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When you are going through exams, working your 12-13 hour days in the library , I’ve got your back with these healthy energising munchies and drinks to help beat the sleep and power your brain!

Often we health enthusiasts get strayed off track when under pressure and resort to what is around our parent’s homes, give in to the smart advertising of junk food or completely lose the plot when it comes to our eating habits, and this it can get a bit taxing on our minds and bodies.


We push to stay focused to finish the work, get the exam material covered and get through with top performance results. We sometimes get sucked into the stress eating vortex, and it can be hard to even make one healthy meal or find time to think about eating until starvation hits. It is hard to stay inspired, too!

Does this sound familiar, “ I feel addicted to coca cola, chocolate and baked goods, why can’t I stop eating them?

There is one simple, key component when it comes to staying energized, breaking the cravings, and given our brains the nutrients they need for studying, and it is to feed our body with good nutrition snacks that will help us get out of this emotional eating vortex that happens during exams.

This article features Organnick’s top 13 energising exam munchie ideas with time saving considerations that will inspire you.

So to help you break out of your typical stress eating cycle of sugar- ladened, energy-dense food binges, and learn something new to boost your performance for exams, I’ve compiled my top 13 drink and munchie ideas. You’ll learn quick tips and be excited to try them.

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This is what students consume during long study sessions

    1. Chocolate
    2. Sweetened soft drinks
    3. Cigarettes
    4. Salty snacks
    5. Fizzy energy drinks
    6. Sweetened Coffee
    7. Sweets
    8. Cake
    9. Cookies
    10. Muffins and pastries


Top 13 Energising Exam Munchie Ideas


  1. Matcha unsweetened almond milk lattes (Want that sweet, what about a bit of monk fruit extract or stevia for less calories?) Add cinnamon for some extra goodness !
  2. Green tea with lemon or mint
  3. Green Juice is a choice
  4. Organnick’s DF Hot Chocolate 
  5. Kefirs & Kombuchas


  1. Oven roasted chickpeas
  2. Small bowl of popcorn with salt, black pepper and nutritional yeast. Air pop it for less fat, but I do love a little olive oil stove top cooked with mine.
  3. Kale chips
  4. Apple sandwich with nut butter and granola
  5. Gluten free black bean brownie
  6. Flaxseed crackers & hummus 
  7. Plantain chips and guacamole
  8. Veggie sticks & tuna

Why bother choose these healthier snacks? These are the benefits of including natural energising and healthy munchies.


  1. High Fibre

Choose snacks with high fiber so that even if they are lightly sweetened, the fibre will slow down the absorption of the sugars, thus keeping blood sugar in check and not encouraging belly fat storage within a healthy energetic daily intake. Do you want to embrace the fresher 15 or avoid it?

Refined sugars in cakes, candies and soft drinks in excess can only mean one thing, that you want to embrace the fresher 15.  Okay, there is more to it than that of course! The ingredients margarine and hydrolyzed vegetable oil found in baked goods (pastries, pies, cakes)  are linked with arterial plaque build up which is the starting factor for stroke, hypertension and coronary artery disease. Additionally high fructose corn syrup, sugar sweetened beverage consumption has continued to increase and may play a role in the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, whereas reducing intake of soft drinks is associated with less weight gain and metabolic improvement. (40)

Fibre feeds the good bugs in your gut microbiota which means that your immune system will be thriving! Yay!

  1. Get the antioxidants without the belly busters

I love you a Choco lot!- contrary to popular beliefs about chocolate being fattening, cocoa powder itself is a great ingredient, not only because of its artery dilating potential which improves circulation and reduces blood pressure, but because of the rich antioxidant flavonoids contained inside. Too much chocolate added to the diet without taking out anything is fattening though!

giphy (1).gif

Italian researchers Studied the effects of regular  intake of cocoa in adults as they aged. After eight weeks, people who consumed medium and high amounts of cocoa flavanols every day made significant improvements on tests that measured attention, executive function, and memory. The findings were published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Make vegan hot chocolate, black bean brownies, chocolate oatmeal to indulge in your choco cravings without the extra fat calories from commercial chocolate products.

  1. Keep your immune system in check with healthy swaps but also remember to take your supplements


  • Ginseng
  • Multivitamin with B vitamins
  • Zinc and Echinacea to support your immune system
  • Omega 3

Online or foreign whole food products that I enjoy ( Innovative tips coming to you from 2018 Expo)

  1. Energy drinks yin and yang energy (Y & Y)
  2. Brain Juice
  3. Now Cow vegan protein cookies are yum!
  4. Lakanto Matcha latte with monk fruit extract mix
  5. Healthy Crunch Kale chips
  6. Tea sprinkles
  7. Orgain protein shake
  8. 22 days protein bar

Green tea and ginseng are high in germanium which appears to enhance the immune system by activating macrophages and increasing the production of natural killer cells. Green tea and ginseng supply more oxygen to cells and thus may act against free radicals while the oxygen will keep you energized and focused.

Get through your exams with these free energising recipes!


Personally I was able to get out of the junk food slum by mid 2nd year, (you can read more about my personal story here)  but I also was studying health and nutrition; Thank God! I have been there and I understand what you are going through. Munchies kick in, stress is high not only with exams but with deadlines pressing for research papers. Remember I was pretty sick for most of my teens and up to my 2nd year at university but healthy snacks picked me up and helped me get through. 

Socrates said that “The foods we eat can either be our medicine or our poison.”


There you have it team! I wish you the best of luck for your exams, I hope that you find these energy boosting elixir and snack ideas useful for long hours of studying and work flows.


P.S. When your family wants to bake for you, bring you food or a drink can you request some of these options instead so it’s a win win for everyone! Their love for you is shown by still making something for you, or bringing you something and your love for you is shown by deciding to put pure nourishment into your body to help fuel your studies instead of deplete your systems.

For my clients, Thank you for inspiring me to write this!

For you Sarah R, Noella, Cheerian, Amira A and Oliver G!

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