Quarantine shopping list

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At this time of COVID -19 with so much uncertainty in the world, we are exploring a few various ways of organizing our fridges, pantries, and freezers in a way that is not only cost-efficient but also healthy. As a nutritionist, I frequently get asked questions around food selection so I figured sharing a brief overview of ingredients that a nutritionist likes to have around with you would be valuable.

The way to begin thinking about this on a whole is that there are some ingredients that are meant to be stocked up weekly/ bi-weekly and some monthly.

Shop efficiently by prioritizing a shopping list so that you can go in and out swiftly or order online with focus.


Have a rough idea of the type of menus and recipes that you would like to enjoy at home, in terms of meats and starches and be open to flexibility depending on availability.

Stocking up rationally on vegetables and staples like rice, beans, pasta canned fish, nuts, oats, cereals, nuts, and nut butter.

Buy vegetables frozen and fresh so that you have the fresh stuff on hand is a great idea because both prioritize veggies, but keeping a frozen stock is convenient and is great for when you are tired.


1 pack frozen chicken breast

2 pack frozen cauliflower

Frozen fruit of choice (or fresh fruit to be frozen)

1 pack frozen mixed vegetables

1 -2 pack minced frozen chicken

12- 18 eggs

8 oz fresh fish

2 whole chicken


1 -2 packs of carrots

1 pack celery

Salad greens x 1 pack

Bunch bananas or fruits of choice

1 squash

5 lemons

6 tomatoes

4-6 cucumbers

1 pack mushrooms

3 cups ochroes

1 pack Chinese cabbage

1 pack green cabbage


Potato or sweet potato


4 large cartons unsweetened almond or dairy-free milk of choice

Large pack cashews, nuts or seeds of choice

Chickpea pasta or pasta of choice

Peanut butter unsweetened (NO sugar or high fructose corn syrup.)

Gluten-free wraps x 2 packs

Vegan mayo


Vegan cheese

Ketchup (without high fructose corn syrup)

Mustard ( I like dijon)

Asian rice noodles

Cassava flour (I like the locally made brand Carmettas)

Coconut flour/almond flour (optional)

Ground almonds/ almond flour (optional)

Gluten-free/ quick / oats/ oat flour (Nice for baking)

Seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax)

Carmettas cassava pancake mix (optional)

Olive oil/avocado oil/rice bran oil/grapeseed oil

sesame oil (without soybean oil)

Coconut oil / vegan butter

Dark chocolate/ chips (dairy-free/ sugar-free)

vanilla essence

baking powder



curry powder

chicken seasoning

fish seasoning


garlic powder

onion powder

fajita seasoning




Italian dried herbs

bouillon stock cubes (without msg)


Snack foods

Popcorn seeds

Gluten-free pretzels

Rice crispies for cereal munchies

Dark chocolate without milk, find sugar free and you are even better.



Lakanto monk fruit sweetener


Protein powder

Cocoa powder

Ground flaxseeds

Lakanto chocolate probiotic mix

Turmeric (optional)

Nutritional yeast


Wine/ gluten-free alcohol of choice  (optional)


Canned foods



Black beans

Tuna cans

Tomato sauce

Tomato paste

Bone broth


Here is a summary of some ingredients that I enjoy having around me to feel healthy and focussed. Next, I plan on sharing my favorite to-go meals from different cafes and restaurants.

Stay safe friends,

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