trade show! I have missed you also!! But I am back now and here to serve your health and wellness goals! I am still settling in and I am grateful for the move but I want you to remember that I am only a whatsapp call, email or message away! And yes I am still on the map !

I will send details about trip in my next post and share some of the latest and my favourite trends from the natural and organics world! Yay something to look forward to!

What are you doing for your 30 day yoga challenge?

I have set a goal again to practice yoga daily for 30 days in March! My focus for this one is to regulate my habits and reset for healthy habits such as waking up extra early and exercising in the morning, getting to bed early and practicing yoga everyday. The goal has been refined again with growth to acquire more consistency, take massive action while also taking space to create clear , high quality work.

I have been refining my personal goals as well in relation to living, working, travel, my weekly routine, my daily routine and transitioning out with staff and transitioning in with new staff members. Yoga helps me to create structure and discipline to allow myself to follow through with high standards on these goals.

IMG_6610 2
Why would you embark this goal during such a wild time in your life??
It makes sense to me to choose one thing that grounds me while going through major transitions in my life. I knew it would be a crazy idea! I may be full of some of those! It has been super challenging and on many days I have wanted to quit. What gets me through each time is remembering that I can do my personal best everyday. That means that somedays I do a hardcore hour, a class for an hour and a half or sometimes more yin style before bed for 25-45 minutes.

How do we sign up for the next GB classes?? We are so excited and want to get on board!

Nutrition Purification

Starting date: Sat 21st April

Sign up by reserving your space, booking a call and paying your down payment! Ask about discounts if you sign up before April 6th!

What are some of the team members saying about this program?
Here’s what you can expect on this 23 day journey together:
It comes with recipes, workbook booklet, daily motivation, reminders, inspiration, tips and exercises.

Heal the gut, reduce inflammation and get your life back on track with the kickstart and reset that your mind, body and soul will thank you for.


5 Week Fat Burn

Starting date: Wednesday April 18th

You will get materials the weekend prior on the 13th
Click here to find out what it is about and if it is the right program for you


Client results score

I would love to hear from you!
Thank you so much for your patience and support! It means the world to me.

Send me a message with your goals and let me know if you’d like to book in a consultation and start getting healthier and fitter today!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Share this email with anyone you know who lives in Barbados! I am happy to work with anyone who is committed, online with lifestyle transformation strategies to reach their health and fitness goals. Get in contact to reserve your space for the next launch!

Stay tuned for life and health updates until then!
You can sign up NOW and reserve your space, and if you have questions, I would love to hear from you!.


Annick Lewis
Nutritionist (BSc) & Qualified Personal Trainer
CEO & Founder Green Balance TT
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Welcome to the Feteland!

Hey Green Team!

My clients often ask me, “Annick, please, how can I drop ten llbs fat really fast?”

As a Certified Nutritionist BSc and Personal Trainer, the truth is that there are no healthy shortcuts (sorry!). There are some crash diets but I think that’s why they are called crash diets, because you will crash because they are pretty extreme to sustain. You may get extreme results in the short term, but research suggests you are most likely to gain more weight back as soon as old habits return. I work with client to establish healthy lifestyle habits that last a lifetime!

Luckily, with some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle even in the last week and a half before Carnival, you can boost your metabolism and speed track the weight loss process accompanied by a healthy nutrient rich diet. While I also resort back to the GB 4 week Fat Burn to stay lean and fit, I do recommend a few simple tips when getting road ready that can make an impacting difference.


It has been pretty fast forward momentum since the start of 2018 and for many of us we are working overtime, working out hard and aiming to make the best choices everyday. PACE! It can be challenging to find time and discipline to meal prep and make healthy choices even with our goals at the back of our minds.

To be honest, while I highly recommend working out 3-4 days per week, when I am slow in regaining habits with discipline I use 4 top strategies to stay lean and toned.

These simple at home exercises are how I manage to keep fit on the go.  We have a little less than a week until show time, so we can really only refine and tweak from here.

I highly do recommend taking the stairs whenever you see them. When you go to the grocery, walk with your goods to your car with your bags in your hands.

For bonus environment friendly choices, walk with your own tote.  If you are working on deadlines or laying back and watching tele, take breaks and get down and do mini sets of these exercises between. At our apartment, we have just started a series and we enjoy this technique. Three hardworking female bosses/ beauties who are playing Carnival and have to keep up with meal prep, demanding deadlines in our careers and show up fit for the road!

On the days that you do not wish to move to any extremes, keeping active through your day should be the goal. This mindset is more useful than thinking either I workout hard or do nothing. I know you have heard of some of these tips but I believe we need constant reminders since these little actions really do bring value.

Try 2-3 sets. Work your way up and Get your body ready with these exercises 😉

  1. Bosu abs crunch twists x 16
  2. Kbell Deadlifts and squats x 15 each
  3. Spiderman push ups and knee to opposite elbows x10
  4. Yoga – 3 days per week(or find a class that you love and you look forward to participating
  5. Ankle weights booty pop kickbacks x 15-20 per leg ( 5-10 llbs)
  6. Resistance bands bicep curl, overhead press (12-15)

Extra Active and Fun Tips:  Step it up with Daily movement additions to your day!

  1. Take the stairs
  2. Exercise at home by doing 15-20 squats per day
  3. Walk with your groceries to your car
  4. Stretch in the morning
  5. Walking lunges with your laundry basket
  6. Stop drop and plank while the kettle boils

Soooo, you love what you read and want to learn more?

Many of you are reaching out to join a program for February (and I am really happy about that!), but the next programs will be the Nutrition Purification running from March 3rd.

 The next 4 week Fat Burn will run from Feb 24th. Sign up before 17th Feb for discounts!

These programs are online programs however they will entail having two meetings in person and will be completed online.

You can sign up NOW and reserve your space.

Besides my blogging and weight loss programs, what have I been up to??

I had so much fun presenting on ‘Nutritional Tips for Athletic Performance’ at my childhood gymnastics club with my Olympian big brother, Andrew Lewis, who opened for me.

I am grateful to have been featured for a Corporate Energy Wellness initiative for their Empowerment program and with more corporate wellness programs in the cards for 2018.

And am extra grateful for being invited to contribute to a new community of health professionals and for being Published by the Diabetes Council, sharing perspectives on diabetes and juicing:


Ok Green Team, next week you look forward Carnival Episode 4 on Road Ready Nutrition Tips,  Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas and my Fav Baked Crispy Chicken Recipe.

And ’cause I love to share, check these posts!:

And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

Annick Lewis
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Staying Fitt and Fun Fettin

Hey Green Team!

Today let us advance into the Carnival series with the concept of how to stay fit at the All Inclusive Fetes. I’ve asked my BFF SJ what her opinion of an all inclusive fete was and she said, “it’s like the wonderland for adults. Lots of free food, free drinks and free desserts….basically not Organnick recommended! .”

The ones I’ve been to were very elaborate and lots of fun – I did feel like I was in a wonderland. We went to a Secret Garden to be fair, which was pleasantly enchanting in itself. I did manage to grasp a few techniques that I found useful for you and I am so thrilled to share with my Green Team! Because we have goals in wellness and health, this felt like the perfect opportunity to chat about managing your eats in the midst of scrumptious buffet spreads.


I do get it, people want to be able to eat and drink their money’s worth for the price of ticket paid. Some of the top music artists are invited to perform on stage and have the crowd in full swing. If your goal is staying on track, making healthy choices and losing weight for Carnival, then you will gain a lot of value here.

The notion of ‘all you can eat’ inspires us to eat and drink a lot more food that we are naturally supposed to consume. It may even encourage us to eat things we would not have even planned for, just because it is available.
Below are my top 8 tips to help you get through the calorie overload. Let us create an action plan for the weekend of the event to get through successfully.IMG_5185


On the day of the fete, focus on greens and plants.
You want to look lean when you make your entrance and get your photos taken, so aim to indulge in your favourite salads, choose high protein options like egg white & veggie omelettes, or high fibre like porridge and fruit.

For lunch, a great strategy is to fill up on veggies and even enjoy a meatless meal with sufficient plant protein. You may even want a small snack around 4pm to curb your appetite by the time your reach. Drink your water and stay hydrated.

1. Socialise Strategically

Find other people who eat healthy. Studies show that we quickly pick up family and friends eating behaviours so nibble with friends who want to eat smart because they have similar goals. Find friends who dance and Keep moving 😉

2.Choose Wisely

Scope out the entire food selection and to enable a choice that allows for you to choose what you really love and what you would like to save room for. This saves us from running back to get everything due to serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Go for protein and lots of veggies.

3.Identify Your Emotions

Feeling bored, stressed, anxious or lonely can spark overeating, as well as being happy according to Harvard Health. Put a name on it and understand the feeling without too much thought or judgement.

4. Have a Strong Pre Game

During the day it is important to eat. Eat a low calorie but filling vegetable meal or snack before you reach the event, so that you are not starving by the time you get there. I know that you are thinking that saving all your calories for the event to maximise your money’s worth in food is the route to take. You have to be aware though that studies show that arriving hungry to an event is not a great solution if weight loss is your goal.


5. Avoid Temptation
If you choose one or two items that are not aligned with your goals, understand that putting yourself close to the other foods that you have not planned for but look indulgent, will be adverse to the out of sight, out of mind aspect. Stay strong and position yourself and your group in a fun section away from the foods for focus.

6. Like a turtle, Eat slowly

Remember that you have control over your diet. Balance is important and understanding that you can have it all, but not all at once is a great mindset to carry forward. When we eat slowly we are able to recognise when we are full, we can then go on to socialize, dance, take photos and create memorable moments. Use chopsticks!

7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink 1 glass of water at least every hour. Feel free to have with or without bubbles and add lime.

8. Say what about Alcohol

It does contain calories but you are likely to gain weight by the overeating and dehydration tendencies that drinking encourages. A great way to reduce sugars and empty calories would be to swap the coke and soft drinks for sodas with lime. Be aware (even I won’t say don’t have) of how many glasses you

 consume, one day of poor eating will not affect you too much but creating healthy habits like knowing how to have a healthy recovery could be all the difference.


What is most likely going to be available?

Doubles – You paid for the event, they can put channa in a cup for you even with their resistance. If you want to skip the extra fat and carbs and save it for a dessert or treat you have been eyeing up.

Mediterranean – Grilled chicken or fish is awesome, Bonus points if you can find a veggie skewer.

Image 30-01-2018 at 11.11 AM (1)

BBQ– Pork, chicken, french fries. Portion practice and small bites should keep you in check here.
Chinese – Chicken and mushroom or Beef and Broccoli. Find the veggies and ask for your preference in your plate or share with a friend (you eat all the veggies :P)

Sushi – Portion practice is great so share with someone and choose the non-fried rolls

Corn soup – One of my personal favourites.
 In the week before keep sugars low, drink greens for healthy glow and eat really well to accommodate for desserts like ( ice cream ) at the event.

Image 30-01-2018 at 11.11 AM (2)


Hydrate with lots of Green Juices, Coconut water and filtered water. Have a healthy brunch with some fruits, eggs and toast or a smoothie with protein and healthy fats. Find something healthy for lunch and something light for dinner like soup. Get back into the groove of balance and refocus your nutrition mindset to creating a shopping list and meal plan for the week ahead if you have not already one to follow.



All-inclusive fetes are the adults wonderland with all you can eat and drink with exciting live performances at your hand. If you are losing weight for carnival or for a healthier lifestyle this year, but still wish to enjoy the party, these strategies will keep you in tact to make better choices and keep you feeling comfortable in your amazing outfits.

Many of you are reaching out to join a program for February but the next programs will be the Nutrition purification and the 4 week Fat Burn running from March 3rd. These programs will start in Trinidad and be completed online. Contact me to reserve your spot!
You can reserve your space this February, and I encourage you to sign up by Feb 23 for discounts!

I am confident that these tips will also help you stay on track to achieving healthy body goals this Carnival. And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for the next Carnival Episode with exercise tips to look toned and burn fat!

Image 30-01-2018 at 11.11 AM (3)

Annick Lewis
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We start the year with Carnival Flair

Hey Green Team!

We have so much to look forward to in 2018. We took a little time off to spend some time in creative mode and with family and loved ones.

The new year brings back a time for vigorous action, excitement and goal setting. Whether you are a new member or a current member I am glad to have you here. The new year may influence you to empower your health by creating a new healthy living plan, setting of new intentions, or simply returning to your goals from last year for a more balanced lifestyle.


My Trinis we say Ba Bye to the Rum cake, ponche crema, cookies, rum cake, sorrel, potato salad, pastelles! Hello Plants, green juice, vegan protein snacks and fermented beverages! These trends are here to stay in 2018!

And Welcome to Episode 1 of the GB Carnival Series! Yay!

Every week until Carnival I will be sharing special tips to help you make lean choices to stay trim and get healthy for ‘fete season’.
I asked my clients and social media followers what their main body concerns at this time of year were and decided to share them with you. For each person’s goal, I developed easy to follow steps to stay on track.


Let’s start with Craig who works offshore.

GOAL: Avoid weight gain.

Green Balance Solution:

Portion size is key.  It is very common for people to eat too large a portion of almost everything. Reduce your portion sizes if you want to lose weight; if you are still hungry fill up on fresh vegetables.

Plate size. A small plate heaped with food is more satisfying than the same amount on a half empty large plate.

Sugars: Moderate dessert and drink tea instead


Next up, Anisha

GOAL: Lose the ‘paunch’ for Carnival.

I advised her to be careful of the sauces, snacks and weekend junk food options that tend to exist in social gatherings with friends and family.

Green Balance Solution:

Tell everyone you are watching what you eat.  If you keep it quiet, people will still offer you cakes and sweets whereas if they know you are on a diet it will be easier to refuse.  Family and friends can help you stick to your goals and keep you accountable. Just remember to listen when they sneak you a comment to remind you of your goal. hehehe!

Don’t just rely on looking at the weight on the scale. Get a garment that is tight and monitor your progress by how loose it gets. This makes it exciting when you can slip into that outfit you have been excited to try on and feel great in again.

Make changes that don’t cost you much, for example substitute full fat mayonnaise with hummus for higher fibre and lots of creamy goodness.

Allow your taste buds time to adjust – use dairy free milk and after two weeks you’ll prefer it to whole milk even if you hated it to start with. Similarly with eating more veggies.

Monitor your progress. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day – morning, before breakfast, is usually best. Keep a record of your weight so you can monitor your progress. Take photos once a week wearing the same outfit to notice if your efforts are making changes on your body.



GOAL: Gain muscle and reduce body fat

Current situation: Portion sizes are large and doesn’t feel full often, his weakness is carbs and cereal as they satisfy satiety and his body type is endomorph apple shape.

Green Balance Solution:

Aim for more paleo style eating for improvements in digestion and practice meal combining for the best digestion.

Eat at regular intervals in the day. It improves blood sugar and therefore will help reduce cravings

Choose high fibre carbs– Choose whole grain porridge, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, instead of wheat bread choose gluten free millet toast. These high fibre carbs help to manage a healthy digestive flow and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Stay in portions.

Hydrate in the day with 2-3 L water.

Eat fruits first on empty stomach for optimal digestion.

Choose multivitamin, probiotics and digestive enzymes to help with carb sensitivity and boost immune system and for better recovery.


Alex is a vegetarian. She was eating quinoa, black beans and veggies

GOAL: Reduce body fat.

Green Balance Solution:

Plan. Make a shopping list. Purchase high plant protein options and keep them available to grab on the go. Focus on portion sizes especially with fats.

Eat a healthy breakfast that is high in fibre.

Stay in sugar allowances. Do not go overboard on your sugar intake. Try to reduce sugar in tea and coffee and use dairy free unsweetened milks.

Drink more water and tea throughout your day. Aim to choose drinks without any added sugar or no sugars at all. Water is best but also consider Green Juices with little fruit and low sugars.

High-fibre food makes you feel fuller for a less calories thus allowing a higher nutrient bang for your food buck, whereas high sugar foods and refined carbs don’t fill you up, and are more likely to be stored on the belly as fat.

Portion size is key.  It is very common for people to eat too large a portion of almost everything. Reduce your portion sizes if you want to lose weight; if you are still hungry fill up on fresh vegetables. Can you recognise when you feel just about satisfied?



Ok Green Team, I am confident that these tips will also help you stay on track to achieving healthy body goals this Carnival.

And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

 Stay tuned for the next Episode when we tackle how to survive the delicious foodie heaven options at the All Inclusive Fetes!

Congrats for making momentum & Updates! 2018

Green Team losing llbs & inches, eating for weight loss on the go, creative foodie photos, working out, staying positive, getting healthy, making progressive change! Ah the excitement!

We launched the 10 week weight loss online! It is going great and I am so proud of the team! Everyone is looking and feeling better as well as weighing less! Yaayy!

We launched the 5 week Ready set Burn, the results are awesome thus far and we can see a huge difference in the inches and llbs lost. I can’t wait to catch up with the team again! Love seeing and congratulating their progress

We are running the next 4 week Fat Burn on March 3rd if you would like to register in advance, stay posted for when we open to sign up.

The Nutrition Purification will initiate on Mar 3rd as well for those ready for a super clean reboot without the coffee, sugar, alcohol, corn, dairy, soy, wheat and eggs. This is allergen friendly and super healing. It is great for auto immune conditions and inflammation in the body.

Interested in learning more about joining the Green Team community?? We welcome a space of non judgment, open life sharing, networking, food sharing and support through the transitions of losing weight. Book your space today!

I am moving to Barbados in March! Yes but you can still work with me online! Yay!

The recipe book is making progress slowly but surely! Stay tuned and pray that it comes to life ! I will open up sign ups for the pre-sale list soon!


Annick Lewis

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Precision Nutrition Performance Coach

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Movement as medicine NYC Part3

Lets talk about movement as a medicine team 😀

BUT FIRST, I loved hearing a message from a 4 week group memeber that she is fitting into her jeans that she couldnt fit into before pregnancy! Woohoo! Congrats Amanda !

Scientists are saying that if exercise was a drug it would be the most valuable drug ever developed! It makes us feel that good!!

In the last series, we went over some fun yoga dating stories and habit building tips featuring moments in the romantic NYC. This week we will wrap up the NEW YORK TRAVEL series delving into the brain benefits of movement, my 3 favourite fun fit moves ending with my top 7 tips to have fun and keep healthy on the go!

We are living in a great time! A time that technology and apps are helping us take more steps per day. Apps will most likely continue to keep us accountable for our physical movement in the future, especially as our schedules get more packed.


Do you get a chance to move around for at least 30 minutes everyday? With the increasing number of desk jobs, scientists are suggesting that in terms of dangers to health that sitting is the new smoking! YIKES!

Sometimes life gets the better of us and we can’t make it to a group class or the gym. That is okay though and through acceptance we can choose alternative means of movement that improve our health! There is no excuse not to stay active to keep balanced and focussed on our goals.

In a study by Ashlee McGuire and fitness expert Fred DeVito quoted by Forbes Magazine reminds us that starting slowly with exercise is best. Since we are well-informed of the benefits of keeping active, some examples are featured below as some tips to build up our exercise in smaller increments over the course of our days. The authors in the study mentioned above, underline that people who engaged in more activities in their daily routines had significantly better heart-lung function than people who did less. Every little bit counts Green Team!  

Exercise is sometimes overlooked!


Exercise marketing messages teach us that working out makes weight loss more efficient, but the benefits way surplus just the physical changes. The improvements and impacts on our brains go way further especially showing more responsive rates for learning, managing anxiety, elevating mood and refining focus! This is exceedingly important in our society today given the number of things pulling at our attention on a daily basis.

The benefits could well be due to the improvements in oxygen flow through our entire system during movement and exercise. According to the ASCD Oxygen is essential for brain function, and enhanced blood flow increases the amount of oxygen transported to the brain. Exercise would therefore be a reliable source of improving this oxygen circulation through our bodies. With improved oxygen flow we can link the process as to why exercise lowers stress and improves learning, anxiety, mood and focus! This is fantastic news because the more oxygen that flows through our body, the more energy we have to be able to execute our daily tasks with higher efficiency.


There are such powerful links for brain and movement connections! Currently, the MEDLINE database shows more than 33,000 scientific articles on the topic of exercise, and the vast majority of them confirm its value. One study showed that people who exercise have far more cortical mass than those who don’t (Anderson, Eckburg, & Relucio, 2002). With us being in the information age, it would be a great idea to improve our brain mass as we move into further intelligence as a species. I love learning, it makes me feel so great and understanding a perspective like this is encouraging for the keen learners, like me and maybe you too!

Movement sends learning signals to our brain that something important is happening, which considering our ancestral times would have been for survival from predators. When we are lazing around not moving, the brain is being convinced that learning is not necessary. It is important to have times to relax, refresh and laze around to recharge. This only becomes an issue when we become more sedentary than active in regard to our brain development and stress management. Stress raises a hormone called cortisol and when we make time to exercise, this hormone is reduced and balanced out. This is important because stress with regard to lifestyle disease is one of the leading causes of illness in society.

What are some of your favourite exercises or movements? How can you participate in them more often?

My top 3 techniques for having fun and keeping fit that I loved when I was NYC :IMG_2088

  1.         Push ups

They can be done anywhere and anytime ! To ensure that I get some in, I choose to find a surface in my room is most times while on the go, as it is a whole body exercise and is quite challenging, especially with feet elevated. It is a great whole body workout that only entails our own body weight! Hooray to push ups! Some modifications can include knees on the ground or even wall push ups. I love these when travelling and even add in some push up twists!

  1.         Walking

for at least an hour is another favorite for me while travelling. I love walking because it is so relaxing and according to American Journal of Sport Medicine AJSM recommends walking for 30-45 minutes daily reduces blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. Walking  is best perceived in my opinion as having the ability to move the body while having an experience, and the sense of being outside is so fulfilling whether it is in a city or closer to nature! It was becoming quite cold and therefore having a hat and gloves was pretty useful for cold weather keeping active.

  1.         Dancing time is my other favorite because sometimes you just can’t make it to the club or have energy to get out and playing your fave mix and dancing around the room is super fun! Your heart will thank you in many ways and I fully recommend this one! Head- bangers and all! When I was in New York, upon rising I would put on music and dance around to start the day! It is so fun!

Play time as exercise could be a great strategy for the implementation for an exercise that you love. There are so many ways to get active these days and a benefit of exercise to  enhance social skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution ability (ASCD).

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-12 at 7.05.22 PM

So lets love more, move more, play more!

In conclusion my top tips for travel and staying on track include:

  1. Balance your carb intake with loading up on veggies!
  2. Find veggies on the menu and order them!
  3. Eat small portions by taking home the extras or share your meal with a friend!
  4. Stay hydrated with water and also Drink tea and green juices. A little coffee here and there
  5. Move more in a way that you love and go on active dates. Your brain will love you for the movements
  6. It doesn’t have to be so serious. Play, fall and forgive quickly!
  7. Remember it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a new habit but it could take months. Keep going! 


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Annick Lewis

Nutritionist (BSc) & Qualified KBELL & TRX Personal Trainer  

Precision Nutrition Performance Coach

CEO & Founder Green Balance TT

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