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Today is April 9th and I have embarked on a 30 day yoga challenge during this time of the COVID outbreak. While I have been busy at work strategizing more ways in which I can serve you and show up fully with love for you, I have been practicing my baking.

For supporting your immune system: 

Book in your wellness consultation 15 minute discovery call AFTER EASTER.

Book here to start training with me from home AFTER EASTER:

  • You stay motivated, I keep you accountable.
  • Build habits that support your fittest self.
  • The tools I teach you to help you to remain calm and committed are lifelong.
  • Get results while having fun.
  • Manage stress healthily.
  • Get immune boosting tips.
  • Enjoy the company while you get fitter.
  • Leave the corona lockdown fitter and mostly the most fit of the year.

Book in, show up and let us train friends. I am your coach.

Wellness reveals if you choose fear or readiness.

Wellness shows up in how you set boundaries, what habits you choose, how disciplined you are, how you speak to your loved ones, whether or not you can delay gratification, how much you achieve today, who you ultimately become.

Wellness is a SKILL.


The absolute MUST master area of your life.

So….. Taking action post Easter holidays: I am here for you as close as the click of your phone.
Book your FREE 20-minute discovery call.

After your consultation, you can decide whether you would like me to guide you at home during your meal prep for you and your family so that you stay mentally and mindfully clear through these transitions. Book 4 sessions so that you are committed to get started and let’s get you, fitter so that you are ready to tackle the world when this is all over.
I am here for you, ensuring that you feel your best and your immune systems remain thriving at this time.
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