Announcing the Luna Glow Ebook!


Harmonize your flow with Luna Glow!

Ladies, I am so excited because we have finalized the launch date for the upcoming E-book “Luna Glow”!

Luna Glow is designed with you ladies in mind featuring great tips on how to harmonize the feminine flow for a beautiful glow.


Be free from crazy PMS.  Nourish yourself on a cyclical pattern every month to balance your hormones.
I’m excited to be the first in the Caribbean to bring you this Epic E-book this summer!
You will be able to sync your cycle with food so that estrogen is being properly metabolized, detoxified, and flushed from the body.

The Luna Glow plan is more than just hormone balance! You will experience improved sleep, skin, mood,and energy! Feel great and continue to thrive!


Achieve the body and flow that you deserve naturally!

Food truly is medicinal and so powerful. Especially for women. Every time that we nourish properly we get closer to less cramps and less mood swings. The Luna Glow plan can be implemented seamlessly in your life! This is super exciting for me and I hope that you are just as excited!

Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have about Luna Glow as well as share your story with me <3


Annick G. Lewis

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