How to have a healthy Easter weekend

Hi Green Team!

Easter reminds me of hot crossed buns, being by the ocean, coconuts & sunshine. Are you reminded of bunnies and chocolate eggs? These are also among my many family favourites!

The Lentern period is soon over and for some this would have been a time of fasting and reflection. Fasting allows us to have a closer relationship with our self and with our nutrition. Many of us may even feel a deeper appreciation for food.

However, over the Easter weekend there may be an abundance of treats and processed food and we may be more likely to overeat.

Don’t let all your good habits fall to the way side!

How to stay healthy over the long Easter weekend?

1. Portion Control for Snacks

FUN FACT: Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made per year.

Chocolate and Easter egg hunts have become our tradition for celebrations 

Chocolates can be great in small doses but carry high sugars and fats alongside the nutrient packed antioxidants, so staying in portions would be key here.


Meal Prep Ideas for beach days or Family meals

  • Sweet potato shepherds pie
  • Sweet potato & ginger Soup made with nutrient dense bone broth
  • Sweet Potato Pasta macaroni pie made with Slim down 360
  • Big fresh salads
  • Sweet potato crust Quiche
  • Stuffed eggs

3. Keep the freezer, fridge and pantry stocked up with healthy goodness so that you can have treats on hand and plan.

  • Vital Soups – We have 4 delicious flavours: Ginger Lentil, Split Pea Pumpkin, Curry Pumpkin, and Tomato Basil
  • Hot Crossed Buns glutenfree – Ambrosia Cafe
  • Gluten free Bread/ Hot Crossed buns – Natalia Lee (752-8528)
  • Gluten free pizzas (make it from scratch with bobs red mills or buy it from Zabouca breads)
  • Glutenfree Cookies – Justine Garcia (764-0917) or Zabouca Breads
  • Gourmet Vegan No Grain Black Bean Brownies –  Leah de Souza (735-5590)
  • Moys gluten Free Bakery (Coconut bake, rotis)
  • Amare Saukeraut, kefir, kombucha
  • D market movers ; Fresh veggies

4. Eat Out – The Clean Way

  1. Fresh pick up; Organic wine without sulphites 
  2. Be Free Organics ; Kombuchas, protein shakes
  3. JMS grill (yummy grilled goodness)
  4. Hyatt Breakfast for those who wanna go fancy
  5. Hilton Lunch
  6. Curry Channa with gluten free rotis

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Easter!

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