Naturally burn fat faster for Carnival

My clients often ask me, “Annick, please, how can I burn fat really fast?”

As a Certified Nutritionist BSc and Personal Trainer, the truth is that there are no short cuts (sorry!). Luckily, with some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can boost your metabolism and speed track the weight loss process accompanied by a healthy nutrient rich diet.

Here are my top 7 tips:

  1. Consume more green tea, Matcha tea and lemon water; preferably in the morning due to the energising caffeine constituency. These antioxidant rich ingredients are both high in antioxidants and in their abilities to speed up the metabolism.

Make sure not to have these In-between meals, right after meals, near to brushing of teeth for best digestion and for healthy care of teeth. Of course, please check with doctor in case of any drug nutrient interactions if taking medications.

  1. Exercise and get moving at least 30 minutes each day.

I enjoy a brisk walk with my dog for 2 laps around the neighbourhood with light jogging between. Choose as well strength days using kettle bells, resistance bands and TRX and light yoga stretch days.

  1. Eat more protein.

Protein is the building block to many of our cells and muscles. As an essential nutrient, it is important that we consume at least 50-60g per day to prevent losses in our muscle mass especially as we age. Protein intake changes with each person when considering factors such as height, activity levels and age.

Protein can come in both plant and animal form and it is recommended to incorporate intake from a variety of sources. Protein keeps us fuller for longer and directly feeds our muscles.

Some of my favourites include lentils, pinto beans, black beans, split peas, wild salmon, mahi mahi, lamb, free range chicken and egg whites.

4. “The more you eat green, the more you get lean,” As one of my favourite Drs and Authors Dr. Joel Furhman says. Green Veggies are low in calories and high in nutrients and keep us filled with fibre. Add 1-2 cups at each meal which one cup is approximately the size of your fist. I love having a bowl of Trini style callaloo or home made vegetable soup with my meals.

5.Incorporate healthy morning habits.

When we take care of our minds and bodies we increase our energy to take care of others and to stay on top of our daily tasks.

Here are some of my favourite ways to start the day even when on holiday because they allow me to be more productive, engaged, energized, happy and less stressed for the day ahead:

  • Listing 5 things of gratitude
  • Hydrating
  • Reading a page from a book to stimulate the mind
  • Putting on some motivational Youtube videos
  • Yoga and stretches
  • Exercise
  • 5 minute morning daily intention setting
  • Eating a healthy breakfast

6. Take part in my 21 day Clean Carnival Fat burn!

In this program we focus on eating clean and breaking up meals into controlled portions and meal combinations for speedy results.

The menu that I’ve created is low in dairy, gluten free and processed food free and does allow little amounts of sugar.

The program is designed to help you lose weight and consists of 4 menu choices: Easy, Gourmet, Express Results & Vegan with recipes to accompany. 

7. Or take part in my 21 Day Nutrition Purification!

This program was designed for those who have struggled with allergies, asthma, leaky gut, inflammation in body, joint pain, digestive stress, sugar addictions and failed weight loss attempts.It consists of an Elimination Diet which removes all inflammatory food groups therefore allowing hormone regulation while also allowing the gut and body to heal itself while burning fat. It eliminates all sugar but does teach reintroduction in the last week.You complete the program with more knowledge on how to incorporate new recipes and healthy habits such as meal prep into your life learnt by the process of immersion.

There you have it Green Team ! These are my favourite tips for boosting the metabolism and burning extra fat.  

There are LOTS more natural fat burners included in the Carnival Burn that I will teach you about and how best to incorporate them. I look forward to having you in either the Clean Carnival Fat Burn or the Nutrition Purification and working with you towards your healthiest and fittest self.

Contact me with further questions and lets start NOW towards getting you one step closer toward your fittest and healthiest self. 


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