We start the year with Carnival Flair

Hey Green Team!

We have so much to look forward to in 2018. We took a little time off to spend some time in creative mode and with family and loved ones.

The new year brings back a time for vigorous action, excitement and goal setting. Whether you are a new member or a current member I am glad to have you here. The new year may influence you to empower your health by creating a new healthy living plan, setting of new intentions, or simply returning to your goals from last year for a more balanced lifestyle.


My Trinis we say Ba Bye to the Rum cake, ponche crema, cookies, rum cake, sorrel, potato salad, pastelles! Hello Plants, green juice, vegan protein snacks and fermented beverages! These trends are here to stay in 2018!

And Welcome to Episode 1 of the GB Carnival Series! Yay!

Every week until Carnival I will be sharing special tips to help you make lean choices to stay trim and get healthy for ‘fete season’.
I asked my clients and social media followers what their main body concerns at this time of year were and decided to share them with you. For each person’s goal, I developed easy to follow steps to stay on track.


Let’s start with Craig who works offshore.

GOAL: Avoid weight gain.

Green Balance Solution:

Portion size is key.  It is very common for people to eat too large a portion of almost everything. Reduce your portion sizes if you want to lose weight; if you are still hungry fill up on fresh vegetables.

Plate size. A small plate heaped with food is more satisfying than the same amount on a half empty large plate.

Sugars: Moderate dessert and drink tea instead


Next up, Anisha

GOAL: Lose the ‘paunch’ for Carnival.

I advised her to be careful of the sauces, snacks and weekend junk food options that tend to exist in social gatherings with friends and family.

Green Balance Solution:

Tell everyone you are watching what you eat.  If you keep it quiet, people will still offer you cakes and sweets whereas if they know you are on a diet it will be easier to refuse.  Family and friends can help you stick to your goals and keep you accountable. Just remember to listen when they sneak you a comment to remind you of your goal. hehehe!

Don’t just rely on looking at the weight on the scale. Get a garment that is tight and monitor your progress by how loose it gets. This makes it exciting when you can slip into that outfit you have been excited to try on and feel great in again.

Make changes that don’t cost you much, for example substitute full fat mayonnaise with hummus for higher fibre and lots of creamy goodness.

Allow your taste buds time to adjust – use dairy free milk and after two weeks you’ll prefer it to whole milk even if you hated it to start with. Similarly with eating more veggies.

Monitor your progress. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day – morning, before breakfast, is usually best. Keep a record of your weight so you can monitor your progress. Take photos once a week wearing the same outfit to notice if your efforts are making changes on your body.



GOAL: Gain muscle and reduce body fat

Current situation: Portion sizes are large and doesn’t feel full often, his weakness is carbs and cereal as they satisfy satiety and his body type is endomorph apple shape.

Green Balance Solution:

Aim for more paleo style eating for improvements in digestion and practice meal combining for the best digestion.

Eat at regular intervals in the day. It improves blood sugar and therefore will help reduce cravings

Choose high fibre carbs– Choose whole grain porridge, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, instead of wheat bread choose gluten free millet toast. These high fibre carbs help to manage a healthy digestive flow and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Stay in portions.

Hydrate in the day with 2-3 L water.

Eat fruits first on empty stomach for optimal digestion.

Choose multivitamin, probiotics and digestive enzymes to help with carb sensitivity and boost immune system and for better recovery.


Alex is a vegetarian. She was eating quinoa, black beans and veggies

GOAL: Reduce body fat.

Green Balance Solution:

Plan. Make a shopping list. Purchase high plant protein options and keep them available to grab on the go. Focus on portion sizes especially with fats.

Eat a healthy breakfast that is high in fibre.

Stay in sugar allowances. Do not go overboard on your sugar intake. Try to reduce sugar in tea and coffee and use dairy free unsweetened milks.

Drink more water and tea throughout your day. Aim to choose drinks without any added sugar or no sugars at all. Water is best but also consider Green Juices with little fruit and low sugars.

High-fibre food makes you feel fuller for a less calories thus allowing a higher nutrient bang for your food buck, whereas high sugar foods and refined carbs don’t fill you up, and are more likely to be stored on the belly as fat.

Portion size is key.  It is very common for people to eat too large a portion of almost everything. Reduce your portion sizes if you want to lose weight; if you are still hungry fill up on fresh vegetables. Can you recognise when you feel just about satisfied?



Ok Green Team, I am confident that these tips will also help you stay on track to achieving healthy body goals this Carnival.

And if you have more questions, I would love to hear from you!

 Stay tuned for the next Episode when we tackle how to survive the delicious foodie heaven options at the All Inclusive Fetes!

Congrats for making momentum & Updates! 2018

Green Team losing llbs & inches, eating for weight loss on the go, creative foodie photos, working out, staying positive, getting healthy, making progressive change! Ah the excitement!

We launched the 10 week weight loss online! It is going great and I am so proud of the team! Everyone is looking and feeling better as well as weighing less! Yaayy!

We launched the 5 week Ready set Burn, the results are awesome thus far and we can see a huge difference in the inches and llbs lost. I can’t wait to catch up with the team again! Love seeing and congratulating their progress

We are running the next 4 week Fat Burn on March 3rd if you would like to register in advance, stay posted for when we open to sign up.

The Nutrition Purification will initiate on Mar 3rd as well for those ready for a super clean reboot without the coffee, sugar, alcohol, corn, dairy, soy, wheat and eggs. This is allergen friendly and super healing. It is great for auto immune conditions and inflammation in the body.

Interested in learning more about joining the Green Team community?? We welcome a space of non judgment, open life sharing, networking, food sharing and support through the transitions of losing weight. Book your space today!

I am moving to Barbados in March! Yes but you can still work with me online! Yay!

The recipe book is making progress slowly but surely! Stay tuned and pray that it comes to life ! I will open up sign ups for the pre-sale list soon!


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