30 Day Fitmas Challenge

You deserve to Glow in 2019! Here is a recap of the 30 day FitMas movement challenge ending December 25.

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Hey friends, I recently have chosen to invite you goal getters to join me in completing a 30 day movement challenge. So far the challenge is proving to be both challenging and rewarding.

I love 30 day challenges because they allow you to commit to a goal and really stick it through because you really are able to develop and refine your skills and routines for the best habits to integrate into your lifestyle. Building healthy habits goes a lot further than simply trying, failing and giving up.

I chose to do a mix of exercises because I felt that I wanted the goal of 30 days consistency to your fitness be acquirable. With a strong understanding of the challenges of the modern daily routines specific to time juggled between family, career, personal and wellness it made sense to invite participants to move in ways that were most convenient for their schedules and daily demands. The mission was to consciously move daily for 20 minutes or more by enjoying your favourite exercises such as one or more of the following; gym, dance, yoga, cardio, pilates, mat classes at home or at studios. Whatever would work for you that day the goal was to pencil it in and find a way.


  • Why do a 30 day commitment to movement or anything?

It became apparent to me after completing my third 30 day yoga challenge that when I started I was only able to have a consistent yoga practice at classes but sometimes I couldn’t make it to class for various reasons. I wanted to be able to open up my laptop and have the discipline to put out my mat and commit to a class, which was only a dream before I first started. Through the different challenges I was able to really find ease with my new habit and now enjoy it as an essential part of my wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. I figured that not everyone is an active yogi or even wants to step foot in a studio so doing a challenge like this, helps really be able to commit and enjoy the benefits of daily movement from the comfort of their home and focus in on those allocated 20-60 minutes of movement.

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  • Details on the commitment

Consciously dedicate time in your schedule to move daily for 25-60 minutes no matter what.

  • Travel

Committing to a challenge like this no matter what your month has in store for you is one of the most fulfilling decisions to make. Travel, social calendar, work and family life are some of the top reasons why many fail to meet their exercise goals so committing to 30 days no matter what shows you what you couldn’t imagine possible to be accessible to you. No matter if you fail and miss a few days, what you gain is far greater in value as you gain habits and the ability to implement such practices even during your craziest days.

  • Foodie journey

Stay posted for the foodie blog coming soon for best healthy places to eat in Toronto.

Go view the movement journey on social media @iamorgannick in the stories where you have daily inspiration for one whole month. Choosing me as your coach is a great investment to your wellbeing. I love my work and my fulfilment in life is having breakthroughs with you and enjoying reaching your goals together! I am committed to you if you are committed to your goal.

Some of my strengths include incredible problem solving skills, and if you feel that you have weight loss and lifestyle problems I can help you see through them for your success. As a strategic thinker I am also able to help you strategise your week so that it becomes manageable for you. My creative menu planning skills come into handy when considering your personalised lifestyle and eating plan based on what you love to do and your favourite food choices.

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Good thing you committed to the 30 day movement challenge that ends on Christmas Day. You got a little extra wiggle room there! Keep moving and stay active ! Not only do you generally feel more jolly but your body will be thanking you for it too when you still fit into your favourite seasonal clothes.

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