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Hi Green Team

Having fun while keeping fit in LA while on Vacation

After almost 3 months of education and exploration, I’m back with lots of fresh ideas and plans to get you healthier than ever!

As you know by now, I usually post about all things nutrition and food. I’ve decided to broaden your horizons and  want this blog to go more in depth into what it means to be truly healthy and how to live the 5 Pillars of Health.  While I will have a strong and clear perspective from the eyes of a nutritionist, I want to really talk about other life choices in my blog.

I started my blog this year with the intention that it will guide my readers to better nutrition skills. While I got great feedback and my clients enjoyed the advice. However, I felt a bit confused in my direction as I was still trying to get to know my writing style better. So, I took a break after posting regularly and decided to reflect on my work and how I can better serve you all.

I have been out of the country for 40 days travelling around. It started at the IDEA World (Fitness and Nutrition) Convention in Las Vegas, then off to Barbados, then next passed through Miami and then a very long travel journey proceeded to San Francisco and L.A. What an amazing experience! Wow! I loved it and learned so much; which I believe was to prepare me for my quarter century phase of my life soon approaching.

Today marks 9 months since being born 24 years ago and I have learned more about showing up with love, getting the mind right and ways to work with my clients so that they achieve their desired results. I hired a manager to help me scale and improve my professionalism while balancing a long distance relationship within that time frame.

What stuck out to me the most in this last trip were my values. What values I have learned through structured organisations, what values did I unconsciously pick up from my family/ friends, what values did I hold myself to strictly follow and what values did I desire to have that I didn’t hold at current time.

I realised that, yes, eating a nutrient dense clean diet is important to me, living an active lifestyle is important to me, putting God first and in my work is important to me, spending my free time with loved ones, having a strong work ethic and a career where I love what I do is important to me, travel is important to me and having deep, meaningful connections with people is important to me.

I look forward to connecting with you, your friends and loved ones.

Stay in touch and see you soon at Green Balance Nutrition Burn Program!

Annick Lewis

Nutritionist (BSc) & Qualified Personal Trainer

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Nutrition & Fitness meet Fun


LEFT PHOTO: Thrilled after earning my Precision Nutrition Coaching Certificate at the IDEA World (Fitness and Nutrition) Convention in Las Vegas.

RIGHT PHOTO: On another planet,No, LOL! At the Burning Man Experience in the Nevada Desert.


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