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Travelling in the Summer can be a challenge when health goals are to lose/ maintain body weight, while also finding healthy choices that keep us energized.

Las Vegas is a top convention stop for many professionals and also like Disney Land for adults with an abundance of fun entertainment . There are an abundance of fast food and sugary beverages around every corner. This could be challenging if ones goals are to keep health in check during travels. It seems only relevant for me to create from my first visit some tips to grab some healthy and plant based options that you too may appreciate.

Firstly taking care of our hydration is key to reducing consumption of other junk foods. I found it useful to take my managers advice and purchase gallons of water from the nearest pharmacy. Using your own reusable water bottle is also a great eco friendly idea.

My favourite restaurant was Segundo which was Mexican cuisine at Fashion Show Mall where the service was super friendly, and they had a full gluten free menu and vegetarian meals. As you can imagine after being in the desert for a few days before settling in whether getting organised, going out to watch your favourite shows, performers, DJs, there comes a time when the body starts craving plants, at least in my case 😀 so Segundo made me feel just right where I wanted to be.

I ordered the black bean and veggie tacos which came with lime rice, black beans, corn tacos and divine grilled vegetables. Starting was a refreshingly creamy guacamole. Being a meal prep connoisseur and enjoy keeping my spending maintainble, I enjoy packing my leftovers to maintain portion control and thinking ahead for my next afternoon munch time. My body clock reminds me to eat every few hours which helps me keep my blood sugar levels in check.


I loved California Pizza Kitchen near New York New York which also had gluten free pizza and my favourite choice was the mushroom vegetarian pizza. When having high carb meals such as pizza, I prefer to keep it vegetarian and maximise my veggie additions. Mushrooms are particularly awesome for burning fat and I love mushrooms. If you love marinara sauce on your pizza, you may want to request that they put it on for you.

Tao sushi at the Venetian was awesome as they also had gluten free choices & their Saki was also delicious. I was pleasantly surprised sitting at the table with Ollie and Makela when they asked if we had any special dietary requirements. I had stated that I was glutenfree and the waiter quickly brough over gluten free soy sauce and noted that the chef would take this into consideration while preparing my meal for me. YAY.

The Buffet at Aria was so dynamic. While the lines to get in were so long and it was suitable for both couples and families, the quality and taste of the food made it so worth it. Sitting by a window looking out by the pool made it even more relaxing. What I loved about the set up was that they featured their food stations like around the world. There is something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. My meal was plant based and composed from Indian, African, Medditterrean cuisines and I would certainly go back again. The Buffet even made us a special order of gluten free buckwheat pancakes served with maple syrup. Each bite was so divine and even the cutlery was amazing and made it an enjoyable eating experience.


Beverages are something to enjoy while being in the US and I loved the Steaz unsweetened green tea with lemon, Steaz cactus water, karma probiotic water, Pressed juice Vogue blueberry lemonade (does have some sugar), Rebbl Maca Mocha, Rebbl cold brew protein coffee made with coconut milk and is relatively low in sugars. Chag it is an antioxidant rich health shot which has the highest ORAC value of antioxidants of any other food on the planet by 3 fold at minimum.


Getting a caffeine fix is usually something of priority especially for the business travelers and LYFT which is all natural pure caffeine from the green coffee bean was surely a fun addition to my water for clean energy.

Snacking is certainly essential and I always ensure to leave home with at least a protein bar or protein snack of some sort. I loved the pure fit protein bar. My choices were edamame, these brands of vegan protein bars, Graze protein snacks, Rhythm superfoods kale chips is certainly a favorite. Roasted abound sweet sriracha roasted chickpeas.


Keeping active should be key since when you expel more energy that you consume weight will be lost. Some of my favourites include simply brisk walking around the city instead of taking as much transport, taking the stairs always, room pushups and squats, 30 minutes intense gym session are all options that I enjoy when travelling.


All in all there are an abundance of options there in the desert and a key takeaway that I would highlight if you have food allergies or are interested in plant based eating is to have no fear.  Kindly always ask for vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options as the locals show how this town is a service town and they enjoy pleasing us customers.

Keep a protein snack in your bag, enjoy energising  low calories beverages but keep water as your main hydration source and stay hydrated. Practice portions by eating smaller amounts and saving the rest for later. This strategy reduces costs for purchasing brand new meals so that you can spend on more fun activities. Tips to stay active are simply moving more by taking the stairs, going for walks and doing a few push ups in your hotel room.

Enjoy these tips and enjoy Vegas Green Team <3



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Great tips, it’s always lovely to find some good, healthy options when in a new city. Vegas can be hard to navigate food wise so this is super helpful! Lovely to have you at Blogfest this year. XOXO

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