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My clients often ask me, “Annick, please, how can I drop ten llbs fat really fast?”

As a Certified Nutritionist BSc and Personal Trainer, the truth is that there are no healthy shortcuts (sorry!). There are some crash diets but I think that’s why they are called crash diets, because you will crash because they are pretty extreme to sustain. You may get extreme results in the short term, but research suggests you are most likely to gain more weight back as soon as old habits return. I work with client to establish healthy lifestyle habits that last a lifetime!

Luckily, with some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle even in the last week and a half before Carnival, you can boost your metabolism and speed track the weight loss process accompanied by a healthy nutrient rich diet. While I also resort back to the GB 4 week Fat Burn to stay lean and fit, I do recommend a few simple tips when getting road ready that can make an impacting difference.


It has been pretty fast forward momentum since the start of 2018 and for many of us we are working overtime, working out hard and aiming to make the best choices everyday. PACE! It can be challenging to find time and discipline to meal prep and make healthy choices even with our goals at the back of our minds.

To be honest, while I highly recommend working out 3-4 days per week, when I am slow in regaining habits with discipline I use 4 top strategies to stay lean and toned.

These simple at home exercises are how I manage to keep fit on the go.  We have a little less than a week until show time, so we can really only refine and tweak from here.

I highly do recommend taking the stairs whenever you see them. When you go to the grocery, walk with your goods to your car with your bags in your hands.

For bonus environment friendly choices, walk with your own tote.  If you are working on deadlines or laying back and watching tele, take breaks and get down and do mini sets of these exercises between. At our apartment, we have just started a series and we enjoy this technique. Three hardworking female bosses/ beauties who are playing Carnival and have to keep up with meal prep, demanding deadlines in our careers and show up fit for the road!

On the days that you do not wish to move to any extremes, keeping active through your day should be the goal. This mindset is more useful than thinking either I workout hard or do nothing. I know you have heard of some of these tips but I believe we need constant reminders since these little actions really do bring value.

Try 2-3 sets. Work your way up and Get your body ready with these exercises 😉

  1. Bosu abs crunch twists x 16
  2. Kbell Deadlifts and squats x 15 each
  3. Spiderman push ups and knee to opposite elbows x10
  4. Yoga – 3 days per week(or find a class that you love and you look forward to participating
  5. Ankle weights booty pop kickbacks x 15-20 per leg ( 5-10 llbs)
  6. Resistance bands bicep curl, overhead press (12-15)

Extra Active and Fun Tips:  Step it up with Daily movement additions to your day!

  1. Take the stairs
  2. Exercise at home by doing 15-20 squats per day
  3. Walk with your groceries to your car
  4. Stretch in the morning
  5. Walking lunges with your laundry basket
  6. Stop drop and plank while the kettle boils

Soooo, you love what you read and want to learn more?

Many of you are reaching out to join a program for February (and I am really happy about that!), but the next programs will be the Nutrition Purification running from March 3rd.

 The next 4 week Fat Burn will run from Feb 24th. Sign up before 17th Feb for discounts!

These programs are online programs however they will entail having two meetings in person and will be completed online.

You can sign up NOW and reserve your space.

Besides my blogging and weight loss programs, what have I been up to??

I had so much fun presenting on ‘Nutritional Tips for Athletic Performance’ at my childhood gymnastics club with my Olympian big brother, Andrew Lewis, who opened for me.

I am grateful to have been featured for a Corporate Energy Wellness initiative for their Empowerment program and with more corporate wellness programs in the cards for 2018.

And am extra grateful for being invited to contribute to a new community of health professionals and for being Published by the Diabetes Council, sharing perspectives on diabetes and juicing:


Ok Green Team, next week you look forward Carnival Episode 4 on Road Ready Nutrition Tips,  Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas and my Fav Baked Crispy Chicken Recipe.

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And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

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