Gluten-free and Dairy-Free Barbados

Hi ya! I have been super excited and productive working on brining you my best work. While I am settling in my new home which is an island I am discovering all these exciting places that have gluten-free options for this healthy foodie! These foods are too good not to share.

Whether you are vacationing in Barbados, born and raised Bajan or have recently made the move I believe you will find value here. If you are totally gluten-free like me or are wanting to try a few new foods you will enjoy these awesome recommendations! These are some of my favourite spots and I believe you will love them also.

While many restaurants for dining have gluten free options on the menu, it can be a bit more tricky when you are on the go during your hectic days. I hope you feel more confident about nourishing when on the go or looking out to go out with the family for brunch that you will be well catered for!

Here are my top places to eat in Barbados to beat the bloat!

South Coast

  1. Art SplashBreakfast Smoothie bowl, green juice, cooked eggs breakfast, waffles, Market veggies. Lunch falafel or fish wrap with hummus and pesto <3


2. Bliss Cafe – Dairy-free hot chocolates, Gluten Free flat breads, waffles <3

3. Coffee Barbados – Buckwheat egg wraps


4. Raw juice – Cold press juice, raw acai bowls, smoothies. This bright pink is dragonfruit! Lentil salads, black bean brownie with stevia.


5. Punchline Barbados – Vegan burgers (ask for bunless) & Dairy free ice-cream.

6. Oistins Fish Market– Grilled fish, fried plantain, veggies

7. Urban Kitchen – Glutenfree pizza you can also ask for dairy free option. It is good!


8. Mama Mia – Gluten Free Pizzas. Yum dairy free with tomato sauce, pesto, bacon and mushrooms 😛

9. Copa Cabana –  sweet potato fries

10. Good life Cafe – Vegan food and soba noodles with tofu

11. NovelTea – Goats cheese and roasted vegetable salad & almond milk matcha latte.

12. Lemon Grass Truck– Shrimp Summer rolls, anything rice noodles.

13. Coffee bean-  GLUTEN FREE TUNA WRAP

Warrens/ Central

12. Open kitchen – Glutenfree pasta


14. The Mill – Falafel bowls, sweet potato fries, Mushroom Burger


West Coast

15. Lime grove Lifestyle centre Lemon Grass – Rice noodles soups, sushi, summer rolls.

16. Lime Grove Lifestyle centre Green Monkey – Macaroons for the sweet tooth

17. LimeGrove lifestyle Centre Pepenero – Best Glutenfree pizza on the island <3

18. Yelluh meats breadfruit bowls – So many options for toppings & you can order online to reduce your waiting time ! It is only open Wednesday 9-230 Friday 5-10 and Saturday 11-5. I like the salt fish or just breadfruit alone. You can do lentils for a vegan choice.


19. Massy West Coast – has a salad bar and great choices to stock up the house like frozen gluten free breads and a selection of specialty diet choices like dry lentil and chickpea pasta.

Image 09-04-2018 at 8.41 PM

20. Mullins Beach Bar – Breadfruit chips, grilled fish

21. Nikki Beach – Brunch


East Coast

22.Animal Flower Cave – Grilled fish , sweet potato mash

22. ECO lifestyle & Lodge – Breadfruit chips, vegetarian eggs Benedict.

There are my top 20 places for gluten-free and dairy free / vegan eats! Enjoy and keep me posted on your journey of trying out these yummy options!

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