Post Holiday Cleanse – Go Glow Alkalising 2 week Cleanse

You deserve to Glow in 2019

With all of the hustle and bustle during the holidays, the constant parties and events which are heavily packed with too much food, alcohol and sugary snacks what more of a perfect way to kick off 2019 with an alkalising cleanse?



This Jan 7th 2019 we kick off with the ultimate gut healing, self care two week package for you to give your body the rest and reset it deserves! After packing on a few extra pounds and eating more than you thought possible join us for the easiest and effective cleanse yet!

The guide is flexi ketotarian which means that it will be lower in starches and rich in collagen healing broths, juices, smoothies and a little animal products. Intermittent fasting will be a fun practice for you to ditch the holiday habits and reset your relationship with food for 2019. The foods are so cozy and your body is about to be bursting with energy while you work to kickstart your year. Your digestive system could use a break from all the eating and drinking and what is awesome about this plan is that not only will it be allowing you some great gut healing but you will also give your body a chance to work on it’s cell renewal instead of always having to process a lot of acidic foods and beverages. We are skipping out on the grains and beans this time around so you will love the no bloat and pure bliss coming straight to your body this January 2019. I am so excited! I love taking on these personal challenges because I feel the difference and I love reaching the end knowing that I made it through did my best and can reap the rewards, and I am telling you that you have to experience it!


You will receive weekly motivation and easy to grasp tips over the two weeks so that you stay focussed and you have the option to join up to the whatsapp community if you’d enjoy some extra community vibes. You will receive a simple guide, recipes and eating out tips so that you beat the challenge and walk out glowing and feeling restored.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy, start healing your gut, alkalize and cleanse your intestines or just create better habits with your food intake Ready Set Glow is for you!



I will be joining you in first two weeks because I love starting the year off on a healthy foot and that is why I am inviting you to join and experience all of the benefits that come with this commitment.  It is only two weeks of your life to allocate to this commitment and your body will love you so much for it, and if you are loving the self care that this two weeks of nourishment brings you can opt in to continue for another two weeks taking you until the end of January.

You can only sign up from Dec 10-23rd to get it at the discounted price of only 120 US and come January the price will go up! Don’t be that person who wishes they got the early bird price next year when you scramble around to get into gear come January. Being organised and prepared is an awesome intention to set for 2019 and you can be assured that organising your wellness from the end of this year will give you a super boost in the New Year!

Look forward to alkalizing, cleansing , restoring and glowing with you in 2019!


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-20 at 1.50.31 PM
Good thing you committed to the 30 day movement challenge that ends on Christmas Day. You got a little extra wiggle room there! Keep moving and stay active ! Not only do you generally feel more jolly but your body will be thanking you for it too when you still fit into your favourite seasonal clothes.

This 2019 We are starting the year off with a BANG! Ready Set Glow two week alkalizing cleanse is lining up for you to join from Dec 10th and no sooner! We begin Jan 7th so reserving your space this year is ideal. You know it will be the best decision to kickstart your healthy journey for the 2019 and your body deserve a little self care and attention during these two weeks.

Doors open for discounted sign ups Dec 10- 23rd and we kick off to start glowing Jan 7th. It is only 120 US this December and the price will be going up in 2019. Take this offer while it lasts. Keep posted for how to sign up on Monday! I can’t wait as I will be doing this alongside you! You can expect an awesome 2 week menu guide, recipes and weekly motivation sent straight to your email.  We will have a whatsapp group for those who are interested in more community vibes.

Your healthy nutritionist friend,



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