How to get motivated to stop skipping your workouts.

Hi friend,

If you have been skipping your workouts, this chat may help you feel more motivated on how to get started today.

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So I have been thinking…. thinking about sharing more details from my experience of doing thirty-day challenges. This was the fourth thirty-day challenge that I have opted-in for. I have not completed movement every day and have indeed missed a day or two. The truth is that it is not all about perfection but indeed about making progress.

The progress that is made is useful for reaching my goals of establishing great habits. Healthy habits are what make it easier to stick to our wellness goals. It takes time to develop habits and to establish a weekly wellness routine and practicing just one thing for 30 days has a massive potential to help with getting your workouts in on a weekly basis.

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It’s like your body is in the gym by doing intentional movements for 30 days, but the real transformations happen in the brain through neurological the reprogramming which happens by developing the new daily habits within that time frame.

Daily movement and practice of new habits ignite neurotransmitters for serotonin to regularly release into your body which makes you feel amazing.

  • What is a 30-day challenge good for?

Habits habit habits, its all about those habits for a successful goal achieved. Getting stronger mentally with any challenges that we face ranging from daily sugar addictions, late wake-ups, to missing workouts too regularly really is a top reason for booking in personal 30 day challenges for new skills you would like to be part of your life.

  • What my transformation has looked like?

6 lbs lost, 5 percent body fat percent reduction, glowing skin, leanest body yet, no cravings, great digestion, thriving energy and I feel happy with the results so far.

  • Things I have learned along the way.

Calling a friend is great and helps, it is more fun but staying committed with or without friends is important too.

Will I keep it up?

I like tracking my exercise and nutrition, I will be moving to track my time in general next to increase my productivity.  I want to exercise daily but I am happy to sustain 5-6 days per week of any movement because I really did feel amazing keeping my commitment.

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Fun activities that I completed during the 30-day movement challenge.

  1. 10 K obstacle race and made it into the qualifying round.
  2. Yoga Yin and Yang through experiences that I resisted for some time.
  3. Walks with friends and dogs were a great one that got me out of the house and to catch awesome sunsets.
  4. Swimming laps across the beautiful bays got me into the water which I sometimes resisted.
  5. Snorkeling
  6. Beach clean up free diving in the ocean.
  7. Running
  8. Teaching classes for core and booty.
  9. Fun movement.


Resistance is a thing and it can be tricky to break out of. I battled with how and if to exercise a few of the days during this challenge, that is true. One day I slept instead of working out and just did not exercise so I completed 29/30 days officially.

Tips for overcoming the resistance relative to working out what worked for me include:

1. Check into youtube to find a video that inspires you, for example, workouts, meal prep, motivation mindset, etc.

2.  Putting music on and exercise clothes and just getting started with something small.

3. Grab your mat, procrastinate on it for a few minutes and then get to it.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me! We had so much fun together. I loved showing up for you every day to move with you and remind you to get active. I am so grateful for your support every step of the way. I am so happy that we decided to do this.

Your healthy friend,



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