Think outside the box this Easter

Its bigger than Hip. Hop. Hip. Hop. Hop hop hop like the Easter Bunny! 🙂


Easter time is here! Another busy time for family, friends, feasts, gatherings and entertainment. Around the world there are various traditional foods that signify the reminder of the death of Christ for Thursday before celebrating his rising.  Most of them are sugar sweet including hot crossed buns from the UK, bread pudding from Mexico, special beer in Denmark, donuts in Spain and other types of cakes, for the most part, around the world. Interestingly enough though Germany does a chervil soup!

Many people fast over this time and include abstaining from sugars, meats and alcohols. By now if you or anyone you know have fasted, it would be safe to say excitement for Easter is approaching!  Let’s brainstorm some alternatives for your Easter, especially if you are enjoying the effects of great results and thus you are looking for balance.

Here are my top 3 tips to enjoy easter with balance!

  1. Fun sharer recipe idea! crispy oven roasted cassava fries with white bean dip.

Cassava Chips

One pack of cassava for 25- 30 minutes

4 cloves chopped garlic

½ cup chopped parsley

¼ tsp salt

Pinch black pepper

3 tbs Olive oil

Preheat oven to broil on low. Slice boiled cassava logs into 4 thin pieces each. In pot add olive oil, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.Grease baking tray. Broil on low heat for 10 minutes. Broil on high heat for 12 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining parsley. Add salt to taste.

Fun spread of Falafels, Salad, Cassava chips, white bean dip & garlic sauce


White Bean Dip

1 handful parsley

2 cups butter beans ( I used from a can )

1 tbs tahini

2 tbs olive oil

4 cloves roasted garlic

1 lemon squeezed

salt to taste

paprika to garnish

3 tbs water

In your blender add the garlic and parsley first with olive oil. Next add beans and all ingredients. Add water to help blending. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with cassava chips!


  1. Let them know! When your family is ‘bennin’ up their face at your eating choices, tell them, “Why you trippin’ and looking at me and my plate like that??”  It is a fact that when we are trying to make healthier choices, someone somewhere is out to investigate or interrogate about why you are making different choices.

Let them know by saying, “My choices reflect my goals and how I like to feel in my own body. I am happy eating these foods and if you would like to learn more about this style of eating I would be happy to share some more information with you. Many in the world are actually heading in the direction of healthier eating, and studies show how great nutrition significantly improves our health status. I would like to age well thank you and avoid the hospitals, now who wants to say grace?”  Big smile on the face 🙂


That ought to be a fun conversation starter!

  1. Indulge the smart way! Some Organnick acceptable treats on the gluten free spectrum would be macaroons, vegan nice-cream (made with frozen banana), smoothie, smoothie bowl, fresh fruits, local artisanal dark chocolate, local, homemade cocoa vegan hot chocolate, 1/2 gluten-free hot crossed bun, black bean brownies and raw vegan desserts.

Can you tell I like my treats also? 😉

P.S. Avoid anything with vegetable fats, GMOs, artificial flavours and colours (which are pure chemicals), high fructose corn syrup, regular milk chocolate and refined flour baked goods. In this generation we don’t have time for products with these ingredients.

How I feel about junk food items


Remember that you can have it all, but just not all at once!!

Green Team Updates

Soon to launch 6 week Fat Burn Flex! Stay tuned for details. Woohoo! Fitness Focus!

This week we are finishing up all 3 online programs that started this year and here are some of the results and updates!

Eighteen people joined the 5 week Fat Burn Green Team in 2018.
Some members joined in January and some joined in February and on average we lost 9.8 llbs each 5 week rounds. Those who were on the team since January lost about 20 llbs. Now isnt that exciting! Those who joined us in February lost between 7-14 llbs. Yayy Go Team!

This March cycle completes my first online programs and I am so excited that I have been able to make this transition with your love and support.

Nine people joined the Nutrition Purification # and they reported feeling improvements in energy, dietary habits and experienced improvements in psoriasis, acne, digestion, caffeine and sugar addiction. Inches were lost but that was not the goal.


10 week online small group average weight loss was 10 llbs. A reformed relationship to foods and sugars were part of the results. We had many laughs and some awesome transitions and transformations. Many unhealthy habits were broken while beautiful foodie and exercise relationships flourished <3

How do you sign up for the next GB group sessions?? 

Nutrition Purification

Starting date: Sat 21st April

Sign up by reserving your space, booking a call and paying your down payment! Ask about discounts if you register before April 6th! Find out if this program is for you!  Nutrition Purification

What are some of the team members saying about Nutrition Purification?

Experiencing improvements in acne, skin, psoriasis, energy, gut stress, bloating, fatigue, constipation and overall feeling much healthier.

giphy (1)

Here’s what you can expect on this 23 day journey together:
NP comes fully equipped with recipes, workbook booklet, daily motivation, reminders, inspiration, tips and exercises.
Improve your gut integrity, reduce inflammation, allergies and get your life back on track with the kickstart that that your mind, body and soul will thank you for.

5 Week Fat Burn

Starting date: Wednesday April 18th

You will get materials the weekend prior on the 13th
Click here to find out what it is about and if it is the right program for you and contact me about how to sign up!

Fat Burn details here

Falafel & Salad loving

I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your patience and support! It means the world to me.

Send me a message with your goals and let me know if you’d like to book in a consultation to decide which journey is best suited for you and start getting healthier, fitter and having more fun doing it today!

What are you waiting for?!

I am happy to work with anyone who is committed, online with lifestyle transformation strategies to reach their health and fitness goals. Get in contact to reserve your space for the next launch!

Message me   NOW to Sign up and reserve your space and if you have questions, I would love to hear from you!

I am excited to say that I will be launching The 6 week Fat Burn Flex within the next two months and details are to come soon! It will be a Group online coaching program.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday,
Big Love

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CEO & Founder Green Balance TT
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