My favourite budget friendly food spending tips

Hi Green Team

One of the biggest excuses people give for not eating healthier is that healthy food is expensive.

This week I will explore which foods are expensive and how you can eat clean on a budget. I understand from living as a student in England how to live on a budget, especially when being a foodie deserves a budget for the healthy yummies available.

As an Entrepreneur who is constantly reinvesting into my business, there are certain expenses that are cut back when the time says so or when there can be a bit more money room to use; I understand the desire to eat healthy without burning holes in the bank account.

What are the big spenders?

  • Processed foods and food substitutions (packed and boxed items)
  • Organic (if you have the money, this would be most nutritious)
  • Dining out
  • Buying pre prepared foods

Here are my top tips:

  1. Go to ‘d market’
    1. When was the last time you bought fresh greens at a local market. Visit new markets, there are many choices – Debe, Penal, Arima, Farmer’s Market, Green Market Santa Cruz (You can sign up for weekly fruit and veggie baskets that are prepared for you every weekend). Buy local and seasonal items more than less. D Market Movers Delivers to your home.
  2. Set a Budget
    • Choose a day / allocate some hours to make a shopping list and do not go hungry to food shop.
  3. Brew your own coffee and tea and skip the muffins.
  4. Practice meal prep to reduce food wasting & reduce kitchen time outside of work hours.
  5. Buy in bulk when possible e.g. Price Smart.
    • Go with a parent, aunt / uncle/ cousin or go shopping with your friends and stock up on the healthiest for lower costs if you do not have a membership.
  6. Buy produce with a long shelf life
    • root veggies, sweet potato, carrot, turnips.
  7. Try plant based eating
    • A week of vegetarian nutrient dense eating is very low cost especially if some items are bought at a farmer’s market.
  8. Eat more plant protein
    • such as dried beans (Red lentils, lentils, dhal, black beans), canned beans (some could be high in sodium), organic canned beans (best bet if you can afford).
  9. Buy Frozen
    • Precooked frozen beans (makes life so convenient! This is my top choice),  frozen peas, frozen broccoli, mushrooms, and frozen spinach.
  10. If your budget includes eating meat
    • Arties & Blooms have great quality meats at the best prices. You can get frozen burgers, meat cuts, fish, veggie burgers.
  11. Change your mindset
    • If you must pay more, healthy food should be seen as inexpensive health care. You can choose to pay now or pay later at the doctor’s office.
  12. Drink more tea instead of snacking on junk foods

Avoid aiming for cheap junk

  1. Look for cheaper deals for healthy and convenient that are not gimmicks
  2. Artificial junk food snacks/ candy
  3. Drive throughs

Tips for eating out healthy and easy on the pocket:

  • Vital SOUP – Between $40 and $50. Each container is 2 servings.
  • Hot Shoppe – 1 bowl Channa (12) & 1 bowl bodi. 2 servings per container $30
  • Pita Pit – 
  • Trotters – Grilled Mahi meal with lots veggies (2 servings for about $100)
  • JMS grill – large meals can be split into 2 portions ($70)
  • Doubles Vendor (Barraless doubles AKA Channa in a cup with slight pepper)
  • Pekish Buffet ( at WestBees)
  • Starlite ( Mahi Mahi Ceviche, Hummus, Salads)

Also, your dollar will go even further as you watch your portion sizes which is a great strategy to use.

It is great for us to create a balance of how much animal meats we consume today and practice using portions as well as including 1-2 meatless meals per day! This is not only great for your body and mind but for our environment too!

If you need extra support and guidance, contact me and let’s start NOW towards getting you one step closer towards your fittest and healthiest self.


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