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Today let us advance into the Carnival series with the concept of how to stay fit at the All Inclusive Fetes. I’ve asked my BFF SJ what her opinion of an all inclusive fete was and she said, “it’s like the wonderland for adults. Lots of free food, free drinks and free desserts….basically not Organnick recommended! .”

The ones I’ve been to were very elaborate and lots of fun – I did feel like I was in a wonderland. We went to a Secret Garden to be fair, which was pleasantly enchanting in itself. I did manage to grasp a few techniques that I found useful for you and I am so thrilled to share with my Green Team! Because we have goals in wellness and health, this felt like the perfect opportunity to chat about managing your eats in the midst of scrumptious buffet spreads.


I do get it, people want to be able to eat and drink their money’s worth for the price of ticket paid. Some of the top music artists are invited to perform on stage and have the crowd in full swing. If your goal is staying on track, making healthy choices and losing weight for Carnival, then you will gain a lot of value here.

The notion of ‘all you can eat’ inspires us to eat and drink a lot more food that we are naturally supposed to consume. It may even encourage us to eat things we would not have even planned for, just because it is available.
Below are my top 8 tips to help you get through the calorie overload. Let us create an action plan for the weekend of the event to get through successfully.IMG_5185


On the day of the fete, focus on greens and plants.
You want to look lean when you make your entrance and get your photos taken, so aim to indulge in your favourite salads, choose high protein options like egg white & veggie omelettes, or high fibre like porridge and fruit.

For lunch, a great strategy is to fill up on veggies and even enjoy a meatless meal with sufficient plant protein. You may even want a small snack around 4pm to curb your appetite by the time your reach. Drink your water and stay hydrated.

1. Socialise Strategically

Find other people who eat healthy. Studies show that we quickly pick up family and friends eating behaviours so nibble with friends who want to eat smart because they have similar goals. Find friends who dance and Keep moving 😉

2.Choose Wisely

Scope out the entire food selection and to enable a choice that allows for you to choose what you really love and what you would like to save room for. This saves us from running back to get everything due to serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Go for protein and lots of veggies.

3.Identify Your Emotions

Feeling bored, stressed, anxious or lonely can spark overeating, as well as being happy according to Harvard Health. Put a name on it and understand the feeling without too much thought or judgement.

4. Have a Strong Pre Game

During the day it is important to eat. Eat a low calorie but filling vegetable meal or snack before you reach the event, so that you are not starving by the time you get there. I know that you are thinking that saving all your calories for the event to maximise your money’s worth in food is the route to take. You have to be aware though that studies show that arriving hungry to an event is not a great solution if weight loss is your goal.


5. Avoid Temptation
If you choose one or two items that are not aligned with your goals, understand that putting yourself close to the other foods that you have not planned for but look indulgent, will be adverse to the out of sight, out of mind aspect. Stay strong and position yourself and your group in a fun section away from the foods for focus.

6. Like a turtle, Eat slowly

Remember that you have control over your diet. Balance is important and understanding that you can have it all, but not all at once is a great mindset to carry forward. When we eat slowly we are able to recognise when we are full, we can then go on to socialize, dance, take photos and create memorable moments. Use chopsticks!

7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink 1 glass of water at least every hour. Feel free to have with or without bubbles and add lime.

8. Say what about Alcohol

It does contain calories but you are likely to gain weight by the overeating and dehydration tendencies that drinking encourages. A great way to reduce sugars and empty calories would be to swap the coke and soft drinks for sodas with lime. Be aware (even I won’t say don’t have) of how many glasses you

 consume, one day of poor eating will not affect you too much but creating healthy habits like knowing how to have a healthy recovery could be all the difference.


What is most likely going to be available?

Doubles – You paid for the event, they can put channa in a cup for you even with their resistance. If you want to skip the extra fat and carbs and save it for a dessert or treat you have been eyeing up.

Mediterranean – Grilled chicken or fish is awesome, Bonus points if you can find a veggie skewer.

Image 30-01-2018 at 11.11 AM (1)

BBQ– Pork, chicken, french fries. Portion practice and small bites should keep you in check here.
Chinese – Chicken and mushroom or Beef and Broccoli. Find the veggies and ask for your preference in your plate or share with a friend (you eat all the veggies :P)

Sushi – Portion practice is great so share with someone and choose the non-fried rolls

Corn soup – One of my personal favourites.
 In the week before keep sugars low, drink greens for healthy glow and eat really well to accommodate for desserts like ( ice cream ) at the event.

Image 30-01-2018 at 11.11 AM (2)


Hydrate with lots of Green Juices, Coconut water and filtered water. Have a healthy brunch with some fruits, eggs and toast or a smoothie with protein and healthy fats. Find something healthy for lunch and something light for dinner like soup. Get back into the groove of balance and refocus your nutrition mindset to creating a shopping list and meal plan for the week ahead if you have not already one to follow.



All-inclusive fetes are the adults wonderland with all you can eat and drink with exciting live performances at your hand. If you are losing weight for carnival or for a healthier lifestyle this year, but still wish to enjoy the party, these strategies will keep you in tact to make better choices and keep you feeling comfortable in your amazing outfits.

Many of you are reaching out to join a program for February but the next programs will be the Nutrition purification and the 4 week Fat Burn running from March 3rd. These programs will start in Trinidad and be completed online. Contact me to reserve your spot!
You can reserve your space this February, and I encourage you to sign up by Feb 23 for discounts!

I am confident that these tips will also help you stay on track to achieving healthy body goals this Carnival. And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for the next Carnival Episode with exercise tips to look toned and burn fat!

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