Meditation to conquer yourself first to serve as your best

Meditation is a practice done by many people including the most successful people in the world. Today I have outlined some types of meditation so that you can start a practice today and complete a 20 day challenge. 

I am loving how my faith has increased so far I am on day 15 and I am going until the end of January and hopefully keep it up all year long. I feel more grounded and I have noticed that I am not having any anxiety which makes me really happy.

Meditation is like exercise for your brain which is a muscle under exercised by many of us. Below is a list of meditation practices that you can check out with tips on how it is done and so you can get started ASAP.


Let us review some types of meditation and maybe you can resonate with one of the types and join the challenge, start soon and you can end on the 30 of January.

The benefits of meditation are absolutely incredible for stress, mood, health, productivity and overall quality of life.

Check out these types and try some out over the next 20 days. We will break it down to start scheduling it in to your week in small 5-10 minute time frames 1-2 times per week.

1. Love and kindness meditation

a. The goal is to embrace an attitude of love and kindness toward everything and everyone including any enemies. Send love and good vibes to anyone or any stress that holds power over you. Breathe deep and be open to receiving love and kindness then send it over to the world, specific people, loved ones or specific life stresses.

b. Promotes feelings of love and compassion and helps with feelings of anger, frustration, resentment, interpersonal conflict.

2. Body scan

a. This type of meditation encourages us to scan our body for places of tension. The goal being notice the tension and allow it to release. This type of meditation allows the body to relax and generate feelings of calm and relaxation. It is great for chronic pain and also to help with sleep.

3. Mindfulness meditation

a. This meditation encourages us to remain calm and present in the moment. This type of meditation comes in handy while stuck in traffic, waiting in lines and instead of reacting with frustration, stays in ease and experiences the surrounding environment or chooses to think of something that keeps the mind at ease.

b. Mindfulness reduces fixation on negative emotions, improves focus, improves memory, lessens impulsive and emotional reactions, and improves relationship satisfaction.

4. Breath awareness

a. This meditation increases mindful breathing and encourage us to breathe slowly and deeply, and focus only on breathing. Counting breaths also is a way to successfully practice this type of meditation.

b. Benefits include reduced anxiety, improved concentration, and greater emotional flexibility.

5. Kundalini Yoga

a. It is a physically active form of meditation

b. This type of meditation is great for moving and breathing as one meditation. It is fantastic because movement is fantastic to lift our spirits and tuning into our breath is great for our relaxation, healing and improving our circulation through moving oxygen through our bodies.

6. Prayers to your Almighty

a. This type of meditation is incredible to speak to God but also to sit in silence after prayers and listen for guidance and messages that will help in our journey. Invite the holy spirit or read a spiritual passage. 

b. Praying the rosary is relevant here using the beads for meditation and sitting calmly to listen.

7. Transcendental meditation

It is a spiritual form of meditation where practitioners remain seated with their breath and rise above our current state of being. Some people use mantras here as well and focus on positive mantras and feel positive emotions.

Further research here:

Harvard researchers study how mindfulness may change the brain in depressed patients


In Jamaica, we were there for a restival that included daily fitness, yoga, meditation, play and inspirational talks every day. We went on a meditation mind travel and we are able to locate and delete self defeating patterns, create a future self, heal, forgive and let go of people and situations that have been holding us back.

Pure magic and transformation, so it I invite you to find a type of meditation that makes sense to you.

Try it out today.

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