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Hi Green Team

I trust you enjoyed the holiday this week and as rainy as it was, spread some light and enjoyed yummy curry with your friends and families.

October, for me so far, is a month of developing habits for success and healthy new experiences balanced with increased physical, mental and spiritual growth. Here’s what I’ve been up to and I hope that my activities inspire you to seek the balance in your life where you need it.

So Yoga for October. Octoba Yoga


I am writing this blog after my 16th Yoga practice for the month of October. Each day, I’m engaging in some form of yoga: group classes, youtube sessions or even free styling it for a minimum of 25 minutes. So far it has been very healing emotionally for me and my body feels lovely and light. I am quite enjoying this new journey. The commitment to one month of yoga is also helping me work on my self-discipline and scheduling habits…basically, bonuses all round!

My 3rd Time as a Super-Hero and My First Try at a 5K

This was the 3rd time I was invited to help with the warm up session for the participants at the Maritime Fun Run 5K. This is a fun and healthy family event where the whole family gets to wear superhero costumes and run, all while contributing for a good cause.

It’s always an adrenaline rush to be on stage and I channeled any nerves into giving more energy than ever before to the audience. And what a blast we had – I had the participants unleash their inner superhero while we low side lunged down and sprayed webs like spider man from our hands. We were in theme and loving it!

The 10 minute warm up went by super fast and then we were all rushing to the start line. Given the fact that I was running late, as per usual, I ran off the stage, switched shoes, put on my race number on the way to the start line. Now, I had not done any training prior to this race other than keep my body fuelled with lots of water and nutrient dense goodness. I never would usually have classified myself for being able to do any long amounts of running.

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I never even imagined that I would take part in a 5K because that was not really me; or so I thought. Pacing myself was something that I had learnt back in the day when I used to run a bit of track, so I knew that I would have had to last a while so I made sure not to reach my maximum heart rate and took two breathers in between where I fast walked quickly. I was also grateful for my workout playlist which lifted my energy in the times when I felt to give up.

I picked up my speed massively towards the end and was hoping I wouldn’t puke after crossing the line.  I started LAST in the back and still managed a race time of 30:31 and placed 186 of 1150. Hooray!

I believe that I was only able to finish the 5K thanks to my yoga. There were moments when I wanted to give up but my yoga has been training me mentally not only to push through to finish that 5K at my personal best but also to relax and take it easy through the process. Isn’t it interesting how one strengths from one area could help you in another, totally unexpected?

I do not believe in overworking or over pushing my body across any amount of limits and I rest when my body wants to. We have a good relationship in that sense that we understand the balance of going hard enough to have results, but never to an extreme of pain that could lead to injury ever.

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Divali celebrations


Spiritual Balance

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This month, I also completed a spiritual walk around the Savannah. It took place on a Friday evening and was hosted by the Living Waters Community in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. I am a spiritual gal and what is fabulous about Trinidad is the acceptance of all religions and with an openness to be public with our faith. It was like a walking meditation where we said 4 or 5 rosaries, holding candles and ending with some spirit lifting song singing. It was so beautiful and really rewarding.

Top 10 Success habits

To stay focused and happy in ALL areas of my life, I aim to maintain awareness to nurture the habits that allow me to be successful

Here are the ones working for me right now:

  1. Read and write daily if not weekly
  2. Move daily
  3. Eat clean whole foods
  4. Wake up early enough to enjoy a morning ritual
  5. Feed spiritual life and get the mind right with daily prayer, yoga practice and meditation daily
  6. Create space for play time
  7. Vocalize appreciation and gratitude
  8. Bring great vibes and have a laugh
  9. Complete tasks to personal best. Work productively and to high efficacy
  10. Keep surroundings tidy and neat

All in all, October will continue to be a special month for me, because it showed me how great of a cheerleader I can be for achieving my own goals and in the power of reaching out within my community, conversing with like minded people about big ideas and strategic moves. Also remembering celebrating all my wins, practicing more presence and gratitude in order to show up with a sense of purpose and grace.

While this journey does come with both laughs, hardships, tears and joy which are all part of growing pains through life and our career, with strong healthy habits acquired over time with patience anything is achievable.

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In conclusion my hope for us as a community is that we are encouraged to choose courage, set goals and work hard to achieve them. Stay focussed on your game even amongst the distractions along the way. Find communities that reflect core values that you would like to embody but also have people you can reach out to within, that are aligned with what you are trying to accomplish. Remember to have fun and faith in the process.

Stay in touch and see you soon at the Green Balance 4 week Burn Nutrition Program!

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