Holiday Eating Tips


This holiday season, if like most you are packed with social calendar events like festive food making sessions, work parties, christmas shopping, and family gatherings.
Sometimes it is best to walk with a large salad to add to the festive occasion or even a small hummus dip to pass around and other times you’re ‘No thank you’ and ‘ I have had enough ‘ vocal skills will have to come into play.

It is okay to say you have had enough and instead give your host a lovely compliment on their decorations or outfit, because why stuff yourself when you have had enough to compliment your host?

With all of the hustle and bustle during the holidays, the constant parties and events which are heavily packed with too much food, alcohol and sugary snacks what more of a perfect way to kick of 2018 with an alkalising cleanse? You deserve to Glow in 2019 after this Christmas season and if you sign up today you get discounts!


I have compiled in this blog for you the best tips to stay lean during your holiday season. Stick along with these tips so that you feel confident when navigating all of your events and get through feeling balanced and focussed :

  • Eat 3 meals a day

When you eat regularly you can keep your blood sugar stable which is great so that you can avoid overeating at the parties later. As your nutritionist I’d recommend keeping a vegan snack on you, either fresh veggies or a vegan protein bar. Keep your meals portioned smaller.

  • Limit appetizers

The calories add up pretty quickly when we are snacking on energy dense appetizers first and it is easy to eat a full meals worth of calories first thing in the event through appetizers. Choose either that you will eat a few appetizers and then say you have had enough or wait to choose a portion controlled meal on a small plate to stay within your caloric daily allowance.  Drink water in between or chew gum to avoid mindless eating.


  • Choose indulgences specifically

Choose one to three specific occasions where you may allow for a little indulgence in small sizes. Handle your stories like a boss in all of your the other events.  Find the veggies or eat the veggies before you head out to your event. On the very specific occasion allow yourself to enjoy your favourite foods and try to stay in your portion.

  • Keep a healthy stock at home

Keep in your freezer and fridge easy to heat up meals. I love having vegan burgers, frozen broth & organic stock cubes for quick cozy soups, easy to cook veggies in the fridge, fish and whole chicken, fresh fruit and chickpea pasta for lazy lunches or dinners. If you got your pastelles and crab backs serve them up with a side of veggies like callaloo or something you love to keep your portions in check. Gluten free flour is a great idea to keep on hand for all of your frying, gravy’s  and baking this season because who wants the bloating? Not me! Millet toast from the frozen section or your favourite gluten-free bread will leave your gut feeling happier than the processed white flour junk. Now your turn to stock up! Go go go!

  • Nutritionist recommended Clever swaps

giphy (1)

  1. Ham and hops – Ham lettuce wraps
  2. 2 beef pastelles, ½ chicken or veggie pastelle and salad
  3. Macaroni salad and potato salad- greens salad and broccoli salad
  4. 1 cup Ponche creme – 1 shot glass ponche creme
  5. Burger and fries – bunless burger salad and a few fries
  6. Pizza and breadsticks- 1 large bowl of salad and 1 slice pizza
  • Your exercises routine

Good thing you committed to the 30 day movement challenge that ends on Christmas. You got a little extra wiggle room there! Keep moving and stay active ! Not only do you generally feel more jolly but your body will be thanking you for it too when you still fit into your favourite seasonal clothes.

Thanks for joining me in being mindful of healthier choices this holiday season. With these tips you will find a little room to enjoy your favourite festive eats and drinks, in smaller portions. Remember to stay focused on the party or event rather than the food, start a food journal or use myfitnesspal to really track your eating and stay in your daily allowance and the best plan is to remain active and eat healthy all year round next year!

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Your healthy friend,



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