Valentines Day love & Roasted beet salad


Hey friends,

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I hope that you are having a great week. I am aware that some of you in our tribe are women, some are men, some are single, some are married, some are divorced and some are just being, learning to love yourself in any case.

This Valentines Day, fall in love with yourself, join me <3. Scroll all the way down for my refreshing roasted beet and coconut salad.

Your relationship with your self is the one relationship in your life that you are guaranteed to ALWAYS have to deal with. You are the person you spend most of your time with.

So give it the attention it deserves. When you look in the mirror, your goal should be to love what you see, embrace your so-called flaws and send good vibes to you.

And make it the most exciting relationship in your life. You are worthy, you are enough, you are becoming, you have greatness inside of you. It is up to you to remind you, every time you worry, every time you doubt.

Schedule time with yourself with the diligence you schedule time with your most important non-you people.

This isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. It could be as simple as some reading time, chilling in nature or as luxurious as booking in a massage or vacation.

Take time to appreciate yourself.

Take time to forgive yourself.

Take time to grow.

Take time to heal and let go of all that no longer serves you.

Choose you.


Some ideas for self love and care this weekend include:

Have an essential oil hot tub, light some candles and put on your favorite music or comedy show. Life is too short not to laugh more!

Put on some dance videos or a dancing game and dance away, you will burn calories as a bonus of having fun and loving you. This is a personal favorite!

Pick some flowers for your house.

Buy yourself some flowers, buy some for your mom or bestie too!

Make a meal together with some of your favorite gal/ guy pals or your SO.

When dining out, share some plates and enjoy some yummy chocolate.

Book in a workout or yoga class to show up for yourself, it adds a great confidence boost too!

Put on your favorite movie, pick up some Green Balance Life approved snacks, make some tea or hot chocolate.

Write your gratitude out and embrace all the feels that come with this practice.

Consider doing the love language test with yourself and your partner to learn more about how you like to show and receive love.

Only when you are in a positive, epic relationship with yourself are you able to be in positive, epic relationships with others.

May you be your own most epic Valentine every single day. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day message that Green Balance Life has for you today.

And that absolutely means go buy yourself some chocolate. Even better to choose the dairy-free and naturally sweetened versions too!

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Click here to sign up and here to learn more. This is an exclusive offer only for subscribers here.

Happy Valentines Day and go get your sexy on!

Additionally, see here for updates on ways that we can get you closer to reaching your wellness goals today.

Here is a delicious salad recipe to try out this weekend.

Refreshing roasted beet and coconut salad.



2.5 cups chopped red leaf lettuce

3 tbsp. Vegan parmesan cheese grated or goat cheese

1.5 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

3 oz. chicken breast stripped

¼ cup chopped cherry tomatoes

¼ cup cucumber

½ of a radish sliced

4 mini beets sliced in quarters

1 handful coconut chips

Avocado oil vinaigrette

1 tbsp. Dijon

1 tbsp. Apple cider

1 tsp sweetener of choice

1 tbsp. Balsamic

4 tbsp. Avocado oil

1 pinch Italian herb seasoning

1 Pinch Pink salt

Sprinkle Black pepper

1 Pinch Caribbean seasoning


Preheat oven to broil, wash your beets, slice them in quarters and lay out on a baking tray. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper and put in the oven to broil. After 10 -15 minutes take them out and allow to cool down.

To make the vinaigrette add all ingredients into a little jug and whisk with a fork or add to a small blender and blend to combine.

After washing all salad greens and chopping them up finely. Sprinkle on all of your toppings in a bowl add avocado oil vinaigrette to bowl with all salad ingredients.


Message me for details and bookings while spots are available.

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