On the go with Green Juice & Avo Toast

Hey Green Team!

Avocado toast and green juice on the go, keepin it gluten free ya already know. Yoga challenge staying focused on the dream and practicing the art of letting go!

I am loving the fast paced energy of March! I do recognise how my body needs to slow down and have time to recharge after moving about so much!

Last time you heard from me I told you about my 30 days nutrition and yoga challenge themed around self-love, healing, clear thinking and having a focused mind-set.

I have been getting questions from you, my team and I wanted to take the time today to answer them and update you!

But first I have questions for you!

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Are you in Barbados? Or do you have friends or family living in Barbados who are into wellness like us? Let me know!

and now….

Your questions for Organnick!

Did you fall off the map? Where did you go? Where did your blogs go?IMG_6492 2

You may or may not have known but I recently moved island! You haven’t heard from me recently because I have been packing up to move country as well as I went on a trip to learn the latest trends and products in LA at the natural and organics trade show! I have missed you also!! But I am back now and here to serve your health and wellness goals! I am still settling in and I am grateful for the move but I want you to remember that I am only a whatsapp call, email or message away! And yes I am still on the map !

I will send details about trip in my next post and share some of the latest and my favourite trends from the natural and organics world! Yay something to look forward to!

What are you doing for your 30 day yoga challenge?

I have set a goal again to practice yoga daily for 30 days in March! My focus for this one is to regulate my habits and reset for healthy habits such as waking up extra early and exercising in the morning, getting to bed early and practicing yoga everyday. The goal has been refined again with growth to acquire more consistency, take massive action while also taking space to create clear , high quality work.

I have been refining my personal goals as well in relation to living, working, travel, my weekly routine, my daily routine and transitioning out with staff and transitioning in with new staff members. Yoga helps me to create structure and discipline to allow myself to follow through with high standards on these goals.

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Why would you embark this goal during such a wild time in your life??
It makes sense to me to choose one thing that grounds me while going through major transitions in my life. I knew it would be a crazy idea! I may be full of some of those! It has been super challenging and on many days I have wanted to quit. What gets me through each time is remembering that I can do my personal best everyday. That means that somedays I do a hardcore hour, a class for an hour and a half or sometimes more yin style before bed for 25-45 minutes.

How do we sign up for the next GB classes?? We are so excited and want to get on board!

Nutrition Purification

Starting date: Sat 21st April

Sign up by reserving your space, booking a call and paying your down payment! Ask about discounts if you sign up before April 6th!

What are some of the team members saying about this program?
Here’s what you can expect on this 23 day journey together:
It comes with recipes, workbook booklet, daily motivation, reminders, inspiration, tips and exercises.

Heal the gut, reduce inflammation and get your life back on track with the kickstart and reset that your mind, body and soul will thank you for.


5 Week Fat Burn

Starting date: Wednesday April 18th

You will get materials the weekend prior on the 13th
Click here to find out what it is about and if it is the right program for you

Client results score

I would love to hear from you!
Thank you so much for your patience and support! It means the world to me.

Send me a message with your goals and let me know if you’d like to book in a consultation and start getting healthier and fitter today!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Share this email with anyone you know who lives in Barbados! I am happy to work with anyone who is committed, online with lifestyle transformation strategies to reach their health and fitness goals. Get in contact to reserve your space for the next launch!

Stay tuned for life and health updates until then!
You can sign up NOW and reserve your space, and if you have questions, I would love to hear from you!.


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