Biggest mistakes around weight loss

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Have you ever wondered why you feel like you are trying and you are not getting the results you want?

Well if you have, I want to share a personal story with you because there were some big mistakes that I was making when I had goals years ago without coaching, that you may be making too. Acknowledging our patterns is the first step towards being able to understand where we can begin making small changes.

The main reasons that I was not losing weight when I had goals before I learned the real mindset and healthy practices to be lean for life, are about to be shared with you. If you can relate to any of these, know that you are not alone and that you can have the breakthrough you have been wanting to have.

The biggest mistakes I was alongside with my weight loss and healthy eating efforts were:

  1. Eating super large portions and ignoring when I was full.
  2. Bingeing on chocolate, cookies, cupcakes (all gluten-free).
  3. Indulging in my sugar addiction to chocolates, gummies, and sour candy.
  4. Drinking lots of sugar alcohol followed by junk food binges of pizza, KFC and Mc Donald’s.
  5. Using food for comfort when I was stressed, anxious or lonely.
  6. Comparing my body to those around me who were leaner, including celebrities
  7. Beating myself up about the eating habits that controlled me.
  8. Trying to overcompensate for my eating by working out.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was so stressed about my weight, body and eating habits and felt so stuck and alone. People noticed that I looked bigger, and as much as I wanted to see change and I was very active, not much was shifting for me.

My mindset was focussed to obsess less about what to eat or avoid in order to feel good in my body, become a lot less gassy, improve bloating and digestion, be naturally lean, charge my immune system, increase energy and have the motivation to work out regularly and more… yet I felt alone and stuck making little to no progress. I wanted so badly to break through but no matter how many hours I searched the internet, I struggled to get any closer to my goal any time fast.

One day, two years into my studies I realized that the seemingly small insignificant one off unhealthy choices that were happening a few times a week were too frequent for the results that I desired. I wasn’t even putting in close to 60 % effort in-between drinking lots of beer and eating way more than I needed, so why was I expecting 100 % results?

Do bear in mind that all my cooking was healthy at home and pretty balanced meals with lots of veggies, but it was my other choices when I was eating on the go and dining out that really had a big impact on my successful results.

Today I speak about how I have broken through and enjoy up to this day maintaining a 25 lbs lighter and leaner body.  I feel connected and at peace with the foods I choose to nourish with, opened up my perspective on what foods mean to me and why I eat it and have broken free from many of my food addictions and defeating habits.

I want you to know that you can do the same. It takes focus and consistent attempts to do better every day but it is possible whether you have 10 lbs to lose or 110 lbs, the truth is that the little choices do matter.

You matter.

I wanted to share this story with you to remind you in every way that you are enough and if you have big goals, you deserve to reach them and if you know that having a coach to keep you accountable is the missing piece to mastering your mindset, make the leap.

Fill out this form now to see if we are a good fit to work together to reach your weight loss goal.

The truth is…..

I love working with people in groups and teams, digging in deep and really tackling through the big challenges while building a supportive community. There is so much magic in going through these life changes with a supportive and loving community reminding you that you are not alone, and you got this!

Teaching women how to heal their bodies through food is an absolute passion of mine.

That’s why I’m currently opening up these coaching spots. When I notified my clients about this saving opportunity over weekend, eight of them were snapped up right away, we only have a few spots available and you can claim one of them today!

If you’ve been thinking that I could help you take your wellness to the next level (as I have done in my own life) and help you craft a life that serves you, just respond to this email  or sign up by CLICK ON THIS LINK and I’ll get back to you right away with more information about how to be one of the people to work with me personally.

I really want to give you the opportunity to maximize your wellness this year, get back to me quickly.


  • You workout and you don’t see results that you want.
  • You used to workout and want to get back into your groove.
  • You want to eat healthier but you are confused as to where to start.
  • You want to build a healthy relationship with food.
  • You want to feel confident about your food choices.
  • You want to kickstart your weight loss.
  • You are sick of the all or nothing mindset.
  • You are ready to commit to getting results.
  • You want to see increases in your focus, productivity, and mental clarity.
  • You want to create habits that support your healthy lifestyle and make you feel your best.

What will you experience when working with Green Balance?

  • Reduced cravings.
  • Weight loss.
  • The surge in energy.
  • Improved moods.
  • Sharper mental clarity and focus.
  • Fat loss and improvement in body composition.
  • Autoimmune disease healing and prevention.
  • Skin improvements such as softer, suppler skin or elimination of rashes/ eczema/ acne.
  • Lower inflammation which can improve chronic pain, reduce heart disease risk and cancer risks.
  • Motivation.
  • Nonjudgment zone.
  • Professional result based coaching.
  • Education.
  • Entertainment.
  • Improved quality of life.

I am happy to answer all your questions so don’t be a stranger now.

Fill out this form now to see if we are a good fit to work together to reach your weight loss goal.

Your healthy lifestyle friend,

P.S. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me

See the results from my 2018/2019 clients yourself

Reaching out and asking for help is a strength not a weakness and you deserve to live your healthiest life.

One of my recent clients reached their goal and shared this piece that I love:

Ariana ( 6 WEEK L1 wellness coaching)
I’ve been underweight my whole life and am constantly skinny-shamed (yes, that’s a thing) & I’ve been struggling with a lot of health (mental + physical) issues, finding comfort in unhealthy foods which made me feel worse, physically and emotionally. this vicious cycle often left me feeling lost, questioning my self-worth and ability to the person I wanted to be.

Twelve weeks ago, I made a commitment to myself to become a happier + healthier version of myself and the most important thing I’ve learned on this journey so far is that investing in your health is the absolute best thing anyone can do for themselves. Whether you start seeing a therapist, get a personal trainer, or start working with a health + wellness coach; you won’t regret showing up for yourself. A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body: it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

So here I am, 11lbs heavier (FINALLY!), eating much better and so much happier. A special thanks to my mama @sherileedasilva and @wearegreenbalance for teaching & supporting me throughout this journey (+ kicking my butt 3 days a week every week until I reached my goals especially on the days where all I wanted to do was give up). To anyone working on themselves for themselves, transcending a mindset, mentality, belief, habit, addiction, behavior or vibration that no longer serves them: You rock.

Barbados Jasmine
6 week L1 private coaching

Lost 11 lbs
Currently updated weight loss of 12.9 lbs
Cholesterol moved from borderline to healthy (5.87 H to 4.93)
BMI moved from 26.5 to 24.1.

6 Week L1 private
weight loss 12 lbs
currently down 14.5 lbs
BMI moved from 27.3 – 25 and making progress

Symone 20 lbs lost

6 week L1 Nutrition & 2 Week Go Glow


I have just finished the Green Balance 6 week L1 nutrition program and WOW!

I am 29 years old and have always struggled with my diet. Annick has made it so easy for me to make better decisions. She helped me to plan my meals around my worst days and how to make it work for me. She was there with me when I was in the grocery store trying to figure out what exactly what to get, she was there with me throughout my travels, she even helped me with my indigestion and gut health!

Go glow has helped with my digestion even further!


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