Start a Meal Prep habit this October


If you are into health and wellness or you are now trying out the healthy lifestyle then you know hear about meal prep. Meal prep is basically having meals and snacks on hand in advance so that you save time and make better health choices with controlled portions. As with most goals that we set out to achieve, being prepared is a key component for our success in fitness and weight loss also. Practicing organisation in the kitchen and being fluent in meal prep is a skill like any other that needs to be practiced and developed before becoming a master. 

There are great benefits of creating meal prep habits including that it saves money, creates more time in your schedule to focus on work and enjoying life, reduces stress around food choices and encourages you to eat healthier. It feels great to open the fridge full of colourful healthy foods, ready to use and eat. Those days when you are feeling lazy or lacking energy to cook, prepare or are simple short on time during some days of the week are when you are so grateful that you chose to do your prep.

My clients know that when it comes to getting great results, what we make and choose to eat most of the time matters. Members know that they also feel most motivated and at their best when they take time to balance their lifestyle with both exercise and prep. It gets easier over time, so do keep in mind that while it may take longer at the beginning, make some mess, recipes may not be epic, the only way to go on this journey is up! While some may have knowledge on prep and will learn more about it, let us note that knowing is only half the battle overcome. Let us explore tips to start executing the knowledge with these top meal prep habits now. I hope that you find value in my top meal prep tips and that you begin executing what you learnt this week!


  1. Invest in a set of 10 containers. Small, medium, large and some with compartments. I recommend glass or metal which are easier to clean. Three Mason Jars at least will also be great additions.
  2. Choose your food haul day to get shopping done like Friday afternoon if you are super busy during the workweek week. Markets, butchers, Supermarkets are great on weekend mornings. Choosing a day and putting 1-2 hours allocated in your calendar is a key component for ensuring that you have ingredients you love which will inspire you in your environment. Weekend mornings are great so that you can have lots of time to relax after.
  3. Start in the kitchen by writing a list of what you want to to make, how long it takes to cook each ingredient and the utensils you will need to complete it is a great place to start.
  4. On prep days, go for your batch cooking where you cook and prepare 3-5 items. It could be as simple as chopping some ingredients to have ease with during the week, or cooking ingredients and packing it out for a few days. I enjoy doing a big pot of soup for the week, pulling out a whole chicken or some fish to season, prepping some salad veggies and a starch like overnight oats, sweet potato or quinoa. Knowing that when I come home after a long day of work and have little energy to cook or prep but that I can simply heat up a healthy meal I have prepped feels great. I know you will benefit greatly also!meal-prep-for-weight-loss-7
  5. Learn your personal eating style. Notice your patterns of when you have more energy to prep and when you are exhausted and instead pull out something prepped for a quick meal.
  6. Identify your hardest meals of the day and the week for you to ace and choose to hack those first. It may be breakfast, lunch or dinner perhaps even snack time. Learn your habits. This is a great place to focus for your start.
  7. Get a great podcast, series, audio book or playlist on hand to keep you company and get your mind learning or relaxing while you prep. Meal prep can feel like a chore unless we are having fun, so find a way to have fun with your prep. A great idea also is to team up with a friend or video call your friend to catch up while you both prep together!
  8. Plan for leftovers after feeding the family a hot meal, being aware that you may want a break the next day. This helps to ensure that if you do a big meal, you can prep a few new things on the side while it is cooking, but you know for sure you have lunch or dinner the following day as well.
  9. Stock the freezer one day per month or every other month with frozen fruit, bean burgers, turkey meatballs, meats, soups, and most extras that you cook that you know you won’t feel for until at least the end of the week. You would be surprised to learn the convenience of having frozen things around like leftover pasta or pizza sauce when you realise you prefer to skip leftovers for the week. It is a great idea to save it until a weekend when you are off to a vacation home and want something quick to add to another meal.
  10. Fill the fridge with basics like salad ingredients, veggies to roast, veggies for soups, hummus, fresh fruit, veggies for snacks and smoothies for quick healthy meals during the week.


I am excited for pumpkin month as we enter into October and I hope to share recipes on theme this month! I do love meal prep, and I think it would be so much fun to meal prep 4 pumpkin recipes this month. I usually love making pumpkin soup, gluten, dairy free pumpkin pie, Try these meal prepping tips and see how it improves your lifestyle and journey towards reaching your goals.

Rock on with your healthiest and leanest self. Start today!

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