Is Luna Glow for you?



Who is Luna Glow for?

Caribbean & South American women who enjoy eating a variety of tropical foods but are stuck in binge eating cycles, overeating, indulging in cravings but feel shit for it after, are done with crazy PMS symptoms and feel confused when deciding what to eat and when.


All women who are menstruating and get pesky PMS symptoms, want to naturally balance their hormones with their functional food, increase their energy as well as those choosing weaning off of synthetic birth control. While hormones are synthetically regulated on contraception, this way of eating allows you as a woman to be in control of your emotions through the power of food.



What if you are on contraception?

It will work for you also if you experience mood swings and irregular patterns on your cycle. Eating well supports your body even if you are on contraception, so it is recommended to nourish right to support cardiovascular health.

What if you are vegan?

You can implement the meal plan using the plant based options. If you have chronic symptoms, you will want to use wild, organic animal products for 3 months while your hormones heal themselves before transitioning back into plant based eating.

Vitality Salad starring cashew cesear dressing with crunchy chick pea “croutons” & vegan parmesan.

How will it help you?

It is an easy go to solution to keep in your back pocket so that you can have more confidence when food shopping and menu navigating. It is an awesome strategy to use forever for our cyclical nature as women, especially for women to love to eat. Yay Yayy!!

High performance

  1. Access your own personal power
  2. When to be more creative and when will it be better to take opportunity to lay low and enjoy a little self care


Digestion improvements

  1. Lose weight and keep it off
  2. Enjoy a health relationship with your food
  3. Rich in gut healthy meals and ingredients
  4. Eliminate constipation
  5. Improvements in allergies


  1. Enjoy the foods you love without feeling restricted through the month
  2. Enjoy plant based eating combinations
  3. Make food shopping a no brainer
  4. You can keep it up long term unlike other diets that do not work
  5. Reduces junk food cravings by supplying healthy alternatives and nutrient dense delicious choices
  6. Give you food confusion freedom
  7. Become more fertile if this is your goal
  8. Boost your libido and improve your love life



Stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food?

Join Luna Glow and embrace a supportive non judgemental community as you transition into your wellness journey.

Group coaching has many benefits such as increased probability of achieving goals, enriching relationships, collective wisdom, multiple perspectives, accelerated motivation, diffusion of stress through support. Being in a community that is more cost effective and keeps confidentiality and non judgmental space for sharing. It is lots of fun and shows great transformational results.

I offer two group coaching programs and they start this summer. If you feel ready to end toxic food cycles and love yourself especially with the foods you choose to eat. Reserve your spot today.

Exciting things coming up July !


  1. Fat Burn Flex Group 3 month coaching ( Limited space available) July 13th
  2. Luna Glow 3 month Group Coaching ( Limited space available) Reserve your spot to start Thursday July 5th
  3. 6 week online Private coaching ( Two spots left)

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Until next time! Have a wonderful day!

Annick Lewis

Wellness Expert

Nutritionist (BSc), Health Coach & Personal Trainer

CEO & Founder Green Balance TT



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