Valentines Day with Organnick

Love should last all year long <3

Love is indeed a choice, in every fight, in every disagreement, in every adventure for the good or the bad, the happy and the sad. The question that will enter will be, will I Choose to love now? And will I choose to stay or go. Love is a choice at every intersection of the journey with your lover.

Why do I love this day?

The history of this day leads back to being able to choose and stand up for love in a time of war.

It is just another reason to express more love! I love love. Valentines day, even though it is heavily used for marketing  in many businesses, does still remind us that, in our busy lives even though we see our loved ones daily, it motivates us to spend time being present and focus on the love shared between one another. This should be a weekly practice and maybe this year use this Valentines Day as a promise to continue sharing love all year round. Flirt with your partner, women dress up for your man, be fun, be cute, be bold, be expressive and simply just be You in your truest most authentic self.

When we fall in love it usually comes from a place of being comfortable with another to be our most authentic selves, and in the bustle of life it really is so lovely to stay true to that authentic voice while allowing security to know that growth and change will be along the way and that we are loved through every step! Jump out of the comfort zone, mix things up or turn up the heat in your love life to see the side of your partner that you may not get to see very often!

It is also a great time to have a yummy, healthy meal with your lover or your friends (and as a foodie and for the foodies out there reading, love eating out or cooking in together, makes my heart beat faster :P).

Active date ideas

Beach, Hike, acroyoga, Sunset exercise uphill walks, Star & Moon gazing in the back of a pickup truck with pillows and blankets, Sipping on Organic Sulfite free wine, Tea date, Board walk sunset jog.

Friends gather for potluck dinner and sharing of love in friendships near fairy lights under the night sky with some bubbly or tequila!

Thrifters Night Market (Bring a date ) We have Italian Tomato Soup & gluten free cookies (This was last weekend and super romantic under the full moon for those who couldn’t make it, your lovey vibes were missed.)

Eating out favourites


Brunch at Diannes for Eggs benedict on glutenfree scone with jasmine Rose tea

Marias Bakery for egg white omelettes with almond milk latte

Aeoli for dinner

Hyatt by the ocean front for drinks, tea, or a yummy meal

More Vino for rolls (not fried)

Chaud Café for gluten free pastas or grilled salmon <3


Art Splash – Breakfast/ Brunch (Glutenfree waffles & scrambled eggs)

Mama Mias -Dinner at gluten free Pizza

Tapas -Lunch on the ocean

Blue Pineapple – Brunch or Dinner

Champers- Dinner


Lovers warm porridge bowl <3

Makes 2 servings


    • 1/2 cup raw bobs red mill rice groats
    • 1 tsp ground clove
    • 1 cinnamon stick / 2 tsp cinnamon
    • 1⁄4 cup unsweetend almond milk (optional)
    • 2 tbs sweetener of choice
    • 1 handful Strawberries (Fresh/ Frozen)
    • 4 slices fried plantain
    • 2 tbs coconut oil
    • Put kettle to boil and fill pot up with water, cinnamon stick and add serving size porridge. Fry up some plantains. Boil porridge according to packet directions. Add almond milk toward the last 5 minutes. Add sweetener and cloves and mix. Serve with plantains & strawberries on top.
    • Serve with a bubbly mimosa if you are really feeling festive.
      • If you are feeling Boujee, pimp your Prosecco or Champagne with a squeeze of fresh grapefruit.

You can buy porridge from Fresh in Maraval or Be Free Organics on Mucurapo road.

Tips for Guys

Women Love Flowers (Roses Yes), even if it is one rose & they do love some one on one Quality time.

It can be simple or extravagant but focussed time spent together is key.

Out for a candle lit dinner, breakfast in bed, brunch, laying under the stars, sipping some cocktails, listening to live music, sipping tea watching a romantic movie, cooking dinner together, going to the movies, writing a poem or a card. Any adventure with the two of you is a date to remember and walk with confidence, have a good laugh, share stories, connect and have fun.

Simple/ Meaningful Gift ideas (Jewellery, flowers, date night, Lingerie, Gift vouchers for a massage, hair, lashes, nails, clothes, tickets to see a show that she loves, pet, cute teddy bear, a surprise delivery to the office!)

I can’t wait to hear about your Valentines Day Special moment! Please make sure to share the love from all over the world <3

Love love and more love,

Your Valentine xxx


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