Egg muffin frittatas and getting on the wellness track before 2020

15f1113b-9a11-4b35-bb84-eae6edb00d28Hey friends,

You have been struggling with your wellness focus, socializing a lot more than usual, possibly too many desserts and cocktails and can’t seem to figure out just how to get on focus and your environment and people around you, aren’t really helping either. I totally get it. Hiring a coach and committing to a program even if you can commit 90 percent of the time makes a huge difference in succeeding in your goal. I have added a bonus recipe for you at the end of this email so that you can get motivated to get your prep on this week.

I am here to help, it is my ultimate passion to help others reach their goal similarly to how I was able to overcome many of the same struggles you are facing today by deciding once and for all, that I was in this to get the results I knew I deserved.

I struggled for years, with emotional and stress eating, binges, low self-worth, addictive cravings, lack of preparation, starve then overeat cycles, in the ability to choose my wellness in social settings and give in to junk food too frequently. I suffered mentally, physically, energetically and much more. I know what it is like and I know what the journey is like with the triumphs, failures, struggles, and transformations that take place and that’s why I want to be your coach. Join me for an epic thirty days to kick start your fitness this August because if not now, when?

I have really enjoyed toned in thirty in July and we all leaned down really well and the team had incredible transformations. I cannot wait to start again next week and I am inviting you to consider joining before the hustle of the last quarter swoops in on us. Get prepared ahead of time so that you can soar through the last quarter, get a headstart on your fitness and wellness goals before the end of 2019. Don’t wait until the end of the year to think about starting again, start now and join to start burning fat and feeling better.

However, toned in thirty is back to get you on track before the school trips and traffic kick back in. Now is the perfect time to allocate to healthy habits to get you ready and on fire before the school term starts back.

Sign up here today to choose your package and get started. Registration closes Saturday. Learn the skills that help you take massive action, build momentum, boost your digestion, clear your skin, burn fat off your body and lots more!


FYI Updates

So much is going on. I am working on a few meal plans for marathons, moms with digestive stress as well as coaching for weight loss and wellness. I have opened up my practice to coach on the West Coast in Sunset Crest, on the south coast, moving to Culloden road this September and online coaching. All of this growth is so exciting and these moves are being made to be easier for you access coaching to reach your goals matter where you are located.

Executive private coaching is my new 12-week coaching course which has been launched but more details to come in September on how to sign up. It is for corporate professionals who are ready to boost cognition at work, increase levels of motivation for elevation, reach higher levels of empathy, increase leadership skills and emotional intelligence necessary to reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment in your career, life, and business.


Recipe of the week

Egg muffin frittatas


Makes 6-8 servings

8 large Free Range Eggs
6 Cherry tomatoes (optional) 2 spring onions
1⁄4 cup chopped baby spinach
1/3 cup fresh parsley chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms pinch pink salt and cracked pepper
2-3 slices organic ham (optional)
1 tbsp. goat cheese (optional)
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. In a mixing bowl whisk eggs and stir through remaining ingredients. Pour mixture into a greased mini muffin tray and bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden and cooked through. Add your favorite fresh or dried herbs and spices to the mixture if they are calling out to you. If you are feeling for a sprinkle of curry powder, after pouring half the mix into a muffin tin, sprinkle the powder, mix and pour the rest of the mixture into the remaining spaces in the muffin tray.



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