The truth about vegan diets


Thai-Peanut-Tofu-Buddha-Bowls-Eat-Spin-Run-RepeatPlant based nutrition has come to the forefront in the more recent years than ever before. This is very likely because of the link between vegan diets and it’s improvements for some of our biggest health epidemics such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease in addition to other metabolic implications.”The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Ornish treated 18 patients with established coronary disease using a whole food, plant-based diet.” This way of eating more plants works as a cure as well as preventive strategies because of the improvements that happen when swapping out junk food for regular intake of healing plants. When we make room in our diet to eat more vegetables, wonderful things happen for our health, vitality and wellbeing.


I have met a wide variety of vegans and plant based eaters even ranging into vegetarians (eat dairy only from animals), pescatarians (eat dairy, eggs, fish from animals) and flexitarians (eat small amounts of animal foods from time to time). While the evidence is clear that eating less meat has significant benefits and improves longevity, it is important to note that cutting out one ingredient like meat and substituting it for junk food is not healthy and can lead to weight gain, allergies, poor immune health, hormone imbalances, digestive and immune dysfunction.

Let us explore the types of plant based eaters to gain more clarity on how to live with balance but still reduce meat consumption not only for our bodies, but for the improvement of our environment.

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Type 1 – The chemically made vegan food


What they Eat

Vegan ice-cream, white bread, Oreos, vegan frozen nuggets, soy burgers, soy milk, fruit and vegetables, coca cola, ramen noodles, nachos, fried ‘chkn’, Doritos, bacon bites, Fritos and salsa, Justin’s peanut butter cups, lays classic, chocolate, apple pie, ritz crackers, soursops, you get the point….etc .

What don’t they Eat

All animal products (eggs, dairy, chicken, meats, fish, shellfish, etc)

Type 2 – The conscious whole foods & grain based vegan


What they Eat

Beans, peas, quinoa, rice, grains, sweet potato, broccoli, veggies, leafy greens, plants, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fermented foods, juice, tofu, tempeh, breads, sugary snacks and treats.

What don’t they eat

Beef, Lamb, Chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, any animal foods, honey, limits on process foods.

Type 3 -The whole foods Paleo style

67a74eb7-9d20-46b0-92aa-67409daba666--Salad1What they Eat

Sweet potato, provisions, tempeh, tofu, vegan, mushrooms, avocado, berries, fermented foods like nato and sauerkraut, kimchi, sweeteners, sea vegetables, leafy greens, coconut oil, avocado oil.

What don’t they eat

Legumes, sugar, honey, agave, grains, wheat, corn, rice, cereal, apples and bananas.

While eating more plants and less meat is great for both our physiology and our environment….

Eating more plants brings significant benefits on our human physiology and circulatory function we know this through research and it would be silly to deny it. Vegans and vegetarians studied for extensive periods of time have been some of the longest living people who continue to live on with vigour. In contrast though, the Okinawa’s are some pretty long living people and while they stay strong on eating the basics of plant based ingredients, they do include grains but intake less than average Chinese, and they do consume animal products and meats, but in significantly less quantities than the Standard American Diet.

I respect the choice to be vegan, and the short and long term benefits of reversing some of the chronic diseases that we face, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other vascular conditions. Not only did the plant based intervention by Dr. Dean Ornish, mentioned earlier stop the progression of the disease, but 70 percent of the patients saw an opening of their clogged arteries.  I also note that balance and healthy relationships with foods can support the long term solution of how society should be eating after they are cured from their vegan diet, or as a preventative measure to reduce risk and age well.

The reason why I believe that vegan diets could be a temporary solution, because it does come with several deficiencies in the long run. It may be suitable for some people, but it certainly is not suitable for the entire population as a long term strategy and certainly not if it is the junk food eating type of vegan. The take away is to find ways to eat more plants and if having more vegan meals in your life helps you do that then you are on the right track!

Learning to eat in small amounts, prioritise vegetables and plant based foods certainly are the strongest habits to implement into your life for long term wellbeing. As the Okinawa’s practice eating until they reach 8/10 on the fullness scale, you can practice and have the support you need to switch out the self sabotaging habits for super strong habits. Since we are creatures of habit, come build your best habits with Green Balance in the Fat Burn Flex or the Luna Glow this September. Learn to feel confident in your new habits of eating vegan meals every week while not giving up your favourite foods. If you’d like to buy and follow the Fat Burn Flex meal plan is now available for online purchase at home with your own convenience,Get your copy here now.

Tips for you if you are thinking of going Vegan short term or long term….

  1. Don’t rely too heavily on soy products (especially unfermented ones)
  2. Eat mostly plants
  3. Allow treats moderately but do not rely on sugars
  4. Supplement with a B12 vitamin
  5. Get the Fat Burn Flex to get a head start on reducing your portions and meat intake

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