Eating right on the road, Yes its possible!

Survived the crash and chose to thrive forward!

My week at Burning Man was totally incredible!

What is Burning Man?

It’s an annual gathering at Black Rock City – a temporary city build in the Nevada desert. While there are lots of creative activities, there is also a strong sense of community and tons of educational forums.

But back to my trip and how I prepared nutritionally.

To ensure that my energy and nutritional intake was on track, the key was planning my meals and snacks for all trips and for all times of the day.

Here is a run-down of what planning for a long haul trip looks like.

Barbados to Miami

To get me started from Barbados I wanted to ensure I had some plane snacks for the long haul of travel approaching. Travelling with my other half meant that I would pack enough for us both. In my carry on I had a bean salad, rice crackers, a pack of almonds, a tub of local hummus, a piece of fruit and 2 Sun Warrior protein bars to get us through the trek from Barbados to Miami.

Upon reaching Miami, first thing on my mind was breakfast. Breakfast being a super important meal for me was an egg white omelet with veggies and a large glass of water with a squeezed lemon and a few rice crackers.

Miami to San Francisco

On the flight from Miami to San Francisco, I hydrated and enjoyed some tea on the plane while writing my heart out about my intentions for the trip, my future dreams and for random self-expression.


Finally, we reached San Francisco. It was the best airport ever in terms of healthy food availability. We enjoyed a supper delicious buckwheat soba noodle soup bowl when we landed and I followed Ollie to get a FroYo (self-serve frozen yoghurt). That airport is mind blowing with an abundance of organic, vegan, hand-made, grass fed, and lots of healthy options you can think of and I was so excited already for what else was to come on the trip!

Soba noodle broth <3


San Francisco to Nevada

RV Time!

Before heading to Nevada, of course I had to make a stop at Whole Foods. We had a 2 day journey ahead since the wait to get parked up at Burning Man takes a great amount of hours to enter. I then travelled from San Francisco in an RV all the way to Nevada.

Here are some things we ate on the RV trip:  Vegan CLIFF protein bars, 22 days vegan protein bars, 2 tubs of hummus, granola and yogurt with berries. I found a cashew milk yogurt but it wasn’t really that awesome lol. We also had a whole roasted chicken to take us through 2 meals.

While at Burning Man, the brunch spread which we all prepped and cleaned up after included: green smoothies, tofu scramble, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruits, chocolate buckwheat porridge, blue berries, yogurt, and fruit salad. The focus was certainly on hydration being in the desert, however we were super blessed being part of Love Cow camp and in having our meals consist of delicious plant based options.


It pretty much was similar to this every day. Epic, simply epic. I loved the chocolate buckwheat porridge the best. Dinners included many vegan plant based options such as: coconut curry channa, pizzas and chickpea burgers. My favourite dinner was lentil pasta with vegan mac and cheese theme <3

I hope that you can see that you can be very healthy while travelling. It just takes a little development of meal planning skills and your body will be so happy for it!

What tips do you have for staying healthy while moving around? I’d love to hear.

I look forward to connecting with you, your friends and loved ones.

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Keep moving, keep riding



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