Holiday Season Immune Boosting time!


The seasons are shifting into one of my favourite times of the year. I feel for you UK and US friends with the colder and darker days approaching. We are pretty lucky here in the caribbean that our weather shifts, include an increase in beautiful breezes blowing through. The trees wave at us as we pass by and the air cools down our islands here in Trinidad and Tobago. Lush!

This is also a time of year where we are more likely to catch a cold or get a stubborn cough and cold.

I would like to fuel you with a new delicious light broth recipe which I love the taste in addition to  how it makes me feel, thus hoping I can share these same vibrant feelings with you Green Team.

This holiday season entails an increase in festivities approaching in our calendars whether it includes family dinners, corporate cocktail events or even nights out with friends. I am thrown back into memories around the dinner table in my youth with a spread including tossed flavourful salads, aromatic roast meats and cozy soups.


I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for my mom who has deep french foodie roots and always ensured for us flavourful vegetables on my family’s dinner menu. I may have been quite the rebel growing up for those who do not yet know me, and while these healthy items were always presented I loved indulging. Yes I was a super sugar addict and this time of year also reminds me of my past loves inclusive of sour belts, candies, chocolates, apple pie and creme caramels.

In my youth I was quite immuno compromised. This is because I loved all the things that would make me sick and I just had to have them all and I hoped that one day I would be able to enjoy these “normal” foods and not get sick. Well that never happened and I always got sick, once it even led me to bronchitis! I did suffer with asthma, too much mucus build up, mind fog, lethargy and massive mood swings. The natural doctors did tell my mom that there were foods that I shouldn’t have, but why would I care I was a kid having fun and I wanted that normal childhood experience, even if it was making me sick.


My mom was a strong woman because I still wanted to do what I wanted and she would always take care of me. Her amazing care for me when I was sick always included a selection of herbal teas, nutrient rich soups, natural supplements like echinacea, spices like cinnamon and ginger in addition probiotics which always helped get me better. She was the mom that would bring me lunch to school for lessons, before ballet practice, before gymnastics training. We would occasionally enjoy ice cream together and thin slice vegetarian pizzas, which I took to and quite enjoyed. Today I still enjoy a gluten free vegetarian pizza occasionally and I love loading it up with veggies.

My guilty pleasures were cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles with cow’s milk, fried foods including bake, doubles, donuts, anything fried lol, pizzas, KFC which I will take a bite on a yearly basis still yes. I loved sour gummy candies. Eating them for 3 or more days meant that I would get sick and so each time I told everyone I think I am better, I can enjoy these now, hoping it would be cool. Yeah it never went my way haha and my body rebelled.

My mom inspired me with health and that’s when I went to study nutrition because I was fed up of being sick and realised that I needed to learn from the experts how to nourish for an epic immune function. I then realised that I had to train myself to work with the discipline to stay healthy.

When I finally decided in my second year of University in the UK, that I was done with being sick and it was taking up so much of my life while leaving me feeling lifeless, my whole life changed and I gained freedom from illness. My bestie and I enjoyed warming up soups around the colder days and soups were a top pick in our grocery carts on our food shopping journeys.

This soup recipe was created for all of you in mind that we can fuel our bodies with yummy and fast creations that fuel our immune systems for the weather. I learnt to really value vegetables due to their power as well as soups. I want to share with you the opportunities to feel undefeated by the seasonal changes.

While my mom inspires me to keep a fridge stocked with veggies and cook  or enjoy deliciously raw in salads, I want to share some inspiration with you also because great ideas are worth sharing!

Prioritising my wellness and nutrition has improved dramatically my productivity, immunity, focus, energy, and performance and I want these improvements for you also.


Here you go! Try it, love it, share it. Or if you are like me who doesn’t love to share my veggies then meal prep and split into two servings for different days.

Mom said she had some bayleaf around when I was at work, since I rent office space at her place, so I created a quick fix in the midst of working on my latest projects and between seeing clients. I am all about those time saving immune boosters between work hours.



2.5 cups water

1 whole medium onion

1 tsp garlic powder

3 large mushrooms

1 bay leaf

½ chicken {the bones}

1 natural stock cube ( I used massel)

Chop mushrooms in half. Slice onion in half and you can even leave the skin on. In a pot add the water and drop all ingredients in. Bring to a boil for 15-20 minutes. Allow to simmer on medium heat for another 35-40 minutes. When completed strain and leave in the shrooms. You can use this as a base for adding other veggies or enjoy in a mug for some flavourful greatness. You can even do some work around the pot while it is cooking.

Simple, delicious.

Thanks mom for being so strong and surrounding my life with veggies!!

If you would like to share some of your favourite foodie memories with your mom, please message me 🙂

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Thank you Nevaun for the photo

Thank you Todd Durkin and Hayley Ammon for inspiring me to remember some great foodie times with my mom 🙂

Thank you amazing person in my life Alex Beadon for welcoming great conversation and deep understanding aligned with a growth mindset.

Thank you green team for allowing me to be part of your journey and bring some fun and light along your way. Superstar of the week Kristen Camacho!

Thank you private clients for giving me the privilege to celebrate your weight loss and success habit progression with you! Woop!

My heart is filled with gratitude


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