New York and Nourished. NYC Part 1

Hey Green Team ! You will enjoy this read if you travel a lot for work and have interest in cultivating wellness habits on the go. Read on for a light story with tips for increased energy and performance while on your journey. It is also a fun read for the story lovers, the foodies and the romantics!

The places we found to eat and the menu items we chose were very fun and exciting for a plant-based foodie I must say.

Organnick’s Experience and Favourite Finds for Eating Out.

Chelsea Market for brunch and snacks

  • FREIDMANS LUNCH Glutenfree avocado toast with almond milk chai latte or hot chocolate <3
  • Glutenfree fried chicken and waffles
  • SEED & MILL: Goats milk icecream & sesame rose halva

Catch Seafood (everything is delicious)

  • Awesome sushi

Culture Coffee

Oat milk unsweetened lattes were the best option and it made the coffee so creamy! This was the best coffee in New York. One day we also enjoyed a gluten-free oat cookie and it was so delicious!


Marriott hotel brunch

A whole cup of fresh berries, fluffy scrambled eggs with spinach and feta and a bit of bacon was super delicious and filling!

IMG_9549 2

Pizza Arte had the most delicious gluten-free vegetarian pizzas.

The pizzas were hot and fresh and the aromas of the mushrooms, garlic tomato sauce and the creamy textures made it my favorite meal. Having gluten-free options for our favorite foods allows us to have more flexibility for our consumption without the bloated and groggy feelings post nourishment. I love enjoying a meal like pizza loaded with veggies as an opportunity to get in the greens! The ambiance of the candle lit room felt intimate and brought a flow for great conversation while the art pieces were visually appealing.

We prioritized bringing gratitude into our meal times as a way to connect with our foods and bless our journeys.

Eden Local a Farm to table restaurant

The music in this place was so much fun and so vibesy! There were cute plants all through the dining room and on the walls, along with candle lit ambiance which made it a fun dining experience. I honestly love being around plants and I find that they have so much personality. The service was great also! The mushrooms were to die for and highly recommended! Their bean burger was out of this world and came with creamy avocado. I loved closing off my meal with a cup of cozy earl grey tea for some energy and warmth on that cold evening. Matcha lattes are a must while you are here too!

IMG_3190 2

Bryant Park Grill

On our way through the park on a cold park day we walked past the ice rink and Christmas market which felt fun and joyous. A Christmas experience under the big clear tent at the Bryant park grill’s aureate lunch setting for enjoying my being present with my date. The harmonious blend of flavors and textures in the seafood Thai soup dazzled my palate. The Christmas tree was up and lit, the sun was shining and the tent was surprisingly warm. We were fuelled and delighted!

IMG_7379 2

By the time the work week began it continued to be surrounded by the hustle which I loved also. I was immediately inspired upon passing the daily show set on Times Square with my consultants from NYC. The morning sure was cold! I have not been that cold since the winter months during years that I studied in Oxford! For my fuel I chose a green juice, a warm vegan matcha latte, small bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon and berries. I stayed in Whole Foods after our meeting  to pick up some travel snacks for our departures. I figured why not pick up lunch also and bought a warm veggie soup, some humus, tofu and roasted veggies like cauliflower and peppers which was a budget friendly choice and some GO MACRO bars for the plane ride back!

The consensus from our team meeting in New York included the discussion of my upcoming recipe publishing for 2018 which you can look out for and in the launching of the GB 4 week Fatburn group coaching online . Up and coming for the month of January will include the launch of the 4 week Fatburn online! You can join up from anywhere around the world! Click the link to read more about it! We are so excited !!


Prioritising hydration as my green team would know was key no matter the weather, time of day or place. We found our water and snack essentials from Walgreen’s and supplement stores.

Eating on the go bites are a key for moving and travelling about a busy city when keeping hunger pangs on the low and taming the ‘hangry’ lion. Some quick hydrating pick ups that I loved to include were:

  • Vegan Protein shakes Rebel had 14g protein
  • Vegan Protein bars ; Cliff & Go Macro, 22 days
  •  Lyft Caffeine for pure caffeine pick me ups
  • Pack of organic popcorn for munchies

Hydration is key so picking up Litre bottles of water daily is important. I enjoy having one in the evening and one in the morning so at least 2 per day.


For a minute just like in all the movies you have seen, the city felt like a fun fairytale. This trip was a great definition of a New York minute thus being an exciting experience until it ended so quickly.  Just like in the movies, walking the streets in New York City you come across a hotel lobby man bursting into song while offloading their visitor’s kids bags from their car. These moments bring a sense of life and inspiration to tourists and growing entrepreneurs. On the weekends alongside your city walks there is an essence of fun, romance with awesome holiday window displays, fragrant pine trees, ice skating rinks and crafty holiday markets. It is Romantic in both walking with your own spirit through the action on streets and with a loved one.


I got all smiley to see that many people were so free-spirited in Times Square parading sparkly costumes, performing as statues, playing instruments on the streets, riding through central park on horses with carriages and bikes. The glittering trees filled with colorful lights were admirably luminous and heart warming on our evening walks.

IMG_3219 2

I enjoyed watching the city lit up from the skyline by night and the in the form of signs in and around buildings, like the Believe on Macy’s building, and a magnitude of candles in the spectacular St Patrick’s cathedral. The fun plant creations in small kale boxes and statues with fern wigs was a fun sight to behold, and I thought it was so creative to add green the concrete jungle.IMG_3220 2

4 Week Fat Burn

In conclusion if there was anywhere that felt most like Christmas that I have experienced thus far in my lifetime, I’d have to say it was NYC. It was so magical and alluring.  If you loved this read and that you learnt more about making healthy choices while travelling, share this post with your friends and enemies. While food is such a fundamental priority for us foodies, especially when our goals are to get lean and fit no matter if we are travelling, exercise and movement is key.  Stay tune for more of the exercise and movement tips for keeping lean on a journey through NYC! For a little insight, we tried our first Bikrahm Yoga session and were giggling at the end! 
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