Gluten Free Trinidad

Tips to start Gluten free living in Trinidad and Tobago

My life has significantly changed since going gluten free. With a high level of inflammation in my gut due to my dietary choices in my younger self, I had developed a leaky gut, inflammation, joint pains, fatigue, mind fog, allergies, and overcame them all when changing my diet and lifestyle. Removing gluten was one of the key elements to healing alongside other dietary changes and taking part in multiple Nutrition Purification 21 day programs.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Research suggests that it can have pro inflammatory responses in digestive tracts. When humans have elevated inflammation they are more prone to lifestyle disease and circulatory problems.

What does the research suggest for the future?

As the years go by, more and more people will be adopting a gluten free lifestyle. I predict that in 10 years time, 30% of the populations (those seeking good health) will be eating gluten free. This will change how food is grown, processed and sold. The gluten free revolution has only just begun. – Dr. Rodney Ford.

What are 5 simple steps that you can happily make NOW for a gluten free lifestyle in Trinidad?

  1. Eat more whole foods from the earth

Example: Sweet potato, cassava, plantain, quinoa, Zucchini, naturally grown chickens, fish, animal produce, all fruits and vegetables.

  1. Read every ingredient on labels

Avoid products containing: Wheat, Rye, Gluten, whole wheat, flour, and oats. 

  1. Order Gluten Free Bread & Baked goods

Here are some providers:

  • Chaguanas Bakery Treatz Gluten free breads
  • Natalia Lee Pink Chef 752-8528
  • Moys Glutenfree Kitchen 735- 6236
  • Zabouca breads on Traaarete road
  1. Replacing common Packaged food items

Many local foods are ‘No No’s for a healthy gluten free lifestyles. These include: roti skin, doubles bara, shark and bake, bake, bread, Crix, biscuits, pholourie, pies, cakes, pastry, pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, sausages, and many sauces in packages.

  1. Yes, you can eat out!

How to order Organnick Style

  • Pizza (Zabouca Breads)
  • Burger Joint (Bunless Lamb Burger & Cassava fries OR Grilled chicken strips with cassava fries and salad)
  • Chaud Café glutenfree pasta or grilled salmon surrounded with an abundance of vegetables
  • Dianes Tea shop glutenfree English muffins with eggs benedict
  • Trotters grilled mahi with sautéed veggies and mushrooms
  • Ambrosia Café
  • G Spot (Buckwheat crepes)
  • Vital Vegan Soups (7788806 / 7640917)

 Things to keep in mind as you try out the gluten free lifestyle

It doesn’t necessarily mean weight-loss. It does mean reduced inflammation which in turn means better circulation and less visits to the doctor.

It will not cure diabetes or lifestyle disease but it can significantly reduce symptoms associated with inflammation.

Be Aware of Product marketing

Gluten free items do not mean healthy or sugar free. Many products marketed as gluten free are still highly processed and label reading skills will come in handy to choose the best options. However choosing gluten free alongside other nutritional and lifestyle changes can significantly reduce ailment symptoms and nerve pains.

To switch to this lifestyle safely and effectively, nutritional guidance is highly recommended.

I look forward to helping you create a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.

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