Can Yoga be a fun date? NYC part 2


Hey Green Team! Last time you heard from me, we ended on the foodie experience from NYC ! While food is so exciting, exercise is a key fundamental for staying lean, healthy and fit.  Here are the top movement tips and fun yoga experiences from November to December! Including bonus tips on building habits!

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You may remember I completed a personal “Yoga for October” which included a 31 practice challenge. I dove into this as a practice to be able develop some healthy habits. My goal was to  practice yoga as well as becoming an early riser with productive mornings. I completed it with a positive personal transformation and developed an improved focus.

The one yoga community in Trinidad was starting a 30 Day challenge from November to December and I thought it would be a great chance to participate in it. This is because I realised I desired to continue building my focus and grounding down the new habit in my lifestyle. With this being said I practiced daily from start, including the morning of my travel and on my first day that I woke up in New York City.

I felt great for it!


My boyfriend Oliver and I went to a yoga studio called Bode and endured our first Bikram practice. This practice was a heated practice and had my heart rate way up for a lot of the class. It is like yoga on cardio in my opinion!  Bikram practice has been encouraged for the potential to build strength, alleviate chronic pain or injuries and improve both physical and mental health. It was a massive stress relieving class for me and I couldn’t help but giggle inside that Oliver had joined me and neither of us knew the intensity by which were signing up for. I did love the challenge and felt super cleansed after. According the Bikram’s Yoga College of India, the practice’s official headquarters located in Los Angeles, Bikram 26 postures “systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments, and all the muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function.” I love trying new ventures and so therefore it was a great experience to endure! It was the hottest class I have ever taken but it was a fantastic experience with fun postures that I could have never imagined!

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My favourite Galaxy photo from the Rose Centre for Earth and Space Museum


Going to yoga as a couple makes a great date and by the end we were relaxed and giggling! As a regular yogi, I had enjoyed putting my down my foundations to maintain grace in class and while I was mostly focused on mat, I may have noticed Olli struggling and wanting to run out the room halfway through. I thought it was funny and giggled to myself before getting back to focus on breath. He did amazing! I was so proud of him for sticking it through and enduring the challenge. It was super positive for both of us and we felt proud getting in a detox sweat early in the day. After and hardcore work week and long day of travel the previous day, it was the perfect addition to the weekend! I personally love when we get to practice together, but hey ! Quality time is one of my top love languages!

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Remember that we learnt it takes about 21 days to build a habit? In a study published by European Journal of Social Psychology, Lally studied for 12 weeks the habits of 96 people. Everyday they studied subjects who chose one new habit and reported each day whether it felt automatic the behaviour felt. Huffington post quoted this study by which they noted that the subjects took between 18 – 254 days to form a new habit.

The research suggested that it can vary from person to person but it takes about 66 days for this habit to become a normal thinking pattern on average. I do understand the struggle of maintaining healthy habits and I did embark on another 30 day challenge to endure extra time to refine and develop my thinking pattern to include yoga in my daily routine. This works well with my green team while they are building their new healthy eating habits.  We are all on a journey of progression together.


Part of me wishes I kept up my daily yoga while travelling, but I also wanted to see the city. While I am at peace with my choices, the new habit building journey continues on. Can you relate to this in your wellness journey? No regrets though, because I had fun and fell in love with the lively lit city.  Progress over perfection hey!

We can only take ourselves so seriously, so I like to remind myself to play along the way and to maintain student mode with building my healthy practices! This is a strategy for a humble mindset that I enjoy and also recommend it in my nutrition practice.  This is a journey and it takes time.  Patience, trust and acceptance have become a theme in this series for me.

The goal stands as being able to include yoga as a daily habit no matter where I am, but I trust in my ability and determination to cultivate a more consistent practice in my lifetime! We all got time, we got to keep working at it!

I have been back on my mat the day after I returned and I will continue to practice until the end of the challenge. It feels too dam good to not continue working towards having it as a daily habit!

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Walking movements

By Sunday in NYC walking was the chosen movement while venturing through the city, enjoying the sights and Christmas experiences. The important message here is that daily movement is the key for wellness and walking is a great choice!  So lets talk about movement, favourite fitness moves and their benefits next. I will also throw in an epic summary of my top 10 tips for keeping lean on the go!

So there you have it, keep moving, enjoy active dates for a healthy lifestyle. Choose a new habit and give it time, focus and dedication for it to become a normal part your daily thinking! Let us do it! We can congratulate the baby steps with peace, love and appreciation for where we are while keeping focus on clear goals to keep reaching!

This is what happens in NYC in the summer! Wouldn’t this be an amazing experience!

How can we work together to get closer to your carnival fitness goals? You have two choices! Yay! You can join in from the Caribbean or from a faraway land!



Have fun practicing yoga on a date, for self care time, with friends! It is one of my favourite hobbies and I am grateful to share these experiences in my lifetime and to be able to share them with you!

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