I only ate grapes for 4 days and this is what happened

I decided that I wanted to do this fast to give my body a recharge and reset. I wanted to take on this challenge to learn more about my relationship with food, give my body and blood time to cleanse and restore. It is recommended that people fast about twice per year to reap the benefits of fasting.

Benefits of Fasting

  1. Frees up energy from digestion to repair and regenerate
  2. Fights inflammation
  3. Enhances heart health
  4. Fasting has been with us for a long time historically and is important in this day and age with the number of disease that face us as well as the number of food addictions we face today.

Why Grapes?

Grapes are natural detoxifiers as they are so high in antioxidants they target free radicals and quench them before they destroy our DNA and speed up the effects of ageing.  Detoxification using grapes is done by consuming only water and grapes. Grapes contain procyanidolic oligomers (PCOs) that act as antioxidants which give grapes their colour. Black and purple grapes are considered to be the best for detoxification. Detoxification is not only great to get rid of inflammation, removing of toxins and parasites but it greatly restores homeostasis.


So here we go!

The routine that I am using is the grape detox which allows our body to cleanse our eliminating organs like kidneys, liver, intestines and skin.

  1. Water
  2. Grapejuice
  3. Grapes
  4. Supplement daily (probiotics, psyllium husks)
  5. Lemons


In addition to fasting from all other foods other than grapes and grape juice, I will also do intermittent fasting overnight which means that there will be 12 hour fasts from dinner to breakfast. The following blog is a private journal from my time during the fast. This is what I experienced.

Day 1

Woke up this morning feeling for food, thought about pizza and then drank a tea. I drank 500 ml water. At 930 am I had 350 mL cold grape juice. I feel pretty full and I am wondering if I will be able to do a whole week and what it entails.  I want to workout and ensure that I have the most productive week of the year. I want to have energy, focus and drive. I feel pretty alright so far, so I want to keep a blog with details on what I did to remember the experience and share with friends who are interested.

My mind is saying food, get some, eat some and my body feels okay. I am only a tad bit hungry, as 6pm approaches I’m dreaming of being able to eat again foods like breadfruit bowls and glutenfree vegan pizza. HIGH VALUE FUN FACT: Makes me think that if people want to live consuming foods like pizza and high carbs regularly, it would be smart for them to do it with veggies to stay lean. Prayer is keeping me strong and focussed, and I am enjoying my morning, day time and night time prayer routines.

Night time has been rough, while I feel quenched and love the grape juice and grapes, the smell of real food last night was quite tough to distract myself from. My tummy was growling a bit. I am enjoying being quite disciplined and knowing that my system is clearing out and replenishing itself. It reminds me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that is very reassuring.

I have been listening to audiobooks and staying away from food adverts and TV etc as to stay focussed, rested early and fell asleep quite easy which is great.


Day 2

This morning was not easy to get up. I believe it will take time to capture my energy after the hardcore drinking, liming and eating not so clean over the previous two weeks.  knowing that breakfast is easy and what I will eat is straight forward is a big help and I am happy to stay focussed, productive.

Today I am having a bit of a headache and cloudy feeling in my mind. I have been quite focussed and super productive which is great. After meals I feel pretty energized and on high rather than heavy like other meals may encourage. 

Some people think that eating sugars would be toxic as cancer cells feed on sugars but what happens and as I type this a wave of release of the pressure in my head just happened, but the truth is that the sugar from the superfood grapes draws in the toxins into cells before the water flushes them out. It works really well and the high antioxidants are super replenishing.

I have also taken a probiotic tooth rub which is quite minty. I like that it is all natural. Its 4 pm I have eaten two sets of grapes, and I am due to go to adult gymnastics tonight at 730. I do feel hungry and exhausted. Went to adult gymnastics and boy did it feel great to tumble like I did when I was 9 years old and at my gymnastics prime. Back Handsprings, front tucks and trampolines and I had the energy which was awesome.


Day 3

I am enjoying praying more this week. I woke up feeling pretty energized this morning and not hungry at all. My mind feels clear, I am in a great mood today. I feel “grapeful” and this fast is motivating me to continue with focus and dedication. It’s the knowing of benefits of this journey that are keeping me going but I won’t lie at most mealtimes all I can think about are my favourite foods and how I miss eating. Eggs and toast, soups, Breadfruit, I still want gluten free pizza. I am sleeping pretty well.

I stick with water, grape juice, some 1-2 handfuls seeded grapes in the breakfast routine. After a little more juice, my eyes feel a bit foggy and my stomach feels completely empty. I will drink a green detox tea to add to the mix to increase energy.

What is keeping me going is reading of stories of people who have fasted for 30 -40 days and the detoxification which has taken place at impressive rates. My stomach is rumbling and its almost lunch time. I am wondering if to try a grape smoothie, I want to do mostly liquid all day but I don’t know if I really can.

Oliver is joining me on the detox and I can say that as a couple doing something like this together makes me really want to go out for a meal or go get food together. It is showing me how much of a norm it is for us to get food, but this also can be a distraction and means to go out of the office for a bit for a change of scenery.  I want to go out and do some errands but I also am wondering how strong I will be able to hold up. The night was intense and I craved distraction, I felt pretty starved and wondered if I would have survived the night.

I am seriously questioning whether I can make it through the whole 5 days or not. I had even thought maybe I could do 7-10 but at this stage I am between minds. One moment I feel like okay I can do this and then at other times I think this is insane and I should go buy some healthy food. Thank you for all the support insta fam have sent over the week, it has helped me to stay focussed and committed in times where i want to give up.


Day 4

Still going.. The days feel the hardest of all, but I want this to be effective. I am dying to eat again. Food is such a huge part of my life, I write about it, teach it and I also look at food blogs in my spare time. I am waiting for the elimination process to pick up and feel like my body has done a thorough cleanse for me to eat again. I am grateful that Oliver has joined me, it helps because so many times I want to eat and he is staying strong for the two of us.

Life is not as fun without food but we are making it work and being more creative. I have not been doing this to lose weight and while I should have weighed myself before, I have not lost much weight, and certainly have not passed any significant amount of weight I haven’t been at this year.

I am feeling a bit sick in my stomach, and quite light headed and dizzy. I felt better after drinking my blended grapes with lemon, drinking a green tea and hydrating. I have also taken bentonite clay to help with the detoxification process. After lunch I am starting to feel a lot better with more energy and focus. I am not as drowsy today at all which is great. Hydration is helping. I am preparing squash soup with bone broth and I cannot wait to have it tomorrow for lunch or dinner, not sure where I will reach as yet. It would be great to make it until about 4 pm tomorrow.

Couldn’t take it anymore, broke the fast with some collagen rich bone broth and squash blended into a delicious soup. I feel great and now I am going to go for a light jog. Tomorrow I plan to have grapes all day again until lunch around 2-4 will have soup and then breadfruit bowls for dinner. I went for a light jog and had a great sweat and did some abs. I felt great about it. I caved and ate some broth before I blended the soup. What a challenging experience, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am grateful that I got this far! I will try again next time for 5-7 days because I feel that this is only the beginning.


Day 5

I broke the fast and I ate breakfast inclusive of grape juice, grapes, a chickpea patty, sourdough toast and 2 eggs. Nothing exciting happened in my digestive system in terms of elimination or on the scale, but I do feel lighter and leaner nonetheless. I felt like my body got the rest it deserved to do some internal repairing that needed to be done. I also feel happy and excited because fasting has preservation benefits relative to longevity. Thinking about favourable physical transitions through ageing, being mobile and active are some of my largest motivating factors for doing cleanses and eating well. I wish to be an asset to my community as I age and keeping a healthy lifestyle reminds me that I can be. I feel I would do this cleanse again and possibly do 5- 7 days at minimum. I will have to prepare well in advance and plan out things to distract myself for each day. I will also focus on hydration more.

The take away was that I realised that I like eating simple whole foods. I enjoy eating 1-3 simple whole food ingredients for most meals. I became reconnected with my sense of why I eat and broke many emotional patterns that I would have previously struggled with. I became super clear on what I wanted to get done and where my path was taking me. I felt super grateful and appreciative for all that I have and have to give.

One week later

I am waking up earlier and feeling energized and clear headed, super focussed and happy. My body feels great and I am motivated to continue nourishing smarter.



I bought, lemon, unsweetened  100 % juice, grapes, psyllium husk and detox tea. Now I did this because I had a goal that I wanted to reset and give my body and digestive system a rest. I know that you have your own goals and I can help you get there.



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